Saturday, February 25, 2006

oooh it was 60 degrees today...

Woke up, went to breakfast at Egg's in the City, french toast, or if you are one of those, freedom toast. Then rode down to Ty's for a 3 hour tour of the valley, Ty is all dressed up, thermal tights, thermal jacket, I assure him he has too much on, he strips the thermal tights and shoe covers off. Head down to Draper and the point of the mountain, turn around head towards Dimple Dell, some where around there a big group is behind us, it included this guy, this guy and this guy, Utah fast fasties, the only one missing was this guy, i believe he is busy in cali-four-ni-a.

Will rest and pack the rest of the day as tomorrow at 6:45 we head to Kan-Tuc-EE for a few days sans bike, 1 week to the first race.

Adam, is it true that Chris Sheppard was at 24HOP?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Off season is almost over

Tuesday was my last off season weight work out, now it is a couple of weeks off to focus on bike training, and core work, then into strength maintenance. The first week is a week away, currently rain is forecasted, i pray that changes, cause a repeat of the 2003 debacle is not at all wanted.

I have a quick 3 day trip home to Kentucky for my dad'd 70th birthday coming up Sunday-Tuesday, so it will be a good 'taper' into the race, oh yeah, i have not done one bit of speed work to this point, I usually do one set before this race, but since I never worry about results at this race, i am ok with not doing any.

The 2006 season is upon us, I am excited for it, more than I can express. The sorrow of Stan's death has led to a few things. First off is the reminder that life is short and we should all do our best to enjoy it. Second we are working with Ed C. and the Thanksgiving Point crowd to rename future editions of the point blank race the Stan Crane Memorial. Stan will be missed.

Team Revolution is in full effect this year, it should be an exciting team competition with Adams Mad Dog team.

Here are our sponsors for 2006

Revolution Mountain Sports

Peak Fasteners
Yeti Cycles
Crank Brothers
Sigma Sports
North Face Solutions
Edgewood Builders
CTX Mortgage Company
Redwood Endodontics
SDI Sportswear
T2 Performance Training

Good luck to everyone out there, congrats to Jill in Alaska on finishing the slush bike race and congrats to Adam on the 24HOP race. Keep it true.

Monday, February 20, 2006

At a loss....

After enjoying the weekend of Training and a sweet day at Solitude snow boarding I got the below news today, while I only spent a little time with Stan, I got to know him as a dedicated, caring and family oriented man, this is too much.

A sad time for the Revolution Team and those who knew Stan Crane.

Stan passed away late Friday night suddenly and peacefully. It was a shock to everyone. He leaves behind his beautiful wife Carmen and 3 boys aged 9, 6 and 2. Zach, his 9 year old, is racing in the 10-12 group this year and is also on the team.

Stan was an avid sport class racer and rider. He had tremendous downhill skills as well. He loved cycling and it was a huge part of his life as it is for all of us. He had been training hard and consistently and was positioned to wreak havoc on the sport class with a slew of top 5 placings likely. His last 30 minute TT threshold test he cranked out a 288 watt average. Not bad for January!

Stan owned North Face Solutions and sponsored the team in 2005 and 2006. His 2005 logo was on the sleeves so don't be making a sleeveless jersey anytime soon!

The funeral will be Friday February 24th at 11am at the LDS Chapel on 12300 South across from the Albertsons just down from 1300 East. There will be a viewing Thursday evening at the Larkin Funeral home on 10600 South and around 1800 East from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm . A spot Stan often rode past during his training rides.

For those interested, we will be collecting smaller donations from team members to have a jersey framed with a race photo that Carmen and the boys can have. Something that will exemplify his passion and love for the sport.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I wonder.....

Is Anon/Philanthro this person or is he a protege or a client?

Seems to be quite a debate among the learned masses on this topic.
Here well this one may not be so much learned

It all begins to sound like the Evoluution/Intelligent Design and the FSM argument to me
I am bored, really.

I am here to pump you up.

In miami

So yesterday was the funeral, that is a stressful way to say goodbye. Glad I was able to go and glad I was able to see her this past summer in Chicago. Had breakfast with mom and dad this am before their flight back to Kentucky then Janis (the sister) and I headed back to miami across alligator alley, with the Audi TT roof down, what a beautiful day. SItting in her condo while her and her man work.

It is like 75 degrees and sunny here while it is snowing and cold in Salt Lake, should of brought my bike, but 200 bucks for one ride is a bit much.

I fly back early Thursday and will get back to the grind.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And I have no idea how it happened.

Well I was quite sure that I was leaving SLC for Miami on Sunday evening February 12th. I arrive at the airport to a mad house of people due to the Northeast storm. I wait in line for the self checkin and the darn thing won’t recognize me, so I then call Delta Reservations and I find out that I am an idiot, my reservations were for Monday the 13th, I ask how much to go on Sunday, they say 900 bucks, so I called Lyna and went home with my tail between my legs.

At least I got to go to the gym Monday morning. This week will be a rest week, which is good considering I am making a 4 day trip to Miami.

The Olympics are on, Shannon Bahrke, for those who don’t know, happens to be the girlfriend of one of the owners of Revolution, she got silver in freestyle moguls in 2002, this year she took 10th, the top American, how cool is it that she made the team and did so well even though she was less than a year removed from an ACL blow out.

Speaking of the Olympics, what is up with…

The country medal tracker.. Like that is all I care to see, how many we got vs. them.

The 12 Cross country skiers with too high hemocrit counts, well hmmm, could they be doping?

The U.S. skeleton guy being banned for his hair restoration drug?? I believe the ingredients are on the WADA and USADA cards.

