Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And so it begins

2009, 2.25 hours in the tank. 45 minutes at a time, lots of BG episodes to watch when the winter blows in.

Happy new year, Thursday should be a nice snowy hill climb and Saturday will be a muddy wet mess.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So I was at the Whole Foods

This evening, after dinner at Sampan with Lyna.

--side note-- Sampan used to be a regular for us, but it got old, took a few years off and have rediscovered their fresh spring rolls and hot&sour soup again, very nice.--close side note--

So, at Whole Foods, got a cart, put my 3 bags in it, pick up some pears, berries and stuff, head over to the meat counter to look around, trying to figure out something for an appetizer for Christmas Dinner Thursday. grab the cart and wander aimlessly for about 10 minutes, head back towards the meat counter, and in resignation that I was not going to figure anything out, hung my head and looked at the kiddy seat area, where I put my bags and noticed that these were in fact, not my bags, and there was some 5 pound wrapped hunk of some sort of meat in the cart and not my fruits. I looked left, then right and there was my cart, sitting all lonely. I switched carts and mumbled something to the guy behind the counter and went away from that area quickly, at least there wasn't a kid in the cart. With new found excitement, I came up with simple, yet effective appetizer ideas and finished my shopping.

With that in mind, how the hell can In N Out claim Our American Cheese is the Real Thing when American Cheese isn't even cheese?

The following is stolen from Wikipedia

American cheese is a common processed cheese. It is orange, yellow, or white in color and mild in flavor, with a medium-firm consistency, and melts easily. It has traditionally been made from a blend of cheeses, most often Colby and Cheddar. Today’s American cheese is generally no longer made from a blend of all-natural cheeses, but instead is a processed cheese (i.e., it is manufactured from a set of ingredients[1] such as milk, whey, milkfat, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, salt) which meets the legal definition of cheese.
The common use of the marketing label “American Cheese” for “processed cheese” combined with the prevalence of processed cheese in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world has led to the term American cheese being used in the United States synonymously in place of processed cheese. Moreover, the term “American cheese” has a legal definition as a type of pasteurized process cheese under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. The legal definition is discussed in the article on processed cheese.

Speaking of Wikipedia have you seen this?

An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales

Dude, really, are you inept, insane? incredibly altruistic? I like the idea, but if you hire me for 3% of your current operating budget, I can guarantee you a steady revenue stream that will keep the lights on and provide free info to all. And the IRS won't have a problem with it either, I swear.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Brief Literature search

Brought upon by this assault on Grape Shasta.

The author discusses the fact that when they spill diet coke, it is not sticky. Well, I'll take sticky over poison any day.

Roberts HJ. Overlooked aspartame-induced hypertension.[comment]. [Comment. Letter] Southern Medical Journal. 101(9):969, 2008 Sep.

Jacob SE. Stechschulte S. Formaldehyde, aspartame, and migraines: a possible connection. [Case Reports. Journal Article] Dermatitis. 19(3):E10-1, 2008 May-Jun.

Mortelmans LJ. Van Loo M. De Cauwer HG. Merlevede K. Seizures and hyponatremia after excessive intake of diet coke. [Case Reports. Journal Article] European Journal of Emergency Medicine. 15(1):51, 2008 Feb.

Huff J. LaDou J. Aspartame bioassay findings portend human cancer hazards. [Editorial] International Journal of Occupational & Environmental Health. 13(4):446-8, 2007 Oct-Dec.

Lim U. Subar AF. Mouw T. Hartge P. Morton LM. Stolzenberg-Solomon R. Campbell D. Hollenbeck AR. Schatzkin A. Consumption of aspartame-containing beverages and incidence of hematopoietic and brain malignancies.[see comment]. [Journal Article. Research Support, N.I.H., Intramural] Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. 15(9):1654-9, 2006 Sep.

It goes on, some say there is negligible effect others sy there is great risk and we all have poison in our life, but I quit drinking out of those old Nalgene bottles too. I never did buy stock in Sigg though. Plus Diet coke taste like crap. Mexi Coke is the answer. Leave the Shasta alone!!!

Last week at the Tuesday lunch ride lunch replacement Dug, Brad and I were discussing workplace issues. I mentioned our lack of HR, office management and reception. We all do a little bit of our own part, late last week the dishwasher was clean, the sink filling up and a few people were taking their donated dishes home in protest. I sent out a short email Friday am stating I had 5 bucks to whomever would unload the dishwasher and had independent verification. Presto, about 10 minutes later it was empty and no one ever claimed the 5 spot, maybe cause I took them all out to lunch for the holidays, wonder what I'll have to do next time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My last couple of posts have been Fox-Like boring.

So, in an attempt to liven things up...

I have been dreaming of surfing lately. I am way addicted to Kauai, in particular the North Shore. Something about the place further relaxes and soothes me beyond belief. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out how to spend a whole lot more time there, keep my job and continue to train for mtb racing. I think maybe a couple hundred grand will do it. hmm, how to get the cash??

Every year, around this time, after hundreds of hours sent on the bike, more hours planning and traveling. More hours directing a large team and oh yeah, life in general, I wonder what the hell I do all of this for? Will I continue? What would of happened if I would of started racing at 23 instead of 33? and on and on.

I can't really answer all of the questions, but I do know a few things. I will continue to race. The years of training and racing I do have under my belt have proven to make me smarter, smarter training, smarter resting, smarter racing, smarter eating, smarter fun having. It all matters, mostly the fun.

Sunday I went up to the 'tude to ride the board. I rode the ski bus, which is always interesting. There was a guy on the bus, with new ski boots on, with the price tag and other tags still attached. He was telling a couple all about Utah skiing and his daughter kept asking him, have you skied there?, He said no to every ski resort. He then was telling the bis driver that he needed to be dropped off at the first Solitude entrance, and thought it might be helpful to give the driver directions.  I'm not judging, it was just entertaining.

Solitudes snow cover is very thin, I still found some non icy area and so soft snow off the sides, I tried out the new Apex and Moonbeam lifts, which are both bearable now in time and comfort. Still 2 new moonbeams in like 3 years, someone made a big mistake.  I like being on the mountain, I like riding in powder, but really, I just don't so much like snowboarding otherwise. I know the answer is likely to get a split board and do some self propulsion up some safer peaks, but 500-1000 bucks for a board, 300 bucks for a Pieps and them some, really cuts into my 2nd home in Hanalei fund. Then come January, I will be heading to St G or Vegasss for 3 day weekends of dirt and it won't matter again.

Good job to everyone at nationals. Ali, I know you were gracious in recounting your race to your son, but, I think it is a travesty that AJM races masters. The rules need to change, at least the same rules as Masters worlds (For short, no racey if you are in the top 200 in UCI points), It is just wrong. Same goes for the women. Ridiculous. That and I like how Tilford's category races on Friday so he can recover for Sunday. Pork Barrel promoting.

