Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fort B. Boring Race Report

photo by Kim Abbott

We had a large group at the start. I got a good start went into the grass in the top ten, got on Rich's wheel and it was on. Rich and I worked with Jay and Denny  for a while, then Iltis made up to us, but he powered on through.  About 4 laps in, I went into the hard left into the infield barrier section a bit too hot, I locked up the rear brakes, power slid and popped the tire off the rim.  rode i to the barriers, ran to get the B bike and started chasing. MK got by me here. Racer and Jay (who also flatted) caught up to me a few laps later and we were pulling Rich, Denny and MK back, after a few laps, I hopped the log and proceeded to lose my chain, this ended up happening 4 or 5 more times, needless to say, I think I finished last. 

Happy with the ability to stay in the second group after a good start, on a dead flat, fast course. Nice to see DC at the front.

Cavey and I were joined by Rico on our post race date.

As  Rico' says, 'none of us are getting paid to do this.'   Be nice to each other.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


In AUgust of 1986 I headed Southwest of Lexington via the Bluegrass Parkway, Past the Bourbon Distilleries and Pot fields of Washington and Marion County.  I made it to I-65 without incident, strangely. We then headed south past Mammoth Cave and Cave City. Took Exit 28 right by the Corvette Plant and headed into Bowling Green. 

I loaded my crap up PFT. I think I was on the 12th floor, can't remember too much. Met my roommate. Victor, from Fulton, Kentucky, he was a walk on injured football player.  He got me into some trouble almost immediately by setting me up with this guys girlfriend.  Well maybe not a set up, but an introduction that led to 'hanging out' I made it out alive. 

The most vivid memories I have from that year and a half are Drunken nights at the Kappa Sigma house. A drunken canoe trip in Arkansas.   Drunken afternoons at the Barren River Locks. Not making it to too many classes. Never failing a class. Chasing girls. Waking up in time to go play Soccer on the athletic fields. Rappelling off the parking structure, for a class.

I also remember the elevators in PFT were not in the best shape, they were loud, scary and occasionally stopped in between floors and opened the doors just for the heck of it. I have had nightmares about those damn elevators for years.

You may ask where the hell this came from, well earlier this week, News broke of shots fired in this dorm and other places at WKU, luckily none of it has been substantiated, and no one was hurt, thank goodness, but it did bring back memories.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Flat, Straight

I agree that CX courses need straightaways, but almost a miles worth, come on. I had fun for 40 minutes riding alone due to being the last one off the line, stuffed into a metal pole and off the back. the last 20 minutes was slow, parade waves and crowd heckling. I really enjoyed the way we used part of the steeplechase course.
photos stolen from TC
The Father in law visited all weekend, it was a nice visit. He cooked for us a few nights and we mostly just relaxed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

watch out Cottle

I got me a new CX bike, while she is really just a platform for future upgrades, she is pretty and about a pound lighter than the Cross Monster already. Zoom.

Also the Revolution-Peak Fasteners compound will be massive come Saturday. Well at least the Custom 10x20 Canopy will be when I show up to set it up. The Revolution Logos Are the size of a small car at least.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lets make a Pact

To my loyal readers (all 4 of you). I am going to get on a soap box of sorts, so hit your back button if you please, log onto your favorite forum or read on if you will.

The Internet has opened the world of communication and community for all of us blessed enough to have the means. With every blessing comes curses.

I have noticed something 'out there' that causes me distress. There is a culture of Blame, Aggressive Disagreement, Self-Righteousness and Anger that is Distasteful and Boorish. I myself have fallen into this trap, although I try to never use this forum as one for complaint. My number one reason for this forum is to log my racing career, as modest as it is.

The discourse of our world has turned so adversarial and mean. Lets make a Pact loyal reader;

Today and every day I will focus on the positive. I will look at the good in the world. I will treat others with respect in person or in writing. I will respect others opinions and beliefs. I will stop taking myself so seriously. I will have fun. I will live.

Who's with me?

