Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeah, I went to southern Utah again, my back is sore

Friday morning packed up the Element, picked up Jerry and headed down to warmer digs. Friday consisted of a nice 2 hour ride up and back Stucki with Newby, while I was riding back up bear Claw Poppy, Fox and Sager came up on me, tried to follow them up and down the Barrel Trail to their condo. That hurt. Evening went to Bajio with Jerry, Swatch and Fox then hung out with Danny, Kim and kids.

Saturday was a Goulds, Jem, Hurricane rm ride, Fox, Swatch, Jerry, newby, BartmanG, Roge and Sager. I didn't bonk this time and we had some good blood and later stitches for Roge. Very nice ride, luckily the fasties waited for us several times. That evening I dined alone at the condo and watched UK almost come back to take Fla.

Sunday was a trailblazing ride from the race course to the Barrel Roll and back, lots of shotgun shells, redneck campfires and barely ridden washes. Ran into Sager and Fox again, shortly after they were in the line of fire.

Good long hours, having fun, the back is sore from all the rocky sections on Hurricane rim and Barrel Roll.

Maybe next year the Pilling's and Abbott's will take the Saffell's on there Phoenix training camp, I may be able to keep up.

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