There is a real risk of cx peaking out, promoters and governing bodies need to tread lightly, move people up when it is right, keep it fun and don't let people take advantage of each other.

I bet those who race mostly on the road will not be as worried about this as those who race mostly on the MTB, because, masters MTB nationals is age categorized, but, you have to be and expert (now cat 1) If you have a pro license, sorry, you race pro. Field sizes will continue to go down at CX nationals unless this changes, just watch.  

They should also think about having ELite and Amateurs at different locations/times, so that the women and older men do not have to be all mixed together. Will it happen, well, again, if it does not, field sizes will shrink.

I'll be emailing USA cycling about this, but, they won't listen.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

CX Nationals Day 2

Tanner Cottle takes 18th in a stacked Junior race.

Kris Walker WINS the 45-49 Woman's Championship

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time for my Annual year in Review

Related to the Biking and all that, hopefully I won't repeat myself. 2008 was a good year for me on the bike, decent off the bike in some areas, horrible off the bike in others.

First Some stats

About 402 hours on Bike, who knows the miles, it is all about hours, quality hours.

Trainer - 23 rides for 21.5 hours, less than 1 hour average per ride, longest ride 2 hours, Nice.
Road - 78 rides for 123 hours, just over 1.5 hours per ride, longest ride 3.5 hours
MTB - 109 rides for 215 hours, Just under 2 hour average, longest ride 5.5 hours, 13 rides over 3 hours
Cyclocross-22 rides for 33 hours, 1.5 hour average, longest ride, 2 hours, pretty much every race day warm up, race, cool down. 

That adds up to 232 days on the bike, so far in 2008 and about 1.75 hours per ride. Thats how its done.

Well on to less numeric things.

1. Best Training Ride of the year. Even though it included lots of double track, 30 mph headwinds on the downhill, scary High Tension power lines and a bit of mud on Stuckey, Day 2 of Camp Lynda was awesome. Great company, good bike time and I got to know the new Scalpel very well that day. I also learned that riding without my Ergon grips was  a bad idea. a close second is the Crest-PC ride with Ty, Shannon, Jen and Carl.

2. The 2008 Paz Ortiz Nemesis of the year Award goes to Chris Bingham. With the exception of Draper(more to come) every race post my first 08 win at Soldier Hollow that both Chris and I raced in I got 2nd to his win, if he didn't show up, I won. That is good fun right there.

3. Most satisfying 2nd place of the year.  Stan Crane Memorial. While I wanted to win for Stan, BK's message was more timely, well at least the 'Win Susan' half. It was also fun to see him so psyched on his home trail. I hope to have my revenge in 09.

4. I had 2 'Perfect' races in 2008. Soldier Hollow, I went to the front early and held on to the end even though I had Jack breathing down my neck for most of the race, i kept calm and rode my race. It was nice as it came after a string of last lap blow ups. The 2nd one was the Deer Valley national. Carl V and Sam M were the only locals in my category, so the rest were unknown, I rode conservative up little stick, which is way out of character for me, passed Tim Butler on the first part of the village climb and got around another rider at the first part of the snow top descent. I rode a good second lap and caught up with Carson C from Mad Dog (in another category), and we worked together on lap 3, I gapped him on the snow top descent and went in for a victor by almost 2 minutes.

5. Least perfect and Ironic race of the year would be the Brian Head National. I love that course, one big lap, lots of elevation and fun technical downhills. Before we all headed up from Parowan for the race, Alex G was putting stans in his tires, I gave him shit for doing it so close to race time. Fore Shadowing.  Racer and I were pulling the front group back about 2/3rds or more into the race,  We start going down Dark Hollow and I rip a hole in my tire, a small, sealable hole, except there was NO STANS in my tire. A few hours later after teammate Monique gave me a tube and air I limped into the finish. Dumbass.

6. Best Race trip of the year. This is a hard one, Jackson was great, but the Gooseberry ride the day after Cholla was better.

7. CX season, wow that was hard, 2007 I could ride at the front of most of the CX races. 2008 got a lot faster. I held on as best as I could, had fun and will be back for more in 2009.

2008 could be considered my best season on the bike, multiple wins, in a hard fought competitive category. But in the end it is about having fun and meeting people. I met a lot of new people this year, made more friendships and enjoyed the community again. The trails in Draper have been a big positive change, although I live in Sugarhood, those trails are a blast and the break from shoreline north. I didn't make it up to PC as much as the past due to these trails, well that and the gas prices.

2009 training begins in a few weeks, already got several St G training trips in the works, good times.

CX Nationals

In the U29 B Men group, Tanner took 13th and Caveman took 21st, looks like the young Cottle will be racing with he A's in 2009.

Daren Cottle takes 9th in the B Men's 40+

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I didn't Come in last

But, I was the last guy who didn't race twice or have a mechanical.  The course was fun. The Hill was painful. It was way too warm fro December. Dr. Cross made me cry at the end of the race, even though he had 2 bike changes and had a team mate crash in front of him.

My HR was good during the race, just had no power. My mind was still at the beach

Lyna and Anna came down to watch.

Good to see all types off people out there trying it out. Kris,  Carl and others. Once again, the ghetto tubeless served me well.  Lots of flats today.  The Cannondale Quiver has been good to me this year.

Sunday looks to be some MTB time either on the Shoreline north or Draper. There is a shop road ride at 10am as well if you are interested.

Oh yeah, I made it through a full season of CX without getting lapped by the Caveman, small victories.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I wanna go back

Friday, November 28, 2008

Today we surfed

And boy howdy are we sore. I caught the first wave I tried, of course a soft top long board makes it easier. 2 hours of catching waves and laughing. We are going to take a few days to recover and do it again on Monday.

Photo below is Chad, Ty and I wading out on Anini beach this evening. (Lyna won't let us take many photos of her)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


We saw Bethany at the grocery store this afternoon, Ty wouldn't go talk to her.

Pasty White biker guys

1st, I think this one is Gollum

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Sly says Pro- Racers need to update their blogs, then he mentions me, I'm flattered, really, but SO NOT PRO.

Anyhow, last week was a lesson in focus, or should I say lack of focus. I had not set training plans, but to try and ride outside, as the weather was sweet (green haze not withstanding).

Tuesday I showed up to the SLC Bike for BK's lunch ride. Dug, UT, SkiBike, BK and I, I was the only one with gears, yet I felt strangely superior. We climbed Shitty Creek and then bombed the sled. Good times, tacky trail, I am amazed that trails I have ridden thousands of times are new to people, glad to get people out there though.

Wednesday Night Lyna and I went and Saw Quantum of Solace with the Knapps and Scott. Entertaining.

Thursday I took a afternoon break and headed for my short Home-Zoo-Red Butte- Dry Creek and reverse ride. More good times.

