Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stan Crane Memorial (Point Blank) race report

The weather was not looking too bright for Saturdays Flat Track dizzy fest. It was cool and windy (check out the trees in the above pic) and storm clouds were gathering, the rain held off, but the wind just got worse. K-Day has a nice representation of the course on his site, but the below is the true course.

The race was cut down a lap in hopes of heading off the rain. No one complained, two 10 mile laps for the experts. There were about 10 of us that started in the 30-39 group. Foxy took the hole shot and got a gap from the start. The rest of us settled in for some drafting. we broke into a few groups, i was with one guy for most of the first lap, then got around him towards the finish and got right on Rich's wheel. Rich was drafting this big Cut Throat gut from the 19-29 group, I figured I stay there to. Rich got around him a mile into the second lap and I got around him a bit later, rich was gone at that point and the guy I dropped earlier was on my wheel. I then tried to take a drink, my first one of the race and lost that guy. I spent the rest of the race trying to get back up to him, in the end i was a minute behind him, he was drafting off of a 40+ expert who was motoring to 3rd place and I was alone. All in all i felt good about the race as I am a climber. 7th place ain't that bad.

Woke up this am at 6:30 to check the weather, as a result, I bagged the west mountain road race, rain and cold and road race don't make sense to me, i will also miss the hillclimb tomorrow as a result, likely hit the dirt for 3+ hours instead.

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