Wednesday, May 31, 2006

wednesday Nighter at Sundance Resort

Ty and I headed down for the race, We did 1 lap of Saturdays Intermountaincup race course. It climbs 1100 feet in 7 miles and it hurt. The start up the paved road was good, the fasties went off and i settled into the second group. Dropped some single track and then got to the rolly section, i caught up to a few guys here and got around them, later while i was maxed out on the HR, i blew a corner and 3 guys got around me, i then went into a ditch and lost contact, held of the 2 guys charging behind me by the finish, 40 minute lap time. I think i was the first old guy with a job. That is nice.

That course s sweet and come Saturday there will be some serious pain.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stan Crane Memorial (Point Blank) race report

The weather was not looking too bright for Saturdays Flat Track dizzy fest. It was cool and windy (check out the trees in the above pic) and storm clouds were gathering, the rain held off, but the wind just got worse. K-Day has a nice representation of the course on his site, but the below is the true course.

The race was cut down a lap in hopes of heading off the rain. No one complained, two 10 mile laps for the experts. There were about 10 of us that started in the 30-39 group. Foxy took the hole shot and got a gap from the start. The rest of us settled in for some drafting. we broke into a few groups, i was with one guy for most of the first lap, then got around him towards the finish and got right on Rich's wheel. Rich was drafting this big Cut Throat gut from the 19-29 group, I figured I stay there to. Rich got around him a mile into the second lap and I got around him a bit later, rich was gone at that point and the guy I dropped earlier was on my wheel. I then tried to take a drink, my first one of the race and lost that guy. I spent the rest of the race trying to get back up to him, in the end i was a minute behind him, he was drafting off of a 40+ expert who was motoring to 3rd place and I was alone. All in all i felt good about the race as I am a climber. 7th place ain't that bad.

Woke up this am at 6:30 to check the weather, as a result, I bagged the west mountain road race, rain and cold and road race don't make sense to me, i will also miss the hillclimb tomorrow as a result, likely hit the dirt for 3+ hours instead.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sundance Wednesday Night

Ah, singletrack again, real singletrack, in the woods. Went up for the race, well down and up, large group of experts again. The fasties went off and i got in the second group, Behind BartmanGs bro again, got around him part way through the first lap, where I though it would head downhill, it didn't, he got around me and put a gap on me by the end of lap one, I pulled him back on lap 2, right on him on the descent, but with all the switchbacks there was no catching that last 4 seconds, lap times were the same, consistent.

Signed up for Point Blank Saturday, West Mtn Road race Sunday and Suncrest HillClimb Monday, ooh the legs are gonna be sore next week.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hammerfest report.

Here is the generic race report, may be familiar to a few of you, this is pretty much every race for me to a certain degree, the fall back may happen sooner or later.

The first lap I was in 5th, behind 4 guys who pass most of the pro’s, on the second lap reality set in and I fell back to 15th, on the 3rd lap, I woke up and moved up to 11th. It hurt, it was hot and bike racing is dumb, when’s the next one?

The real one;
So, the race started with about 15 or so of us in the expert 30-39 group. I had fully planned on burning 45 minute laps, bringing me in at about 2:15, nice math. I started out easy, as the steep pavement climbs at the start tend to be a great place to blow up. Going into the single track, i was about 14th, made my way up a bit on the first double track, slowed down a bunch of people on the first short drop. Then got past more people on some climbs, Into the longish single track climb, I was in a group with my teammate, rich, who ended up 4th, we got stuck behind a nice long paceline of Juniors, rhythm at this point is lost, I get around a few of them, but as I was the last to do it, I lost contact with my category, so the rest of the lap is mostly DH, which I suck at this year. But most of it is on double track, which i don't suck at. 1st lap i come in at about 41 minutes, which is a minute and a half FASTER than the one lap race I did on Wednesday, oops. So several people pick me off ont he second lap, stomach cramps, total meltdown. that lap was like 48 minutes, yeah nice consistency. So, I make it my goal on the 3rd lap not to get passed again and to pass at least one of the guys who got me. on several of the short climbs I see Derrick is struggling, so I figure I'll slowly reel him in and attack before the single track climb, coming up one of 3 rollers before the single track I attack, and it sticks. I see Newby, not too far ahead and try to put short spurts in, I close the distance, but then we get to the single track descent, and as I said before, I suck, so he put a few minutes on me there. I ended up averaging 47 minute laps, considering the first one was blazing, I figure i did well, why the hell do i keep doing that?

On a related note, how fast does one have to be before they move up a category? I'm just asking.

Oh yeah, I was the 5th or 6th expert 35-39 if this was a national, so I got that going for me.

Lyna took 11th as well after a week feeling under the weather, but as she says, I finished.

We are the king and queen of 11th.

Turn it up to 11.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

It is official

Lyna's diploma showed up, her thesis is bound, she has her Masters, I'll post the Soldier Hollow race report later tonight I gotta pack for Phoenix.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Pulled a Kramer

I am an idiot....

KRAMER: Commando 8 has arrived!