Friday, Lyna and I went and got her a new cell phone. If any one needs a product tester, Lyna would be perfect. She can prove whether or not something hoilds up to Use. She goes through cheap, pretty, shiny phones in less than 12 months. This time we got her a heavyduty, shock proof phone made to be used in construction sites and the like. We will let motorola know in a few weeks.

Saturday was the state champeenships up at the Weber Crit, I mean Fairgrounds. The weather was warm and sunny. I was feeling indifferent, yet excited to ride my bike. It was awesome to see Pasternak take the 35+B win in a battle with Dave Cole. DC got the win in the 45+ group, by a large gap. Tanner just missed the win, but took silver in a talented and upgrade ready B flight.

I got a front line call up and proceeded to make MK mad, by feigning blocking him in, I gave him space just the same. I was repeating th e 'Keep a Wheel' mantra in my mind, had a good start and made it to the gravel in the front. Once int he gravel all hell broke loose and i just tried to stay on a wheel, I kept getting gapped on the straights, as I did not want to pop on the first lap. On the side walk before the turn into the horse track, I almost threw in the towel, but I kept going. Eventually on Lap 2 Racer, Linde, Fred and I came together. Fred disappeared and Linde dropped off, Racer and I worked together the rest of the race, having fun and taking relatively equal pulls. We caught up with SHannon and he latched on, never taking a pull because, to paraphrase ' I didn't want to cheat, since I was racign in another group' JERK.

Racer and my lap times were pretty consistent, the first lap was slightly the fasatest and the last lap was the 2nd fastest. Racer was eating my lunch ont he logs, stupid long legs. He got a small gap on me on the last time through and took me at the line.

It was a blast to have someone to race with for a change. A wheel to hold etc....

Sunday Lyna and I headed up to the Shoreline and saw about 35 billion people. crazy.

No pictures, boring.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


There she goes, the rubber band, that is.

To be fair to myself,  have had Sinus migraines all week. But dang, that course was fun.

The whole front line was DQ'd for false starting and not re-setting, so I finished well. Maybe, not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Good for her,


The fitness rubber band, she is stretched quite thin. Saturday was a fun race, again, the mud run up ate my lunch. I had a good start (likely had more to do with position) and held on for a few laps, then faded and settled in to my spot. I had enough left for a last lap charge to keep Caveman from lapping me and helped me get around Kelly Glenn for an extra place.

Monday woke up a bit tired and went to work, bit of a sinus headache, took Tuesday off and slept way in. Feeling better now, still a headache but likely more caffeine withdrawal.

2 more races to go till Kauai then the post beach CX race on 12/6.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Brain hurts

No vitriolism or solipistism about anything, although I do feel hungover from yesterday.

No, my head hurts because as after dropping off my CX bike for a tune up, along with both of Kathy's (cause I am her sherpa) I hung out at the shop for a while and noticed a bike they were working on.

The bike was a 26" wheeled Litespeed Niota Ti. They were installing Rotor Elliptical Q Rings. The bike also had 650B wheels.

Really, my brain hurts

Monday, November 03, 2008

Yesterday, she was not so warm

Chilly, Rainy, Muddy, nice long course, made longer due to mud. Low turnout, but it was fun.
I bobbled some corners horribly on the first lap, lost the good Dr. and another rider. Then a bit later I could not get into the big ring on the A bike and the little ring is like a 36, so needles to say I was spun out. I switched to the B bike and then had a good battle with Jay to the finish. Crazy course, there were lots of corners without good lines, at least that I could find. Bart came by me on mayeb the last lap, at the start line, I tried to follow him into the whole shot single track and he was going so dang fast into the muddy ruts that I barely stayed upright. The thing is, that he barely stayed upright to.

photo stolen from TC

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today, It was kinda warm

HR rose throughout, Best part of the course for me was the first gravel section, the mot-x section was hard, the paved headwind sections were hard. Lost a chain ring bolt, My rear hub is super rough and only about 8 rides old. Dang. Hit up Barbacoa with TY tonight, think we had a T-Bird sighting. Tips of the day: When in doubt on technical stuff, smooth it out, slow a bit before the turns.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fort B. Boring Race Report

photo by Kim Abbott

We had a large group at the start. I got a good start went into the grass in the top ten, got on Rich's wheel and it was on. Rich and I worked with Jay and Denny  for a while, then Iltis made up to us, but he powered on through.  About 4 laps in, I went into the hard left into the infield barrier section a bit too hot, I locked up the rear brakes, power slid and popped the tire off the rim.  rode i to the barriers, ran to get the B bike and started chasing. MK got by me here. Racer and Jay (who also flatted) caught up to me a few laps later and we were pulling Rich, Denny and MK back, after a few laps, I hopped the log and proceeded to lose my chain, this ended up happening 4 or 5 more times, needless to say, I think I finished last. 

Happy with the ability to stay in the second group after a good start, on a dead flat, fast course. Nice to see DC at the front.

Cavey and I were joined by Rico on our post race date.

As  Rico' says, 'none of us are getting paid to do this.'   Be nice to each other.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


In AUgust of 1986 I headed Southwest of Lexington via the Bluegrass Parkway, Past the Bourbon Distilleries and Pot fields of Washington and Marion County.  I made it to I-65 without incident, strangely. We then headed south past Mammoth Cave and Cave City. Took Exit 28 right by the Corvette Plant and headed into Bowling Green. 

I loaded my crap up PFT. I think I was on the 12th floor, can't remember too much. Met my roommate. Victor, from Fulton, Kentucky, he was a walk on injured football player.  He got me into some trouble almost immediately by setting me up with this guys girlfriend.  Well maybe not a set up, but an introduction that led to 'hanging out' I made it out alive. 

The most vivid memories I have from that year and a half are Drunken nights at the Kappa Sigma house. A drunken canoe trip in Arkansas.   Drunken afternoons at the Barren River Locks. Not making it to too many classes. Never failing a class. Chasing girls. Waking up in time to go play Soccer on the athletic fields. Rappelling off the parking structure, for a class.

I also remember the elevators in PFT were not in the best shape, they were loud, scary and occasionally stopped in between floors and opened the doors just for the heck of it. I have had nightmares about those damn elevators for years.

You may ask where the hell this came from, well earlier this week, News broke of shots fired in this dorm and other places at WKU, luckily none of it has been substantiated, and no one was hurt, thank goodness, but it did bring back memories.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Flat, Straight

I agree that CX courses need straightaways, but almost a miles worth, come on. I had fun for 40 minutes riding alone due to being the last one off the line, stuffed into a metal pole and off the back. the last 20 minutes was slow, parade waves and crowd heckling. I really enjoyed the way we used part of the steeplechase course.
photos stolen from TC
The Father in law visited all weekend, it was a nice visit. He cooked for us a few nights and we mostly just relaxed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

watch out Cottle

I got me a new CX bike, while she is really just a platform for future upgrades, she is pretty and about a pound lighter than the Cross Monster already. Zoom.