Even though

Critical issues face us, every day people are heroes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I don't get out much

Thursday nights ride set precedent. Friday was to be the Pilling's going away party at the Pogues. Lyna and I picked Ty up and headed down. There were a lot of folks there and good food and fellowship. Brad and Toni were milling around saying their goodbyes. We stayed as the crowd thinned and sat around with Ty, Rich, Greg, Jamie, Brad and I recounting how we all met, races we had done. The origins of 'Try Harder' etc.... It was bittersweet, well it was sad. I really don't know what else to say about it. I hope they get back here in 2 years. I hope we make some summer trips to calgary to race/ride with them. It sucks.

photo courtesy of Todd Neumarker

Saturday was the Heber CX race. I was under-motivated for the race, Tired and almost cranky pre-race. I warmed up with Rich listening to 80's music on 1st Wave and Embrocated again. The wind was howling and cold, but it was dry. I botched the start because my rear wheel was in really soft soil. I was gapped immediately. The head wind sections were brutal on me, although I was able to pull people back on the tailwind sections. My back was starting to hurt. My first goal was to hold Pratt off and then my second goal was to pull Jay back. I f I would of had a few more laps I may of been able to get Jay. But I ended up 11th out of 12 finishers. My Hr climbed but I had no zing in the legs for the race. Post race MK figured out why my back hurt, my tires had about 50-60 pounds of pressure in them. Dumb.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gangs in Draper

Met around 20 others at the Equestrian Center last night for a night ride. about 1:45 of fun. r. Post ride, BK, Kenny, Aaron, Brandon and I made it to village inn for healthy recovery food. I should feel really fresh for Saturday seeing that I got to bed around 2am.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Sunday, October 05, 2008

Verrah Nice.

We had planned on having the Revolution-Peak Fasteners end of MTB season BBQ at the 1st cx race of the year.  My evil plan was to get more teammates hooked. That and people could go ride trails if they wanted to. Well Mama Nature had CX in mind. It pissed rain all day long. I stopped by the shop to get a C-Dale Canopy to warm up under and MK and I did one lap before the A women. 35+B men went off.

The course was sweet, lots of dirt, a nice off camber slick DownHill (see photo from Forrest below) and a long paved climb. We warmed up under the canopy and embrocated again.

We had quite a large group at the start, looked to be over 20, BK even joined us. I lined up on the front row next to the Throttle.  We were off and I found myself climbing at the front and comfortable, until we came over a little rise and the headwind hit, I slowed and finally someone came around, I tucked into 5th wheel and then on the DH and right turn into the horse corrals about 4 more got by me.  That section got me every time.  The first lap was pretty tight, until the barriers, where I got gapped due to the run up, which I suck at. That gap was decisive. I was alone on the road climb, into the headwind, no good. On lap 2 I dropped a chain on the singletrack climb.  I kept going and slugged through, I grabbed wheels when I could and got around the doc, MK, Freebairn and Iltis with 2 to go, I built a gap and was feeling it. At the bottom of the reservoir on the last lap I dropped the chain again, Iltis got around me and that is how we finished.  Gotta move that 3rd eye in closer to hold the chain on.

Great course, huge turn out, good times. Nice jobs out to Tanner on his win and Pepe' on his.

Dr, the HR climbed through the race, I just can't upload it. Charging to the front was fun, but dumb, a few too many matches. That DH into the horse corrals ate my lunch all day, no speed at all. The crowd at the top of the runup was great.  I'm sure they did it for others, but at one point there was a large group chanting 'Bob--Bob--Bob--Bob-Bob'  So I gave them the Royal Wave.  Good times.

More Photos

Evil Run up from Jenelle

I'M WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

All i know is....

I saw Faceshot doing some training up Emigration yesterday. He will be drinking the blood of his rivals soon enough.

Me on the other hand, I had a feeble attempt at 4 sets of 90 at certain wattage. Emigration is bad for that, too much rolling terrain and not enough straight up.