JERRY: Take it to the window.

KRAMER: 12.000 BTU's of raw cooling power.

(Kramer places the air conditioner in the window)

KRAMER: Installed!

GEORGE: That's it? You don't have to screw it in or anything?

KRAMER: No, just plug it in and the Commando 8 does the rest. (And to Jerry:) I'll seal that up later, right?
ELAINE: Yeah, he's got a real horse face. (Elaine, while looking out the window:) Here, look at this! It's the guy with the dog! (She opens the window and screams:) Hey! You down there! Remember me? I had to get shot because of your stupid dog!

DOG OWNER: Who are you calling stupid?

JERRY: Hey, shall we spit on him?

ELAINE: No no no no, come on, let's go downstairs.

(Kramer enters the apartment)

KRAMER: (Singing:) Oh myyyy papayaaaa.

(The air conditioner wobbles)

KRAMER: The air conditioner!

(Kramer tries to keep it from falling by holding it's cord, but it snaps)

KRAMER: I think it got the dog!

I am just grateful Home Depot has a sense of humor and a nice return policy and thatthe only thing affected was the foliage.

Soldier Hollow Wednesday Night Series

Ty and I headed up for the sub hour throw down, said it was 64 in Heber, more like 84. So there was a large group of 'Experts' and we went out for one lap of Saturdays XC course, Chucky G wanted to do more, the rest of us said no. The pace was high from the start, Ty, Brandon, Alex and some other guy took a short detour 5 minutes in, only to turn around and pass all of us. BP was ripping it and ended up 2nd, I was somewhere around 8-10. Brian G, BartManG's bro, and I were battling most of the race, he got me in the end, 42.5 minutes for one lap and I was blown, the new singletrack at the top of the winding climb is nice, the descent will be brutal in the race, dusty as can be. A few change ups when the lap closes out, not so many climbs, there is the climb I'll call Chucky's climb that is still in it. 2 years ago, 1/8 of a mile from the finish he laid down an decided to DNF there.

It was fun, I think I'll keep doin it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lava Rama report

Lyna and I headed up on Friday for a pre-ride. We met up with Lucy, Drew, Meghan nd Travis, and took off. Meghan and Travis only had to do the little loop, so they broke off after about 3 miles (2 on pavement) The rest of us kept going, the trail, once we got off double track was in horrible shape, cattler everywhere had beat it up, the pre-ride took 2 hours, Lucy crashed, Lyna was not so happy and I had to go ride some efforts, so I went and did a small lap. Friday evening we hit the mineral bath in ojur room and dinner, wokeup Saturday for breakfast and packing up. Watched the beginers start and warmed up.

We started at 12:30 in 3 waves, Pro-Expert-Sport.

A large number of experts thought it would be a good idea to ride in the oncoming traffic lane and almost got taken out by a truck, then almost took the rest of us out. Nice. I felt good on the first lap, climbed well, descended decently and was in a good spot, probably around 7th or 8th. At the end of the first lap I had to stop to check for a flat, didn't have one, but then lost contact with the few people I was planning on being with on the pavement, Newby caught on though. The second 2 mile 1200 foot climb hammered me, i had nothing, till we got to the top, I then motored the rest of the lap, descent, 1 mile climb, descent, rollers, I don't know where I finished, the promoter was slightly disorganized, but I think I was around 10th. The winners of my category (top 4 maybe) passed all but the top 4 or 5 pro's, so yeah I'm happy with the result.

Lyna ended up 3rd for sport women over 35, which is her first sport podium, sweet.

Today at some point I'll go spin easy for an hour, and sit around and do nothing the rest of the time.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Rant

To fill the promise of the header, here goes one, today was a rest day, so be it.

The Phone companies are giving all of the records of calls from you and I to the government. Well this is a nice way to say, we can do what we want and you can complain, but we can say, oh nothing bad is happening, WTF? Why do they need to do this? What do they gain. Where does it end. Don't give me any of that, If you got nothing to hide crap, that is not the point, our liberties are being walked on, it starts here and keeps going. Look at the Patriot act and the access it requires to Library records, The ALA (which i occasionally am a member of) has a code of ethics. number 3 is bing trampled
We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.
let the law come with a warrant if they want it. The patriot act, isn't. It makes all the things the government had to do to prove getting info was valid, go away. They Gov't puts people behind bars without charges, without representation and without fair trial.

I am all for defending ourselves, but how can you defend stepping on our freedoms. Ronald Reagan helped put Sadam into his strong power position, helped set up his technology of war. We made the talinban strong, we trained Bin Laden, We put Noriega in power, when all of these people started using what they learned against US instead of others, we took exception.

Iraq seems to be getting worse, every day many die, many of different backgrounds and nationalities. Mission Acomplished? Job Done? What?

Everyone complaining about Gas prices, I say jack them to 5 bucks a gallon, why does anyone need a jacked up King Cab diesel truck to commute to work? Check out I-15 how mant compact cars do you see, i think it is 50/50 and few of the Big Ass Trucks have more than 1 person in them.