Also the Revolution-Peak Fasteners compound will be massive come Saturday. Well at least the Custom 10x20 Canopy will be when I show up to set it up. The Revolution Logos Are the size of a small car at least.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lets make a Pact

To my loyal readers (all 4 of you). I am going to get on a soap box of sorts, so hit your back button if you please, log onto your favorite forum or read on if you will.

The Internet has opened the world of communication and community for all of us blessed enough to have the means. With every blessing comes curses.

I have noticed something 'out there' that causes me distress. There is a culture of Blame, Aggressive Disagreement, Self-Righteousness and Anger that is Distasteful and Boorish. I myself have fallen into this trap, although I try to never use this forum as one for complaint. My number one reason for this forum is to log my racing career, as modest as it is.

The discourse of our world has turned so adversarial and mean. Lets make a Pact loyal reader;

Today and every day I will focus on the positive. I will look at the good in the world. I will treat others with respect in person or in writing. I will respect others opinions and beliefs. I will stop taking myself so seriously. I will have fun. I will live.

Who's with me?

Even though

Critical issues face us, every day people are heroes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I don't get out much

Thursday nights ride set precedent. Friday was to be the Pilling's going away party at the Pogues. Lyna and I picked Ty up and headed down. There were a lot of folks there and good food and fellowship. Brad and Toni were milling around saying their goodbyes. We stayed as the crowd thinned and sat around with Ty, Rich, Greg, Jamie, Brad and I recounting how we all met, races we had done. The origins of 'Try Harder' etc.... It was bittersweet, well it was sad. I really don't know what else to say about it. I hope they get back here in 2 years. I hope we make some summer trips to calgary to race/ride with them. It sucks.

photo courtesy of Todd Neumarker

Saturday was the Heber CX race. I was under-motivated for the race, Tired and almost cranky pre-race. I warmed up with Rich listening to 80's music on 1st Wave and Embrocated again. The wind was howling and cold, but it was dry. I botched the start because my rear wheel was in really soft soil. I was gapped immediately. The head wind sections were brutal on me, although I was able to pull people back on the tailwind sections. My back was starting to hurt. My first goal was to hold Pratt off and then my second goal was to pull Jay back. I f I would of had a few more laps I may of been able to get Jay. But I ended up 11th out of 12 finishers. My Hr climbed but I had no zing in the legs for the race. Post race MK figured out why my back hurt, my tires had about 50-60 pounds of pressure in them. Dumb.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gangs in Draper

Met around 20 others at the Equestrian Center last night for a night ride. about 1:45 of fun. r. Post ride, BK, Kenny, Aaron, Brandon and I made it to village inn for healthy recovery food. I should feel really fresh for Saturday seeing that I got to bed around 2am.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Sunday, October 05, 2008

Verrah Nice.

We had planned on having the Revolution-Peak Fasteners end of MTB season BBQ at the 1st cx race of the year.  My evil plan was to get more teammates hooked. That and people could go ride trails if they wanted to. Well Mama Nature had CX in mind. It pissed rain all day long. I stopped by the shop to get a C-Dale Canopy to warm up under and MK and I did one lap before the A women. 35+B men went off.

The course was sweet, lots of dirt, a nice off camber slick DownHill (see photo from Forrest below) and a long paved climb. We warmed up under the canopy and embrocated again.

We had quite a large group at the start, looked to be over 20, BK even joined us. I lined up on the front row next to the Throttle.  We were off and I found myself climbing at the front and comfortable, until we came over a little rise and the headwind hit, I slowed and finally someone came around, I tucked into 5th wheel and then on the DH and right turn into the horse corrals about 4 more got by me.  That section got me every time.  The first lap was pretty tight, until the barriers, where I got gapped due to the run up, which I suck at. That gap was decisive. I was alone on the road climb, into the headwind, no good. On lap 2 I dropped a chain on the singletrack climb.  I kept going and slugged through, I grabbed wheels when I could and got around the doc, MK, Freebairn and Iltis with 2 to go, I built a gap and was feeling it. At the bottom of the reservoir on the last lap I dropped the chain again, Iltis got around me and that is how we finished.  Gotta move that 3rd eye in closer to hold the chain on.

Great course, huge turn out, good times. Nice jobs out to Tanner on his win and Pepe' on his.

Dr, the HR climbed through the race, I just can't upload it. Charging to the front was fun, but dumb, a few too many matches. That DH into the horse corrals ate my lunch all day, no speed at all. The crowd at the top of the runup was great.  I'm sure they did it for others, but at one point there was a large group chanting 'Bob--Bob--Bob--Bob-Bob'  So I gave them the Royal Wave.  Good times.

More Photos

Evil Run up from Jenelle

I'M WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

All i know is....

I saw Faceshot doing some training up Emigration yesterday. He will be drinking the blood of his rivals soon enough.

Me on the other hand, I had a feeble attempt at 4 sets of 90 at certain wattage. Emigration is bad for that, too much rolling terrain and not enough straight up.

Monday, September 29, 2008


All over the interwebs people are calling Lemond a whiner and bitter. I am sickened by this. The press and the bloggers all say he is jealous, crazy and ignorant and longing for the lime light.

I do not know any facts about any of that, but I doubt all of it and it is irrelevant. I do know that he has valid points and concerns about the sport and the clip below is not bitter, finger pointing or crazy. It is right on point.

The funny thing about Lance and his new Doctor is when you think about Lances old Doctor,

well here is fictional story;

5 years ago, I was rich, no one knew how I got so rich all of a sudden. I told them after I was living in the poor house, I worked hard and made money. Lots of my friends were associated with this gangster, Lets call him Mike Lamborghini. They all claimed he was a legitimate business man, so I got involved with him. I got richer after associating with him. He was just giving me investment tips. Mike and all my friends got convicted of crimes, but I got richer. You can't say I'm guilty just because I hung out with and took advice from guilty people. That just isn't fair. I then took some time off to date barley legal, almost anorexic starlets, but I was missing all the hard work of getting rich. So I un-retired. I want ot be transparent. So I have hired a regulator to be sure I break no rules. Thats right. I am paying somebody to make sure I am legit. Yes. I write a check and employ this person to say I am all legal and shit. I mean if I associate with people that are good, it makes me good right, thats fair, right?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cross Crit Cross

Friday I bailed from work early to head up to  Ogden to hit the second pre-season Cross race. 

MK was already there, so we hit a few laps together, seeing a few 11 year olds on their dads old MTB's made him decide to race A's.

Justin Wilson got the W in the B's in his first ever CX race, puttin the wood to a, um 14 year old, although that 14 year old would of been 4 pro at the Evanston Icup final.

I got a good warm up in on the trainer watching the B race. Then hit a few hot laps. Prior to that I embroacted with some Mad Alchemy all natural medium blend. There was around 11 of us at the start.

BZ, MK, Me, Daren, Mitch. BG, Robby, Cavey, Chrispy, Brandon and a contender rider.

