Sunday, July 29, 2007

PC Perfect 10 Photos

PC Perfect 10

I was support again. The course was fun, for a lap or 2, but 800+ feet of climbing per 4.25 mile lap adds up over time. Lyna did awesome, she was hanging with the Xfusion/Kenda pro rider for 5 or 6 laps, not even knowing that was the winning spot, she faded a bit, but ended up in second, her and Drew'Diesel' rode together for most of the race, encouraging each other through the rough spots. Drew took 4th in solo men, Jerry took 3rd.

I will have some photos up tonight.

Friday i went to do my 10 minute effort, did it up Big Cottonwood, was 8 minutes in on the storm mountain steep section and felt like i was having a heart attack, finished it up and took me 20 minutes to feel normal, the rest of the ride was un-eventful.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday on the Shoreline

Slightly cooler temps got me to go ride my shoreline loopy last night. The trail was in good shape, I saw maybe 8 other riders out htere, including Dr X. Had a nice chat with him.

Work craziness is about to be complete. Thank goodness, this weekend we do the complete Data Center Cutover to Texas. The preparation has been maddening, the clean up next week willbe rough, but the meat is done.

No races this week for me, kind of odd. Lyna is doing the 10 hour thing Saturday. Looks like I will be able to support her and others, I also need to get 3 hours of bike time in.

Nice Camera Phone photo from last night

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm going to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around.

We got married in a fever....

4 days in Jackson, Teton village area, good times. Ty, Erika, Chad, Ron, Kary and Ramsey. Friday was a pre-ride of the Taming the Tetons course, Saturday A.M. was the race. My first lap and even the second, I felt sluggish, no desire to push, then I finally woke up, pushed it and caught up to Paz, he still beat me though, some Colorado hairy legged altitude freak won. Lyna rode a super strong race after a not so good pre ride, she lost contact with 3rd place while letting pro's around her (she is learning, don't get off your bike) Almost beat 3rd at the lne though in a sprint, maybe 20 more feet she would of been able to do it.

Saturday night we all went to the Mangy moose to see some rockabilly band, was pretty fun, the Bull Elk met some girl from California.

Sunday, Ramsey and Kary guided us in their 30 year old raft down the Snake River, The lone casualty was my Peak Fasteners hat. Charlie (the girl Chad met the night before) went with us and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend with us. After rafting we went to have burgers and then just chilled at the condo.

Monday, Lyna and I drove around Teton National Park a bit, took some photos and ccame home.

Photos will be added later.

Great trip.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

3 weeks in a row

Always a bridesmaid...

I really had a great race, my time was over 6 minutes faster than last year, lap times were 22,23,24,24, 4th lap was actually 17 seconds faster than 3rd, even with lots of lapped traffic to get around. I fed well, paced well and went down the evil moon dust DH well, Paz charged hard at the end and got by me with less than 5 minutes left in the race, he got me by 16 seconds. SO I lead for much longer and made very few mistakes. that course is brutal, yet I like it.

Fox brought the Techno beats, some good cheering and laughs. Lyna had a good race, taking 15 minutes off of last year, even though she spent hours on our roof the past week in 100+ degree temps.

Went to Porc Grille with BZ, Elena, Beano, Pepe' afterwards, mmmm good sandwich.

Friday, July 13, 2007

9 minute warm up, 15 minute effort

Yeah, usually, that does not work so well. Thursday night I went up to PC, or DV to be exact, to put my 50 dollar crit plate to its second use. Although I left the plate at home, I got there, warmed up for under 15 minutes, signed up, went off at 6:09, 15:19 later i thought i was gong to die, but i got a good work out in, afterwards, Rob S, Heather H and I did some exploring, ended up on some bumpy, rocky, rutted road that spit us out on the road to Kamas. Nice cool down. 3rd place in the B's, not so bad for no warm up and only knowing 1/2 the route. Plus Franken-Trek probably weighs 20 pounds. Wattage was good to.

I liked the hill climb, nice grades, can keep it in the big ring for a lot of it, low key, Gallagher mentioned getting the OK for a Heber Fair Grounds CX race/ clam bake early cx season, Nice.

Snowbird fun tomorrow, they may have got some rain up there to put the dust down, I doubt it though.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


2 weeks in a row of leading most of the race, this week i led for over 75% of it, my lap times were consistent, i fed and drank ok, but probably not enough. Tim had a stellar ride charging hard at the end. It was dry and dusty and oh, yeah, HOT. 1:30 race time is no good, Kathy you are nuts to like it. Lyna got her first top 3 in sport and missed the ceremony. She was feeding me at the time. The grille was not grilling when the Pro/Experts got done, so i waited till SLC to eat.

I am amazed my lap times were so consistent, cause those last 2 laps I felt completely blown. My HR was through the roof, heat and lack of recovery DH will make that happen.

Warren, I gave you the double bird.

Got up early this am to do the crest with the Redrock gang, they shuttled and rode to a friends house in Sugarhouse, I turned around part way down Big Water when I ran into Lyna, she turned around at the spine and we met up at REI later. Nice and cool up there, but it was a zoo of people, funny thing was after the spine on my way back to Guardsmans, I only ran into like 4 people, weird.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Solitude Report

Well, I was hoping for a State Championship, but a few things and 1 person got in the way of that this weekend.

The start was relatively soft, no one went too hard, except for the SLC-Samurai I just settled into a pace for th long, steep in sections climb. I got around the Samurai right before the single track at the top of the climb. Tim got around him somewhere on the descent and we were running 1-2 at this point, I was feeling good and proceeded to Flail around out of control in an energy wasting manner for the rest of the race. I was all over the place on the Serenity Climb on lap 2 and 3, I had to dismount at least 4 times on climbs cause I was a fool, Paz, the eventual winner caught me on the 2nd lap descent, came around me, and put gap on me. I caught on to him at the round house on lap 3, and here is mistake number 367. I let him pull me to the last steep section, I should of tried and drop him, Mistake number 368 was when he asked about 200 feet vertical from the top how many were in front of us, and I told him the truth, stupid. Mistake number 369 was the bobble on the steep loose stuff t the top, he got around me and my wussy DH'ing together with his crazed DH'ing pretty much lot the race for me. SO on the last 1/2 lap I rode serenity smooth and cleared everything, too little, too late. I still DH'd like a wuss and had to take a few risks to hold of big travel Ohran by 7 seconds for 2nd.

It was a good race though, big mistakes, a few tactical and more technical, still took second.

Lyna raced well and cut off 5 minute from 2006 time, this is with her still being fatigued from the 12 hour race.

We are getting anew roof, last week was the tear off and the dust we breathed all week likely prepared us for the dry dusty trails, yeah thats it.