Tha 97 Civic works wonders on the gas tank.

When will we take it back? When will we say that tax cuts in a time of record defecits (When CHhina, CHINA owns our debt) is not a good idea. When will we realize those in need in our backyard need attention. When will we pay our teachers instead of cutting their pay while talking about how we need to improve education.

When. It is up to us, you don't have to agree with me, but you have to see that something is wrong. Something is wrong.

Lava Rama Satrday, leave it on the trail I will.

Dialed In

Got the new bike dialed in finally, it was the seat angle, always the seat angle. Rode Glenwild again, did some efforts on the flats of 24/7, did Drop Out twice. Then did the whole loop. Nice ride. Heading to Lava Hot Springs Friday A.M. for some fun. I won there last year in a nice mud bog race the week after Mammoth, however, somehow, I think the competition will be a bit more lively this year.

The Stan Crane Memorial Point Blank Mtn Bike race is 2 weeks away. Lets make it a big one, looking forward to a good showing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Hunting

Lyna and I headed up to Kimball to ride the Glenwild trail. We went to the top, decided not to do the north side, afraid of mud and all, then went back down and headed out 24-7, we dropped down drop out, it was dry than rode back to glenwild, a nice little jaunt. Ran into Stacy and some other sugar ladies, they rode the north side and said it was dry, also ran into MK and Keith.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dog Will Hunt...

Took the F4000 on its first ride yesterday. I likey. The TerraLogic Lefty is very nice. The Sram X.O. may take some getting used to. Just ripped it from the Zoo to Dry creek and pavement, but it was good.

Here are a few photos from Fontana. Ty, Jen, Shannon, and Kathy.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

5 Mile Pass 2006

Well, big hours in the weeks leading up, gymon Tuesday, intervals on Thursday, felt good and ready to go on Saturday. This race brings out lots of fromer pro's and semi pro's to the expert 30 somthin class. Fox, made it out, read his report at his site. Racer was there. A few others remain nameless. This is a long race, 33 miles of rollers and a nice hike a bike per lap. We had the softest start ever, we just kind of rolled out. A mile in it got hot. I had 2 real good laps, averaged around 47-48 minutes. The last lap I just imploded. I fed well, drank well, I just didn't have anything left. 3 rollers to the finish DH, Racer is coming up on me, he got by me on the second to last roller, I get on his wheel and attack him on the last one at the top, now there is about 3/4 mile dh, as I was going by him, I think I literally whimpered. I held him off to the finish line, Man I was really hoping to just roll on in, and he made me work for it, well I guess I had something left.

Today, for a 'recovery' spin I went to the top of Big Mtn, looks like they have plowed it up, won't be long till they open the gate, snpw still covers the road in Morgan County though.

Nothing like a 40 mile recovery ride with around 4500 feet of climbing.

Next week is Lava Hot Springs, sweet, I am the defending champ, of course, a whole lot more will be there racing this year.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well, I asked for it, so it came, maybe we won't have any dust on saturday.

So This;

Combined with the need to get some short efforts in tonight, led me to have to do it on one of these, i could of bet i would not have to hit the basement again, oh well.

Brought the shop some of this and this today. I hope they aren't working on your bike any time soon, the Woodford Reserve is mae a few miles from my parents house near Versailles, Ky.

Repetitive Motion Disorder

So, another day and anothe shoreline loop. I don't know why I would complain, from my door to the zoo rip over to City Creek on Dirt and then back to my door, around 20 miles, 1/2 on dirt, in a city, but it is getting a bit old, rode with Lyna, C-Dog and Jerry, Trail was in good shape. The F4000 showed up, rumor has it that it is built. I am hoping 5 mile pass got some rain, I don't like dust too much. Speaking of 5 mile, Fox, you gotta come out, if anything it will be a good work out.

So our govenor has decided to batttle obesity in Utah, that is admirable, but really how hard is it to realize tht to loose weight and be healthy one should a. eat healthy and b. excercise. It isn't rocket science, ok, enough of that.

Good luck to Ty, Bart, Shannon and Jen, Chris and Kathy and everyone else going to Fontucky (Yeah I am from Kentucky, so I can say Fontucky with Pride) For everyone else see you at 5 mile, or not.

BTW, Bart, you got some press in the May 8th Velonews print article about the endurance series, Course record for the E100, yeaahhh.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sunburnt and thrashed

Friday, Lyna and I go do an easy spin on the Shoreline. Saturday I do a 5 hour ride and no one shows up. Made it up to the third switchback up Big Mountain before the glacier blocked my way. Did a nice Sandy/Draper out and back first. Forgot to put sun screen on my legs, well they are nice and red. Sunday Warren joins Lyna and I for a shoreline jaunt. In the last 3 weeks I got over one third of my 2006 hours in. Ouch, this week is more of a rest week, with the exception of Thursdays stealth hillclimb.

So USA Cycling just announced the the Mammoth Nationals have to be moved, for now, it will be the same date, just looking ofr another venue, too much snow. Maybe they will go to the east coast.