As Jon G mentioned, the start was NOT safe. abut 20 yards with a hard left, followed by a hard right into a parking garage, a 180 out of the garage followed by 2 short hard lefts into the barriers. I didn't even attempt to get a good start, then at the barriers, Robby went down. he got around me a bit later and at this point I was in 10th.  The course was fun and short, around 6/10ths of a mile.  I got 22 laps in. Bart and Chris got 24.

Mike had about the same gap on me for 2/3rds of the race. probably 10 -15 seconds, on about lap 5 i went through some course tape and had a delay. 2/3rds of the way through I started to pull him back. With 3 laps to go we were together, I tried some feeble attacks but we stayed together. He got in front of me on the last 4 corners, which was the race, he got me by a wheel. Towards the end of the race it was getting really dark on certain course sections, but by then we knew them well enough. My average lap time was 2:39, with none of the laps diverging more than 5 seconds. My fastest lap was the last one. actually 3 of my fastest laps were at the end of the race. It was good to have that effort and ability to keep steady and accelerate when needed.

My HR climbed steadily, which is a good sign as well.

After the race my legs started to get REALLY hot. REALLY hot, that embrocation worked.  Mrs. Caveman, Cavey and I went to Dinner and ended up eating with the Peterson clan and my legs finally cooled down in time for the salad.  We had a nice dinner then I headed home.

I took a shower and my legs heated up again and it took an hour to cool down. Good stuff, maybe I'll wait for it to be below 40 before I use it again.

Saturday, I pretty much did nothin.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Somebody has to go back and get a shitload of dimes.

So, took  a nice brain emptying ride on the Shoreline this evening, from house to zoo to dry creek and through the U. home, 1:15 of work related crap removal.  

 Saw Fearick up there, running, thats just cheating, running, I mean, its not like running helps, wait, maybe it does.

I ran enough in the 80's, base training.

Caveman throwing it out there


My rant was generic, his was specific.

Hey sandbaggers,  if you need a blue ribbon or need the 50 bucks, I can probably get enough of the other riders to take up a collection.

And remember to review this post.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Thursday night was the first Doctor Cross Clinic at the park, 30 minutes of barriers, flubbing the re-mount with my normal stutter step. then a few laps around the park. Friday I was already sore from the run-up and barriers, hips, knees, shins and feet. Friday I did some 20 second efforts up emi and almost keeled over.

Saturday as the Canyons CX race. I was looking for a good CX workout and that is what I got. The course was about 1/2 mile long, with an evil double run-up that was the whole race. Since I can't do run-ups very well, after about 4 or 5 sub 2 minute laps, i gave up and soft pedalled, stopped and talked to people, took a 1 dollar Priem from the Husla and just had fun trying different lines. The official results had me dead last and 3 laps down, although I am quite sure I was dead last and about 8 laps down. I did win a sweet pair of Scott Usa uber pimp carbon road shoes, that fit Lyna perfectly. Good times.

This photo stolen from Flahute, I like it cause it actually looks like I'm trying.

The A category was small and would of been bigger if several who should of raced in it did. The B category was too big and too many people were in the wrong category.

Sorry, but true.

Sunday was the best, met Ty, Carl, Jen and Shannon at Guardsmans, road up puke hill, down the Crest (Carl took off down Mill D) Down to the canyons on Mid Mountain, Up Powerline and back to guardsmans. @25 miles, nice pace in about 2:45. The trail was buff, the air cool, the sky blue, the leaves are changing and the DH was a blast.

Up Powerline
We ran into Aaron Jordan on the spine, later Shannon mentioned something to me, hmmm.

It seems Team Porcupine-Specialized is actually becoming a Mtb-CX team, what with Rico, the Cottles, Chris B, Michelle H., Pietrzak, Caveman. Dave and Mike seem to be the only true roaders left, cept Dave races CX too.

That and Shannon says he always sees Aaron on the trail.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After short discussions with BartMan over the last 2 seasons and further discussions with the mechanic yesterday I took the plunge. I took these sweet ass rims I go last year.

And these sweet ass clinchers I got last year.I removed the tube and the mr tuffy. I took 2 new MTB Tubes, cut them apart to make a seal on the rim and a rubber on rubber connection, added some stans, had Ty and mechanic help get the bead over the rim and presto chango....

Ghetto Tubular. They are holding air and ready to roll.

We will see how it all works out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So for Bart, Rico, The Wolfe and Brandon.

When we got home, Lyna played around with that thing a bit more. I was putting groceries away and heard her say. "I bought something that doesn't work.... OUUUUCCCCHHHHHH, OH MY GOD, it works.

Good times.

Monday, September 08, 2008


What is it?

For me it is that feeling of having good legs for the race/ride. Last Sunday at the Brian Head national, prior to the flat tires, I had no ZING. Saturday riding the cross monster on the shoreline and around town, I had ZING. Sunday riding the Scalpel on the same trails I had no ZING.

Funny thing about ZING is that it is only slightly faster than no ZING. But it feels good. ZING is the feeling you want on race day. No ZING is the feeling I don't want on race day.

I would rather have ZING and come in 5th place than have no ZING and come in first. ZING is happy. No ZING is sad.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Thursday, September 04, 2008


Community organizing is how ordinary people respond to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies.

- David Plouffe

Yes, I get spam from him cause I added a few bucks to the money machine cause I am a LIBERAL (oh heavens)

Monday, September 01, 2008


Yep, that was my time back from the, winner of my 6 person category, whoopppeeee.

I made it almost all the way through a season without any mechanicals or DNF's. I had the same spare tube in my seat bag all season. No broken chains, no broken body, nothing. That is one heck of a streak.

They started the 35-39, 40-44, 45-49 group together, so we had a pack of @ 20 going up the road to heaven. I tucked myself in about mid pack and halfway up the pavement when the group split, I was with the front group. I dangled off on the dirt road climb, but I did not want to light any matches in the first 30 minutes of the race. I caught Racer on the Louder DH and we went up the sidney peaks road together working a bit together.  I could see the lead group less than a minute up. Up the steep single track racer was on my wheel and the lead group was still just a bit up the trail. We traversed at 10500 feet for awhile and came to the Dark Hollow descent, I was looking forward to this for some reason. I hit the first 2 switch backs just right and felt that would set the tone for the tech sections ahead.   Halfway down the first tech section I hit a rock straight to the rim of the rear tire. I kept going,  ripping it up, although I felt the rear getting soft. I pulled over in the meadow before the road descent and felt it, still about 2 pounds, I then stopped at the road and filled up a bit with CO2. I then hit the Road DH pretty fast and went into the technical One track with speed.  I passed 2 riders on the inside of 2 sketchy, tight switchbacks.  I made it halfway down the dark rocky section, once again I felt the tire going soft.   I stopped to top off the tire again and bent the valve core, so I then put the tube in, only to find its valve core bent. I got some air in the tube, but I was out.  I waited until Newby came by a few minutes later and he threw me a CO2. I filled up and was on my way.   Made it through the rest of the gnar and just onto the soon to be smooth one track when all the air left the tube. I was at this point about as far from the finish line as possible. I started walking, walked for 45 some odd minutes.  Where I was walking was a fast rolling one track descent, so people were going way too fast to even ask for a tube or air. Finally right before the scout camp, Monique saved me with a tube and a big air. I put like 50 pounds in the tire and took off to the finish. I figured I may as well finish the damn thing.  I bonked pretty hard about 2 miles from the finish, since I was out there an hour longer than expected. I got 6th.  Everybody was getting ready to send a search party for me.

