Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sunburnt and thrashed

Friday, Lyna and I go do an easy spin on the Shoreline. Saturday I do a 5 hour ride and no one shows up. Made it up to the third switchback up Big Mountain before the glacier blocked my way. Did a nice Sandy/Draper out and back first. Forgot to put sun screen on my legs, well they are nice and red. Sunday Warren joins Lyna and I for a shoreline jaunt. In the last 3 weeks I got over one third of my 2006 hours in. Ouch, this week is more of a rest week, with the exception of Thursdays stealth hillclimb.

So USA Cycling just announced the the Mammoth Nationals have to be moved, for now, it will be the same date, just looking ofr another venue, too much snow. Maybe they will go to the east coast.

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