Saturday, February 17, 2007

Warm February Herding Cattle

Went up to Bountiful to ride with BZ and Kathy. Took off from the Northern Elite Training Center and rode almost to the Antelope island causeway. 3.25 hours with some good steady riding, ending up with a 1500 foot climb in the last couple of miles. Almost 60 miles in total, Kathy was bundled up for a blizzard, 3 more hours tomorrow. On our return from the causeway, I took a nature break and when trying to catch up I got stuck with a huge herd of cattle in the road between me, Kathy and BZ. Luckily a truck was stuck as well and I hid behind it as the mass of beef came my way, kind of freaky, lots of cattle be herded straight towards my skinny ass on a bike.

Newby sent a few pictures from Old Pueblo

2 weeks to suffrage.

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Anonymous said...

We should have hooked up yesterday. I headed to Morgan and then up Trappers. No cows only a few dead rodents but all in all it was a fantastic day on the bike.