My race plan was to keep the leaders in sight, DH fast, catch the leaders at scout camp and ride with them through mosquito lane and attack on the gravel road climbs to the finish. ALl was going to plan, until my rookie move of not filling my tires with stans the week before the race blew it all. Oh well. It was a good weekend any way. We expected armageddon weather for the race and got 60 degrees and sunny.

Carson won 35-39, Racer got 2nd, Newby 4th. Monique took 1st in women Expert women 30-39 and took 2nd in the series.  Erika had an awesome first Pro weekend.  Alex killed it for top 10, BZ did well more results can be found at mtbracenew.com.  

Kathy and Chris stopped by the Parowan house on their way to vacation,  so we all headed to Cedar for dinner.

Bobby need sleepy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Depression Sets in...

So I head just north from work to get lunch at one of my regular spots, they know my order, Hot Italian Sausage Sandwich, Green Salad with Balsamic and a coke, plus a few bags of Kookaburra for the boys at the shop. On the door is a sign that they are shutting down the retail location on 9/6. Dang, that is no good. I have been lunching there once a week for over 2 years. Just sad. At least I can still get there sausage at Smith's and even Costco.

I guess getting them to sponsor the team is out of the question now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speaking of Conspiracies

Driving home today, northbound I-15, just after the 33rd south on ramp and just be fore the I-80 EB off ramp, which by the way is always a clusterf***, I was in the right traffic lane, going about 60 mph waiting t get a chance to merge right while the countless masses were trying to merge from the lane I wanted in to the lane I was in, I was patient and found a spot safely, soon there after a 80's Ford Pick up pulled from behind, with both people in the cab giving me the bird with very visible anger.   I assume they felt i impeded their MERGE. So I waved Hello at them, they pulled up next to me and kept giving me the bird, so I flashed them a Peace Sign, no dice, this made them angrier, so I blew them a kiss, dang, what will work with these 2, well I continued on the off ramp to I-80 and noticed over the Jersey Barrier those 2 were still giving me the bird. Bet they vote for McCain.

Had fun Saturday at the Race For Everyone at Sundance. It was me and Racer and 4 Mad Doggers at the start, I held on for 3rd expert. 1st 40+ mostly due to Tim getting a flat. Good hard effort, fun DH and nice charity to boot. I won a set of Stans ZTR 355 rims in the silent auction if anyone wants to buy em from me, let me know. If not I will build up a wheel set for the 1993 KHS hardtail frame with gold anodized answer bar, purple stem and marzocchi xc 300 fork, sweet, so I don't have to blow kisses to anyone else on I-15 after work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I guess I just ain't right

Related to this post.

On my commute home yesterday I heard a story on NPR that discussed this study.

According to NPR's review of the study puffing your chest and spreading your arms is similar to a gorilla doing the same when they beat the shit out of another gorilla. PRIDE. Isn't that one of the 7 deadlies?

The study proves my point that it is a ME-ME-ME reaction. It also proves that, apparently, I am not human, nor of this planet, since it is an innate behavior.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camping and Racing- No photos.

Many people know that I have a very strong aversion to tents and racing. I like camping, a lot, however,not combined with a race. Well I surprised even myself when I agreed to meet several teammates Friday afternoon at the primitive Bear River campsite across the road from the start line Friday afternoon. I picked Wedge up at 3 and we took the scenic route over Bald Mt pass to the site. We kitted up for a half lap pre ride, came back, sat in the river for 15 minutes numbing the legs, set up camp and ate a great fireside pasta dinner, tans to Jenelle, Ryan, Rhonda, Andy, Heather and Steve for the fixins. Some nice fireside chat then 9 hours of sleep in a tent with a river running by it.

The race started with 7 of us, Neither C Bingham nor Art where there. Daren and a Young Riders rider took the lead, across the bridge it was Fred, Daren and I at the front. I had fully planned on taking an relatively easy 1st lap, as to have something left at the end, as it is a long, brutal race. Halfway out on the flat road to the lap, I went to the front, and just kept a steady pace. Halfway up the Sage Draw climb, I turned around and could see no one in my group. So I decided to keep it at the same pace. I passed Mikey(30-39) from UtMTB.com on this section and he said to me that either he was really slow, or I was really fast. My reply was 'I am dumb' I made it to the long dirt road climb, and still could not see anyone, even on the sections of trail that you could look a long way back. I made it up the steep singletrack climb without trouble (except for my heart wanting to explode) Passed Brian Gillespie at the top. Traversed over to the rough doubletrack DH and decided not to risk anything on the descent. Came through the lap zone, picked up my bottle from Dusty (thanks) and proceeded to go just as hard as I thought I should(or could). At the neutral feed zone I grabbed a water bottle and sucked 1/2 of down quickly, as I did not want to dehydrate. I almost puked due to the speed of the water intake. The rest of the climb was intermittent moments of power and oh dear lord I am going to DNF. I again took the dh easy and started running into lapped traffic up the short Dead Mans climb, I got around everyone safely.

Coming around the final lap zone, you still have 4 some odd miles to go to the finish, not so easy either cause there is still close to 500 feet of climbing left. On one of the small rises before the lap zone, I got out of the saddle and felt my right quad start to cramp, I sat down immediately and spun.

I made it across he line with the win, with about 40 seconds to spare over Karl. I faded over the last half of the race. The first time around the 11 mile lap, my time was about 58:30, the second time was @ 1:01:30 . 3 minutes difference. 3 minutes is a LONG time. Funny how circumstances ended up making me race the exact opposite race I had planned on.

Oh yeah, On Friday during the pre ride, I noticed my spider was bent enough that when in the big ring the chain would swim between the outside and inside of the front derailleur cage ever revolution. I had to put that out of mind during the race, and it all worked out.

Lots of carnage on the course, lots of opportunity to over cook the DH with big consequences, glad I chose to take it easier on the appropriate sections.

I walked away with the Expert 40+ season championship. The season feels better as I had 3 wins, last year winning the 30-39 championship was less exciting, cause I had no wins.

The team lost the team comp, not enough beginner racers. We did have a large number of series winners and podiums though.

