Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dis whether, she maka me no happie

Well at least it should be sunny and warm all weekend in hurricane for the race and ridin.

Did 3 minute intervals up emigration today, got a rear flat on the roadie after the first, made the final 2 lessons in low motivation, at least the first one was good,

I keep trying to do intervals up emi, I keep remembering why I don't after the first try, too many flat and downhills on the way up makes it hard to keep the power up. Mill Creek is next.

Dr. X and Cavey (holy crap he actually updated his site) are bailing on the MTB race so they can race in circles, at least it should be entertaining, cold and wet this year.

Daren  and Rico (cause he is afraid to get cold) are at least trying to make it to the MTB race.

Kathy had a good race at the Pro XCT opener. She will be drinking the blood of her rivals within a month, guaranteed, I'm calling a Sea Otter podium for sure.

Everyone, repeat after me


Thank You.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Zaskar in

I got the bike built up with some lighter-personal preference parts. Had a rear de issue yesterday, today got her out for the maiden voyage. 2+ hours on Pavement, The ride was good, the remote lockout for the fork is sweet, the frame is zippy out of the saddle. Me likey.

I did a 20 minute effort up millcreek and froze my behind off on the way down. Saw Samurai, Jz, Tayler, Dave and many others out there (apparantley I saw S-BO as well, he said so when he came by to borrow the official MTBRACENEWS camera for the Fontana Pro XCT). Also check out MTBRACENEWS brand new, sweet race calendar. If you don't see your race or series on there, contact shannon at shannon@mtbracenews.com

A week away is the next entry in the intermountaincup, the ever lovely Cholla Challenge, supposed to be a bit shorter thi year, so maybe I won't have to pee 5 miles from the finish like last year. I just want to laugh at Brad.

Come hang out with me at the Dirt Coalition Tent post race. Please, I need friends.   

(that's not me in the photo) 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm selling stuff

Go here to read up, more stuff may be added.

The page has an e-mail link if interested in anything.

New bike is built swapped out some stuff to make it lighter, have a saddle on the way and will swap stems once I get the fit right. Comes in about 21.5 with UST rear tire. That'sa nice.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend of dry dirt and wind

I made it home from NYC a bit before midnight Thursday night, worked Friday and then got a nice 2 hour shoreline loop in. Legs felt fine and the cold was gone and the elevation change had no effect.

Friday night watched the series finale of BSG, good stuff.

Saturday met up with Shannon, Jen, E-Pow, Kathy and Brian for 3- 4 hours of dirt action. We all agreed we were going easy, yeah right.... We saw Train and Rachel above Research Park, Cavey above the U, ran into BZ on Big Bertha, he turned around and joined us . Saw Superfly and Rhonda above Bobsled. We climbed up above ensign peak then dropped down to Bountiful, realizing that we then had to climb back, into the head wind, BZ bailed and went home. The DH into City creek was a blast, I then bailed onto home for a nice even 3 hour ride, while the rest climbed back towards the zoo.

View Larger Map

Sunday woke up and decided to hit the shoreline again before the storm, I almost got blown over several times in the cross wind, but made it home after 2 hours in one piece.

A few days of moisture and the trail will be ready come Saturday to put the Zaskar on dirt.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not so much...

Training this week, got a lot of walking and 30 minutes on a hotel stationary bike, not so bad coming off a cold though, should make up for it the next 3 days.

All my GT stuff is showing up, the canopy showed up earlier this week, my team kit and swag shows up today and the bike is on its way too.

I will likely have a bunch of bike parts and a Scalpel up for sale soon. I am going to start a For Sale blog.

Below is the view of the Empire state building from my hotel room. Crappy camera phone.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cross training in Manhattan....

I'm serious, it is possible and effective and the recovery food is excellent.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

GT Dirt Coalition

2009 looks to be a good year, I will be riding a premier carbon hardtail, one that Alison Dunlap rode it's ancestor to the 2001 World Championship.

Look for the Pop up tent at the Cholla Challenge, come say hello and get some info on GT.

clicky photo for quick news release.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Real Rampage

So, great weekend for riding, racing and relaxing. Ty and I headed down Friday morning, beat all the bad weather, checked in the COndo and then went out for a Pre-Ride. We had a huge group, we waited a few times. On the bottom of the first DH Ty and I decided to go too fast, right before the las descent into the wash climb I sliced my rear tire. Thinking that the course was not the best choice for my first attempt at running non tubeless, tubeless. Got a tube in and finished up the lap. GL and I called Keating to bring me a UST down. The front tire was sweet, Continental Protection Series Speed King. I need the rear to be UST though.

Race day, had waffles, but not with chocolate milk, big mistake.

My race started well, a lot less dicey than 2008. I settled into the top 10. Above the first wash, BK mashed on by me. Soon after so did Karl. The throttle, Tim W. and Dave (Red Rock owner) and I battled it out in close proximity for the rest of the first 2 laps. A little bit into lap 3, I heard my legs say NO MORE TODAY. So I just kept pushing, barely. Dr. X, Sam, Rich and a few others blew by me, as did several of the 30-39 riders I had passed in lap 2. I'm just glad I held Fitty Watt off.

I limped in for 12th. I did not hydrate enough, but really, the result and 3rd lap blow up are right where I need to be.

Fred and Karl were looking to have spectacular results before mechanicals took them out of contention.

Sunday we had a mass of Revolution riders and Kuhl riders on the Goulds/Jem/Hurricane rim loop. I rocked the long sleeve Masher Thermal Jersey, to pay Homage to BK's 1st place Utah Rider in expert 40+. Dave Cole and Matt Bradley even joined us. It was an awesome ride. Wedge and I then traveled back to SL County to prepare for work and snow, booooo.

So official announcements are expected this week, but a bit of a teaser preview for Bobby Fresh's big news for 2009.
Most of ya knew it already though.


Went from battling for 6th to 12th place on the last lap, right on target.

Lap times


Really, I felt worse than 37 on the last lap, more info to come, sleepy time.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Seriously? Your kidding me

Took off work and headed home to get some dirt in. I rode up to the zoo and then across the trail, which btw, is almost completely dry all the way to dry creek. Ran into AG at Red Butte, heading the opposite way. Turned around at dry creek and headed back the way I came, when just above the U Hospital.....

Yep, that is a dog bite. on my calf, if you clicky, it gets real biggy. Stupid owner, actually said, about his off leash dog "I thought He had gotten over that' Poor dog, stupid owner. I was pissed, asked if I needed a shot, the guy said the dog was all caught up, I rode home and cleaned it up. Stupid owner.

Tuesday Lunch Ride

Dirt, Dry, meet at the Zoo trail head, out to the base of dry creek and back. Good times, supposed to be 62, ride it before the snow flies again.


(The train rolls at noon, so don't expect the group will wait, someone has to work)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

1st Shoreline Shred of 2009

Met Ty, Billy, Shannon and Brian a BluePlate. Shannon and Jen had hiked the zoo to dry creek on SAturday and found it dry, so with that Beta, we ripped it up as an out and back. Only a few damp spots and the new switchback descending to red butte and museum construction was the worst spot.Damp and or mud spots listed here.

Excited to get on the dirt, looks like I'll be hittin that up this week again, until the rain comes.

Word on the street is that there will likely be a new endurance race in Utah in the late August, early September time frame, likely run on some classic singletrack. I am still investigating and hope to see more info in the next couple of weeks, keep your calendars open.

Also, big news for Bobby-Fresh, should be announced by Thursday or Friday.

Less than a week to the Rampage. Suffer time