Monday, January 29, 2007

Southern Utah, Again

Headed down to Dixie early Friday, Chris and Kathy, Ty and Meg. We made it down in time for a oce 2 hour out and back on Stucki, Saturday we slept in, and Chris, Kathy and I met up with Fox and Sarah for a Goulds, Jem Hurricane rim loop. I hit the wall around 2:15 in so the last 45 minutes was a bit slow. Otherwise it was a great ride and as Fox says, I was ripping the DH. Well most of it.

Sunday we all went out and hit Gooseberry, a nice 2 hour joyride. So close to 7 hours in 3 days, sun, warmth and good friends, although those Sherwins need some Beano.

Awesome USA results at CX worlds. Wellens is a puss though. First he says

"The jersey went to the wrong person, he shouldn't have won it even though he's a teammate. He deserves to be on the podium but the other guys don't," Wellens said.

Now he is suing the organizers of the race and his team is lodging a complaint with the UCI.

Yep, I'm going to sue Ohran, cause the mud at UTCX #2 in Ogden kept me from winning, yep those guys in front of me didn't deserve to win, yep thats it. Victory by litigation, what a puss.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guilt Sets in

Sunday night made it to PC for X-Dance's screening of Klunkerz. Met up with the Sherwin's, The Chad and his coworker. Took extra long to get to PC as there was a NASTY wreck on I-80. The documentary was pretty cool, lots of herbage smoked in those days, some local DH'ers I know would be psyched. In the small world of the WWW somehow Charlie Kelly found my blog and posted a comment, one of the originals, Marin County Repack'ers, pretty interesting. He 'promoted' the races, put up prozes (smokables) and helped create MTB racing as we know it, Charlie, it could use some help today, there are promoters out there ruining it, while there are promoters out there pushing it forward. USA Cycling has given too much power to a select group of promoters, whio in turn have too much influence on the sport. But I digress. Gary Fisher was at the show, full on Leather suit, ooh, that's gross. I mean, Leather? Come on. I think the rest of the guys, Breeze, Cunningham, Ritchey, etc.. would be wearing jeans and flannel, more my speed, Leather suit, nasty.

So onto the guilt. Monday night i hit the rainer for like an hour, easy spin, trying to get my legs unsore. Afterwards I watch absolutely the worst movie ever on pay per view and binge on Hot tamales, I have been so good about my Hot Tamale problem, I just had a moment of weekness. Then last night after Lyna and I beat ourselves into oblivion at the gym, I came home after a Noodles and Co. dinner and binged on a whole box of Fiddle Faddle.

Well maybe, just maybe my body is lacking in preservatives and sugar, so I have been binging on what I need, yeah, thats it.

Off the St. G this weekend for some ridin with Ty, Meg, Kathy and maybe Chris. Good times.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Should I get a computrainer??

So, this weekend was kind of interesting. First, I felt human again and was able to hit the gym, boy am I sore, also I hit the trainer for some good hours.

Friday night I went to the Revolution/Wasatch Running Tri team fit event. BP, Toni, Kim and eventually Rich were there. I don't run, don't swim, but I was recruiting MTB'ers, not much luck, but Swatch is in. So Dave H was there, had a good time talking to him about racing, results and training. I have some interest in Training with Power, using power zones as apposed to HR zones. I have been reading this book and it has much power focus. Now the cost of this thing is kind of scary. The least amount of cash you can lay down for a useful power tool is around 1500. The Computrainer is a great tool, gives you lots of options and entertainment on a screen for you winter basement blues, but then when it gets warm out, you will want something for the training bike as well, that means another 1000 for a powertap hub. Getting expensive now. You could just get the power tap on the trainer but then you don't get the entertainment and such. Or maybe I should just stick with HR. Ah toys, they are fun.

Saturday night I went to the RMCC team meeting. They are being sponsored by Revolution this year, so I thought I would go make some connections, we are working out a swap of riders who crossover from road to mtb or mtb to road. should be good.

Probably heading to PC tonight for a screening of Klunkerz tonight. Maybe I will heckle GF.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Coming out of the fog

First, thanks to Reed, I got a better format for the blog, K-Day, I will work with you for something more complex soon. Fox, i stole the pic from you, i tried using Bart's template for mine, and maybe it was cause i was sick, but man i fouled it up good.