Great ICUP season again, fun party afterwards.

several years ago, Lyna took 3rd at the race and got a sweet beer mug, I wanted one of those mugs. The next year I got 3rd and got a headset cap, which when you have a lefty, does one no good.

The next year I got 4th, by 7 seconds in and epic battle with hooptedoodle. Last year I got second, again, to my nemesis Paz and got a huge county fair ribbon. finally, this year i get the win and a nice coffee mug and coaster, that actually says the race and the placing on each, as apposed to my nice NMBS medal that says neither.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Do Something worthwhile

We live in a selfish world, All about me world, where is mine world. It is their fault world, woe is me world.

It is good to see people making a difference where they can, risking their careers and livelihoods. Spreading the word, striving for justice and peace (without big ass guns and carpet bombs)
Heck a CX star is even on board, maybe we should be on board as well.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I call this one 'STORMY'
I swear i was not posing, really.  More photos from Solitude Tuesday here.  Superfly, tuck yer shirt in you slob.

Went down to draper for a nice 2/3rd's night ride tonight with one of the Brad's, Steve H and Erich. Up Ghost falls, Down Clarks, up Clarks, down Ghost Falls.

Leaving my house around 7:30 I saw a women on a fixed gear bike heading down the street, i waited till she passed to start driving, as not to make her nervous, as i pulled into the street I then noticed she had a skinny, flat handle bar with bar ends and was wearing bikini bottoms. I swear. better than wearing capris I guess.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jackson-Teton-Bear Attack

"Pain Don't Hurt" -James Dalton, bouncer

The Bull Elk and I headed up to Jackson on Thursday. We got there a bit too early to check into our condo, but soon enough we were in. I went out for an easy spin on my road bike and threw in a few short hard efforts. We tried to go to Dark Knight that evening , but the little theater looked to be overrun by Touron's, so we headed back to the condo. BZ and Elena showed up around 9 or so, Erika, Dusty and Monique a bit later.

Slept in Friday, tooled around a bit and went for a pre-ride of the course around noon. I love this course. Thanks to Mikey and Jay there was a line up the service road steep pitch. That evening we had a team pasta feed in the condo, around 20 - 25 people eating pasta and salad.

Saturday am was nice and cool, but it was not to last. We had 6 at the line for 40+ Chris, Fred, Alex, Karl and a local. I got the hole shot and tried to keep it smooth on the technical sections over roots and rocks, Chris was behind banging around a bit. He got around me where I expected, on the double track before the new singletrack traverse. I charged up a bit to him on the next double track section. Fred was not too far behind. Chris ended up getting by a few SS'ers on a few short climbs, I got stuck behind them on descents. He was still in sight at the end of lap one. Lap 2 i settled in a bit on the initial single track, Fred was still right behind me maybe 30-45 seconds. After I got around Jamie P (SS winner) and The Bull Elk, I throttled up in the rolling sections, taking it smooth on the steeper ones. I was likely less than a minute down on Chris going into lap 3 and less than a minute up on Fred. I kept the pace up through the initial ST again and hammered the gradual climbs, When I dropped into the deep woods Singletrack I was feeling good, when with out warning, I was attacked by something on a slow speed corner I took a bit to wide.
I felt a scratch, but nothing too bad, but when I got on a straight stretch of trail, I looked down and saw my right shin was mostly red and damp. So of course, I start freaking, I slow down, try and calm myself, and keep checking the wound. It took about 10 minutes of this before I finally realized the bleeding had stopped and I would be ok. So I ramped it up again, in case Fred was close.

I ended up in Second, again, 3 minutes down to Chris, who said he had a horrible 2nd lap. Maybe without the shin attack (i think it was a Bear) i could of been close. Fred blew up on the last lap and came in 5 minutes behind me. The weird thing about the shin, was it didn't even knock me out of my pedal, I kept pedaling and moving forward. Kind of bummed about not being able to hit the hot tub post race though.

Saturday evening we went out for Mexican, and watched a DVD and blew of the Zeppelin tribute band, cause we are old.

Sunday we were going to ride, but being old and tired led us to do a short hike and head home.

I was happy to see the 5 year old raggedy Element got 27 mpg for the trip, with the AC blowing. Gas is 30-40 cents a gallon cheaper in Jackson than it is in SLC.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reasons not to raise hands when crossing the line in victory

The number one reason is that, well, no offense to anyone, but really, what did you just win?

  • The Expert Age group local mtb race?
  • The Cat 3 crit?
  • A Pro 1-2 race with 20 riders in BFE?
  • A Mid Week Training race?
  • The Bigwheel circuit race (well this may be an acceptable venue)
  • A small town festival race with 20 guys on huffy's and you on your 5,000 dollar super bike?
Seriously, this is small, the self aggrandizement does nothing but turn me off, even in big races.


More tangible reasons

Go Eric Z

Go MTB Race

Have you ever tried to ride no handed on a Lefty? Not impossible, but not easy.

Plus, it has a tendency to accentuate the mooseknuckle.


It is inevitable

That it will rain in the mountains, really it is. I want to ride the high alpine trails, but I do not want to ride through 6-12 inches of silt for hours on end.

I also would like it to rain in the valley, as the 24th is a few days away and my backyard once again is like a tinderbox.

On an unrelated note, Jackson Hole weekend coming up, the race is fun, the rest of the weekend is much more fun.

Tonight is the mid week race at Solitude, maybe it will rain before hand so the 12 inches of powdery silt on the service road turns into a play dough like substance.

I got these photos in e-mail yesterday.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots of open space on the course

Well, once again, low turnout at Snowbird, I admit the course is not the most exciting, but it is a race and I will show up.

Lyna wanted to race but took the day off as her hip has been bugging her a bit. The night before the race we went to a birthday BBQ and ate salad and grilled chicken, which was a step outside of my ritualistic pre race meal, I did eat some pasta before bed though.

When we got to snowbird, it was cool, but that would not last. I did a pre race lap as part of my warm up, to remind myself how sketch the DH was, yep, sketch.

There were about 8 of us in the 40+ group, Fred made a return and right before we went off Daren asked if I was going to let Sam lead into the single track. I told him I didn't know, but this is Sam's course, he has always done well here.

Sam led into the singletrack, with me on his wheel. Fred and Daren were right behind us. We made our way to the Dick Bass climb and I got around Sam here, Fred came around me and I was right on his wheel, a bit later, as expected, Chris B motored past us, Fred slowed and I went around with Sam on my tail. On the first DH, Sam got around me towards the last couple of Switchbacks and I got around him on the short climb up above the Gad lift.

For the first 3 laps Chris was in sight on the Dick Bass climb, the last lap I lost him, and ended up coming in second 3 minutes down. Sam was about a minute behind me.

Lap times were close, although the first la was a bit fast and I likely paid for it on lap 3 and 4.