NBC showing the events like 8 hours after they happen. I hate that.

Well Saturday BZ and I braved the cold in Davis county and rode for like 2.5 hours, Sunday, I wimped out and hit the trainer for 1.5. Ooh just crossed the CO/UT border at 540 mph and 35000 feet. I am a geek for numbers.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back to the real world

Well it seems anonymous is a philanthropist;


"A philanthropist is someone who devotes his time, money, or effort towards helping others. The label is most often applied to someone who gives large amounts to charity."

Well you have given some effort, now show me the money! I am begining to believe there are dark forces at work in Utah to make my 2006 season painful. I believe anonymous os either a resident of Utah or Canada, the wonders of time stamps and mapstats.

On a sad note, my aunt passed away last night, I will be heading to Florida on Sunday through Thursday for the funeral. Play time is over, real life takes precedent. Take care of you and yours, life is short, enjoy and love


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Comment Flames

I do not know how else to characterize these comments from my earlier post, I am glad people want to discuss different training philosophies, but discounting one way outright and then using thinly veiled attacks to prove their point followed by unsubstantiated doping accusations is just, well, amusing.

Well the coach is not a cat 4 and I don't think that would matter, I mean Rick Majerus coached the Utah Utes to the Championship game and I don't think he has seen excercise in years. I can not argue with the results his direction has given me, I went from a mediocre sport class racer to a top level expert in my mid to late 30's, from a climber only to an all around cyclist. I do well against people who have raced for 15+ years and I have been racing for 5. I have never since I started training with weights have had a sore upper/lower back and my power sustains itself throughout a XC race. None of that ever happened before. It does now. It could be just luck or it could be the race/recovery nature of my riding or it could possibly be that my coach is on to something. If it does not work for you, fine, it does for me, and oh yeah, several others who are coached by other people in other locations. To the commentor You seem very passionate about your disagreement. Why? And please show me the prook that Levi dopes. That accusation has to be based in some sort of proof doesn't it? I am not under any false belief that the sport is clean, but blanket accusations without proof is way to totalitarian for my tastes.

Man this is fun, interaction, wooo-hoooo

And the anonymous posting is good as well.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday training

So last night was 3 hours at the gym. Did the warm up, the weight work out followed by the spin class, Aimee taught tonight, hadn't seen her in like 2 years, like her and her music.

So I am wrecked, never ever go to the grocery after 3 hours at the gym, bad idea.

I am quite sure my coach is trying to kill me, 2 trips to the gym a week for the last 2.5 months and this is what he prescribed for tonight, now mind you, I have been working up to this so it is not too crazy, but damn, it hurt.

30 minute on the elliptical to warm up, 1 hour spin class cause the trainer will get old soon.

Core work spread out in between weights

5 sets of 50 with 30 pounds, back extensions, non machine, free weights
5 sets of 50 ab leg lifts on the chair
4 sets of 50 ab machine with 55 pounds

3 sets of 2, lat pull downs with 200 pounds
3 sets of 2, leg press with 690 pounds
3 sets of 2, seated row machine with 240 pounds

Now, it is quite amazing the looks this 150 pound wonder gets when he loads up that much weight on a machine and the looks he gets when he does 3 sets of 2. I tell you my legs are feeling really strong, time will tell how this all translates on the dirt.

By the way, the skinny wrestling leotard guy was back at the gym today, just in case you were wondering.

Weekend in Review

Friday evening, lovely 1 hour on the trainer. Then Lyna and I went to Blue Plate for burgers, mmmmmm good. Saturday, woke up late, mmm good. Went for a nice long road ride with Ty, BZ, Moose and some other guy. Nice easy ride. BZ was riding his new 2 pound Scott CR1 SL road bike. Makes my 5200 feel like a DH bike. Sat night Lyna Ty and I go out for mexican ant Tres Hombres, uh, that food sucks.

Sunday lazed around the house all day, 1 hour on the trainer, watched football.

Is it me or does anyone else thing the ROlling Stones should pack up their instruments and stop. This is getting ridiculous. I hate them, really, I do, how much preservatives do thye inject into their skin.

On a related note, how many besides me feel that U2 is well on their way to being the next rolling stones?

4 weeks to racing, god can it happen soon enough?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back to the grind

Well, back to Salt Lake City and Snow and work and the trainer in the basement. At least it should get to 47 Saturday and I can hit it on a road ride. My training feels like it is progressing quite well, The gym work is building strength and hopefully power. The first race needs to be one that I do not have too high of expectations for. Just ride my race and finish strong. It is so easy to go off like a bat out of hell and then blow up 1 lap in. This is very problematic for me, as I will not have done one set of intervals by that time, so my body will need a bit of warm up. This is a race to hand to the likes of Brian Jeppson, Southern Utah boy who has one most of the versions of the 1st race.

The good thing, I think, is that the Bull Elk aka The Deer Mouse aka THE CHAD, has moved on up to Semi-Pro, so no longer do I have to follow him around the course. He has been my doppleganger of sorts, 1 year he kills it in sport, then moves up, the next year I killed it in Sport thn moved up, well he has killed it in expert for some time, now it is my turn, of course there are all those other fasties in my category, but thaat is ok. I may move on up to Semi-Pro next year just for shits and giggles. God knows it does not make much sense, but hell it''ll be fun.

I am 'coaching' (in quotes cause i got no lisence officer) a friend this year, my coach tells me that it is good to do, as it will help me learn a lot about myself. I hope to help make him into a stronger rider and hope to help him reach his goals.