Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hammerfest at the Hollow

Once again the ICUP dodged a bullet, the heavy rain/snow let up a few hours prior to the race and with a few reroutes the race went off, not so much reroutes but sections cut out. Prior to the race I told BK and BP that is wasn't gonna be the one to go off the front hard. I really meant it.

We had at least 12 at the start. I went off the front and by the top of the pavement I had quite a gap, I wasn't going really hard, just pushing a bit. BP caught and passed me a mile or so in and I stayed with him for a bit. We had a gap on, I think Kevin, BK and Sam. We started catching the 19-29 and 30-39 groups halfway in the 1st lap. Towards the end of lap 1, I got around BP again and he and I went back and forth for a bit till the lap zone. Lap 2 went on with BP growing his gap and me picking off more other cat riders, I also dropped my Gel flask. Lap 3 started wih Kevin closing on me, about halfway through he passed me and i could not stay with him. I ended in 3rd about 25 seconds behind Kevin and a bit over 2 minutes behind BP.

The course started muddy and by lap 2 was firming up for some fast fun descents. I was happily surprised with my results and I rode very consistent lap times (could be related to improving course conditions, but the HR average was good at 174)

Lap 1 - 31:42
Lap 2 - 32:05
Lap 3 - 32:03

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 mile ass, 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, Sundance

Really, I was gonna update weekly, I swear.

5 Mile was interesting this year, snow squalls and torrential rain the whole drive there, yet a few miles from the start area, the weather cleared. We had a bit over 10 at the start, and had a relaxed start. Fred and I were together with Daren up until the flume DH, where Fred flatted, Daren and I leap frogged until the end of Lap 2, when I dropped off of him and Adam. I made it to the finish, in 6th place. With a decent time compared to years past, even though I lost 4 minutes each lap.

Next up was 12 hours of Mesa Verde with Lyna as team 'Try Harder' and Sundance. Well Team 'Shoulda Gone to Hawaii' actually ended up going to Hawaii and we joined them, we hiked, body boarded, rented MTB's and rode Kauai single track and Kayaked. Witnessed a wedding on the beach near Tunnels and relaxed and over indulged in Skinny Cows and Tacos. Made it home about 24 hours before Sundance started, Therefore I rode the Shoreline trail instead of racing. Still taking donations for the Saffell Kauai homestead.....