Monday, July 14, 2008


A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.
-Steve Prefontaine

Friday, July 11, 2008


Another lieutenant goes down, Tick Tock......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out past my bedtime

2 nights in a row, last night it was Real Salt Lakes game,Thanks UTRider, that was a good time. They got smacked around all night.

Tonight it was my Shoreline Loopy, starting around 8 pm.

I went to pump irons at the gym right after work and prior to that plugged in the minewts to charge. Didn't get anywhere near a full charge, but i didn't turn them on till I started to descend City Creek. Good thing, cause the battery low indicator came on 2 blocks from the house.

It was nice and cool and empty up there. Relaxing, fun ride.

I discovered a new TT format. You have to keep your Ave. HR Below 130, Climb Dry Creek to the second over look. My Ave HR tonight, 128, time 16:00.


I Am Not A Victim

I have witnessed and seen many things recently that lead me to a new rant. In the vein of this, this and this i need to rant. Although i am pretty sure my politics are far left of the previous 3, I agree about at least 1 important thing. People complain, bitch and moan and blame others way too much.

I Am Not a Victim.

give me a break.

Thats all.

Totally unrelated soliloquy;

Oh, Todd, Chocolate Milk is the nectar of the gods, it is an all encompassing encapsulation of that which is good and holy in the world. Rice milk is an abomination sent to us by the communist infiltrators via the California fault zone.

I'm (not) Serious.

Monday, July 07, 2008

I Love Solitude

You can't win on the first pavement climb, but you sure enough can lose. Close to 1000 feet of climbing in 2.5 miles with steep grade, at elevation, with the false comfort of pavement making you want to burn it up, which of course for most people would entail burning all their matches way too early in the race. I have done it before.

This year I led to the gate, then BK, Tim and Chris came around me, I just settled in after that and tried to keep my brain focussed. I got around Tim right at the end of the steep dirt road climb and BK soon there after on the barely ridable rock crossing at the top of the big lap. Side note, riding that section gained at least 10 seconds, per lap. end side note.

I then kept Chris in sight for the rest of lap 1 and lap 2, even though we were both motoring through the 19-29 and 30-39 fields. I fed well and took care not to go into the red too often, but Chris was on fire and put 2 minutes on me by the end of the race. I used the 3rd place 30-39 finisher as bait on the last small lap to keep me motivated, got caught behind lappers a few times, but so did everyone else.

2nd again, not so bad, I even passed Paz, who was my major nemesis last year and he started 2 minutes ahead of me. My time was my best ever at Solitude, not that the conditions were the same, but it feels good to go faster. I'm glad the initial results had Daren's time wrong.

Lyna raced smart and came in second 44 seconds off the win.

BK looked and sounded like he was ready to throw his bike over a cliff, that is not a rigid bike course.

Tim was a DNF, hope he is ok. Caveman was playing with flowers on the side of the trail, rock induced concussion, then his wife, coming to his rescue, got a doggy in watershed ticket, what a bad day for the Wildes.

I loved how Art put the fear of god into the group when they found out he was racing with us. There was nervous laughter abounding at the staging area.

No pictures. Boo.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm sleepy

Saturday got up at 5am for Waffles, Lyna and I rolled out to DV at 6:35. Ouch. There were 12 of us, only 2 other Utah racers I raced smart and pushed hard and I won by about 2 minutes.
Lap Times

I then spent the rest of the day watching the Pro Women and Men race, Lyna was taking photos for MTBRaceNews and so I just cheered people on. The Utah women all did great, Kathy had a DNF due to a broken bike, Holmes was scratching on a Podium till she had a mechanical, she ended up 14th, KC did great for her first PRO race in 15th, Jen had a carreer best 19th followed by the honor of being one of the random USADA controls, which meant I got to feed Shannon for his first time through the feed zone, cause having to pee in a cup after racing for 2+ hours in 90+ degrees takes a while.

In the pro race Alex G took an awesome 11th, BZ held on for a strong 27th, and Shannon pushed through to for 41st

I went up and watched the STXC today and Kathy and Heather had a great battle for the last podium spot, Kathy took 5th, good show, after a rough spring and rough week. Heather was in 4th about 1/3 of the way through the race and went down hard on the pavement, the fact that she pushed through to come back to 6th place is awesome and shows that she is in form.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money To Burn

The big effin white diesel truck has been Idling across the street from me for the last 45 minutes. When I took the photo I was on the way over to ask if they would like to sponsor my bike team with that extra cash, but they pulled off before i could get off my porch. Damn.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some may call me an ass.....

But I came up with a jersey design

I know, I know, I am multi-talented. You cant afford me. This work was done as a tribute to old style Bob a good example is here.

all in good fun.

It is ON!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Raced Soldier Hollow tonight in the Expert A group, ended up 5th out of 7 starters. DR X, don't look at the chart below, it scares even me. Zeppelin was creeping up on my halfway through the 4 lap race and I had to throw down a skinny guy sprint at the end to hold him off. Ouch, not bad for a 40 year old.

**Late Edit: 4th out of 7 starters, 2 DNF's, time on results is off, real time more like 1:02:45.

Mill Creek

Took off for a nice road ride Tuesday evening, headed over to Mill Creek via 27th and REI circuitous route. Planned on turning around at Rattlesnake gulch, then planned on turning around at the restaurant, then at the gate, then at elbow fork then.... Well ended up riding all the way tot he top, at least through the first snow patch, which was almost the top, ran into Superfly on the way down and rode down with him.

I love this time of year, 2.5 hour ride, with a late start on a week day after work. Awesome.

Monday, June 16, 2008

No race weekend and Summer Time

It was very nice to have a race free weekend. I had only 1 day off the bike all week, and Wednesday nights race was extra painful. BK put about 4 minutes on me in a 1 hour race. Thursday and Friday were easy road spins, except Thursday I went up emi too hard, not race pace, but too hard for how my legs felt.

Saturday was the team ride up in Jeremy Ranch, 2.5 hours of fun. Nice easy pace, with regroups and giggly downhills, ran into the Porculized crew midway in. Jim and Lyna were the odd ones out, not wearing their team kits, anarchists!

That evening we headed to the Hypio's for a BBQ, it was a good time, the mtb'ers turned roadie regaled us with tails of the asphalt. TC was all giddy about her impending solo Dolomite rides.

Then everyone sang to me. Nice photo (notice the sunburn, apparently Kroger brand sunscreen is not sweat proof.) Thanks for embarrassing me.

Sunday I met up with Jen and Shannon and we headed out from their house to do a nice long dirt ride, they were planning on 5 hours, I was planning on turning around when tired, we headed up emi, left into pinecrest, right onto killyons lane the 'rode' up killyon's, well we hiked a lot. We then bombed down to Affleck park and up the trail to big mountain, I turned around there and headed home , down mormon pioneer then out on the road home. Nice 3+ hour ride. Like the elevation profile, ouch.

Then I mowed the lawn and talked to dad.

Very nice weekend.