I have been sicker than I can ever remember. Went to the Doc on Friday and found out it is Bronchitis, got a script, but she said not to fill it unless i did not feel progressively better over the weekend, which I have, still got a wicked cough though, absolutely no training going on during this time. Lots of TV, Mucinex, water and soup. Food has been a chore, I think I have by default hit some sort of Soup, juice fast, like all the other freaky cyclist diets people are trying out there. I may have stones, tapeworm, or a mile of crap built up in my system, but I gotta tell ya, food is good, cyclist need energy, if it works for you, great, I am not gonna even step into that world.

Team Revolution sponsors have all lined up for 2007, looks to be another break out year. The Elite team will contain some of the State and Countries fastest pro's, 3 pro men, 2 pro women, 1 semi pro and 4 of us 'Master' racers.

Hope everyone avoids the gack i got.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have so fouled up my blog

So anyone who cares to help a brother out with this, I swear I got something in it for you.

Old revolution jerseys, used icup t-shirts/socks

I want the blog to be in team revolution colors. Light blue dark blue and orange.

I would like this photo as my header. can some one help a brother out?????

I never get sick...

Fateful words, uttered by moi last Thursday at a work lunch. I really rarely, if ever get sick, but Friday i started feeling a bit crappy and by Sunday I was full on hammered by something. Finally made it to work today but still in some sort of haze, It has been over 4 years since I have been hit this hard, sucks. No training happening while the body repairs itself. The fever broke, twice, yesterday. Luckily St. George is cold this weekend, so a training trip will be postponed till the next weekend.

4 days of doing nothing but watch tv and attempt to tell myself that i was healthy, drove me insane.

I was unable to eat well the whole time, mostly because i had no energy or wherewithal to make anything.

I am ready to get on with it though. Big hours coming up, i might even use that Solitude pass this weekend.

Fluids, lots and lots of fluids.

This morning i heard an awesome story on NPR, about Birmingham-Southern College. That is a sign that some people still believe in doing the right thing. They saved money, they had higher enrollment, they have more diversity and they have more sports, by saying no to the downward spiral that is D1 sports in modern America.

It is scary that cycling is put forth as a den of dopers when D! sports in America is full of thieves and liars. The same holds true with Pro sports in America. The dollar corrupts, those of us who participate as a passion for little or know monetary benefit are the last hope for the sporting life.

We have to start taking it back.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Southern Utah Whirlwind

Headed to Saint George Thursday after work with BZ and Swatch. The drive down was uneventful until abotu 50 miles north of Beaver, it took us over an hour to get that far. Finally made it to Saint George and the sweet condo Swatch set up for us.

Friday was a ride from the condo, to the race course, down the barrel trail, down the Bear Claw Poppy trail (with 20mph tailwinds) then back to the condo . Fox came with us and got some photos.

Swatch some how got 3 guys to go see a chick flick, on the premise it was a comedy. Oh dear lord is all I can say.

Saturday the plan was to do Goulds/Jem/Hurricane rim, We were to meet Newby, Larson and sons, BZ and Fox were going to ride out, we got bout an hour delay on the start and when Swatch and I made it to the trailhead there were 50mph winds, the Larson's had already gone, we went and picked BZ and Fox up, met up with Bucky and headed out to Little Creek, wel we got close to little creek and it was way too cold, so we drove back to Santa Clara, met up with Danny and did the Barrel Roll Trail. It was a blast, reminded me of cottonwood in Vegas, desert singletrack with a few techy areas, 1.5 hours later and everyone but me and Danny went for the Stucki connect. I went back to the Condo for relaxation and more importantly, Food.

Sunday we woke up kind of early, cleaned up the condo, and headed out to Gooseberry, met up with Doug Rock, Vegas Brad, Morgan Harris and a crap load of Loganites. Rolled around and played for a few hours, riding the Hard Tail on Gooseberry works a body good. I do love that place for sure. We ate some sandwiches and drove back to SLC for New Years eve. It was a great time.

Here is a video short of Fox's Golf ball score taken during an Evening With the Godfather interview