Sunday, June 14, 2009


Deer Valley is always a good course for me, lots of climbing, broken up in 2 pieces per lap. I had 2 W's here in 2008, the ICUP and the National. Again, like last year, everyone was worried about the weathers effect on the course. Like last year, I kept telling them, the course holds up well in the rain. Like last yea, it did and it was in great, fast shape. As Dana H said post race, we did little or no damage to the trails, in the dry, moondust years, the switchbacks became canyons.
We had a good group of close to 20 at the start, I had no intentions of blowing up on the first climb. At the top, I was in 4th, the first DH had some greasy wide corners, which wanted to take the front wheel out from you, by the time all the expert groups went through it, they dried a bit and were fast on laps 2 and 3. Chris, BK and Sam were not to far ahead of me climbing up little stick on lap 2, Dr X mentioned Sam seemed to be fading. So i just kept it steady, passing 19-29ers and 30-39's often. I also wanted to be sure Todd H didn't catch me on the DH, so i get myself loose and smooth and maybe a bit fast.

Heading into lap 3 I see Chris and BK halfway up the climb and Sam halfway between them and I. At the top portion of the climb I get out of the saddle and ramp it up a bit. Going up the gravel road part of Heinous Hill I see Sam about 50 yards ahead with A Lis and another 30-39 in between. We hit the top of Heinous and Sam was about 15 yards ahead, I yell to A Lis 'I gotta Catch that Guy. On the North heading false flat traverse we were pretty much all together, Sam, A Lis, other 30-39, me, goin about 15 mph, on a wide right turn the other 30-39 racer passes A Lis on the inside, taking A Lis out. I pretty much have to stop and creep aroun A Lis, the other rider slows and apologizes to A Lis, and lets me around him, Sam is gone, a few DH switchbalcs then the long south heading traverse. My plan, was to be on Sam's wheel going into this and accelerating when it pitched up for about 1/3 mile. I would likely be able to get a big enough gap to hold him off for the last podium spot. Alas, he had about 15 seconds on me, so once the incline started I ramped it up, got on his wheel about 20 yards from the top and sprinted around him, I got a small lead, then on the steep rutty DH he comes flying past me in the grass, I tried to latch back on, but couldn't. He blew a spoke in the rough stuff too, I'm just glad, for his sake, that the wheel held up, that coulda been ugly.

4th again, tweety chair and pink ribbon. I blame A Lis. Ok, not really, It is much more fun to race till the end than be out in no mans land.
(here i am pointing out where my plan SHOULD of come into fruition)

Lap times look good.


Now it is almost a month till Snowbird.

Lots and lots of Lyna's photos are here seriously, if you raced, there has to be at least 1 photo of you there.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Life is all about seizing the moment.

The ride this evening was amazing and beautiful.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Evening your host will be ridin a CX bike


Late Edit:

For full disclosure, by the time I found a set of CX wheels that would hold air, embrocated, and dressed, the rain had ceased, so I got to berate my fellow riders, act hard and stay dry, WIN WIN WIN.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Rico, PC is better than Mill Creek


Thursday, June 04, 2009


The Wasatch has 2, count em, 2 Weekly Wednesday Night MTB series. I was worried about one or both being adversely affected by this. Word is though that each one, last night had close to 100 participants. Awesome. MTB racing is alive and well in the Wasatch.

My race went as expected in the expert A's (Pro as the promoter called it, ha) DFL. Consistent lap times, and Chris Peters assured my low self esteem, by dropping out when I was hoping for 2nd to last. I did win the 'stay in the big ring for the whole race' battle, so there is that. I also won another water bottle, which is good. Oh and I didn't crash, although I hit the downhill very conservatively.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Park City Point2Point

I'm guessing it is official now.