Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Its warm, no its cold, its warm , no thbbbbtttt!

Yet I still rode outside, Saturday was a ride out to the international center, disappointment at the frontage road being torn up, ride around empty warehouses for a while, then head home. Good times

Sunday Lyna and I actually had the same day off work together, so we headed out for brunch at Oasis, then she disappeared into Golden Braid. Shannon B called me and said that he was going to ride with Ty. I found Lyna and we went home to go our separate work out ways. I met up with Jen, Shannon and Ty on my road bike, they were on their MTB's, I felt like the fat kid nobody wanted on their team, but we had a good ride anyway.

This weekend, I am going to Saint George to ride my bike, I think I am lining up for a race as well.

Looking forward to trails again.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It warmed up, I ditched work and went in search of dry dirt

Just needed to get out today, got 2 hours on the HT, it was awesome, I am lucky to be able to do that. Went and rode from the Zoo to Red Butte, up the dirt road and then diced around the trail above the U and Med Center., No mud on me or my bike, mostly dry trails, a few damp spots. That will only last a few more days till the next storm.

10 days to the desert rampage, yeah. Uh or Nah. I will be there, with number on bike racing my heart out, literally, well maybe my legs off.

First photo is above the zoo, second is seldom used single-track above the U

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Warm February Herding Cattle

Went up to Bountiful to ride with BZ and Kathy. Took off from the Northern Elite Training Center and rode almost to the Antelope island causeway. 3.25 hours with some good steady riding, ending up with a 1500 foot climb in the last couple of miles. Almost 60 miles in total, Kathy was bundled up for a blizzard, 3 more hours tomorrow. On our return from the causeway, I took a nature break and when trying to catch up I got stuck with a huge herd of cattle in the road between me, Kathy and BZ. Luckily a truck was stuck as well and I hid behind it as the mass of beef came my way, kind of freaky, lots of cattle be herded straight towards my skinny ass on a bike.

Newby sent a few pictures from Old Pueblo

2 weeks to suffrage.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeah, I went to southern Utah again, my back is sore

Friday morning packed up the Element, picked up Jerry and headed down to warmer digs. Friday consisted of a nice 2 hour ride up and back Stucki with Newby, while I was riding back up bear Claw Poppy, Fox and Sager came up on me, tried to follow them up and down the Barrel Trail to their condo. That hurt. Evening went to Bajio with Jerry, Swatch and Fox then hung out with Danny, Kim and kids.

Saturday was a Goulds, Jem, Hurricane rm ride, Fox, Swatch, Jerry, newby, BartmanG, Roge and Sager. I didn't bonk this time and we had some good blood and later stitches for Roge. Very nice ride, luckily the fasties waited for us several times. That evening I dined alone at the condo and watched UK almost come back to take Fla.

Sunday was a trailblazing ride from the race course to the Barrel Roll and back, lots of shotgun shells, redneck campfires and barely ridden washes. Ran into Sager and Fox again, shortly after they were in the line of fire.

Good long hours, having fun, the back is sore from all the rocky sections on Hurricane rim and Barrel Roll.

Maybe next year the Pilling's and Abbott's will take the Saffell's on there Phoenix training camp, I may be able to keep up.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Surreal World

Heading to St. George Friday AM, maybe hook up with Bart, Fox and who knows who else.

So life is full of wonders and oddities, I like it that way though. Fox is selling his life, in order to give part of it away, what if you just give away jerseys, shorts, drive trains and handlebars downtown, that would be interesting.

Groenendaal is getting lots of play for his salute to a teammate last week. I gotta tell you the World Cup Belgium Cross Scene is like some sort of Reality Show gone bad. Last night I watched to Mens World Champs race in its entirety here. Page was sooooo close to winning that thing, one bobble on a steep up and that was it, he had a 3 to 4 second gap on most of the last lap, crazy. Oh yeah, Bart Wellens is still a wuss.

Booked my travel for NMBS 1 in Phoenix, exercise the demons of the dislocated shoulder I will. I did not do the frozen hog, I was sawing logs at start time. I don't need any excuse to try too hard in February, plus I woulda had to race against Bart, Sager and Fox among others.

Looking into getting a set of these built up for the hardtail with Stans rims, should be sweet.

I have successfully lost my digital camera, so no pictures, but who wants to see pictures of me riding a trainer, I mean, if you are that interested, I'll give you my address and you can join me in the basement, however it has been warm enough in SLC to ride outside.

I have noticed a proliferation of Blogs discussing how cold it is, Not that I am an award winning scribe, but, um, yeah, it is winter, it gets cold sometimes.

3.5 weeks to the first race. There is a south wind, the smog has kind of lifted, but eff it, I'm heading south, cause, you know, it is cold out.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Knapp got hitched


Thursday was boys night out, Sushi followed by FastCart, tame bachelor party for sure. Friday, Nathan and Cami got hitched. Went to dinner with them afterwards, it was nice, I am so happy for them. Wonder when the first kid will arrive?

Lyna got the stomach flu, had a rough night, went to work then turned around and came home and slept all day.

I hit the gym and then went for a nice 1.5 hour ride, outside, it was over 40, nice.

John Page and his entourage certainly have some scuffles don't they? I think at either the Worlds or a world cup before that his wife was knocked in the head.

Crazy euro's