Thursday, May 29, 2008

He Cheated

I am not making this up, by his own admission. He is a cheat. But he had a strong day, which makes me happy for him. Now about the dang chest and back sign. I'm 'flattered????' or maybe scared.

Notice me hanging my head in shame.... (stolen from Fatty)

BZ asked me earlier

Were you shredding the nar?

My answer

On lap 1(I was), on lap 2, due to almost dying on lap one, I cruised daintily down Clark's, and on the golf course section the conga line of Sporto’s kept me from my game.

I must say, everyone and I mean everyone had issues on the the post Full/Half lap merge, so no benefit or loss there.

I went out hard, Duh, shouldn't of, duh, but on the first long climb, he who cheats and Chris Bingham had a small gap on Fred and I. Fred dropped off a bit, I kept passing some 30-39 and 19-29 experts, towards the top I saw a Porcupine jersey behind me and thought it might be Daren or Warsocki. I Hit the Clark's Descent and soon got on Scott W's wheel, he then proceeded to go off course into the weeds in a corner, soon after on the left hander with the rock, i almost did the same. Before that Chris Bingham was off course with a flat. Then it was me letting Rico around, who was the aforementioned Porcu rider I saw. We spent the rest of that lap close getting stuck behind a few other riders for a bit etc...

I Saw, he who cheats, as I was riding over the tunnel, he was entering the tunnel, about 30 seconds down at this point. I thought I could get him. I climbed the long climb pretty well, and then proceed to do the dainty clarks dh, I checked the gps track and lap 1 I cleared the DH with traffic and a near fatal dismount in 3 minutes 15 seconds, on lap 2, with no traffic and no dismounts it took me @40 seconds more. so yeah, um, could of done that faster, and then the other DH's had me stuck, liek everyone else.

Either way, i don't think I would of caught, he who cheats. He had a great day, and that damn sign.

for Dr Cross, ave hr was 170. Max 183

Oh yeah, in some strange twist of fate, PRO was my water bottle bitch.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a sit at my desk trying to figure out just what to eat 3-4 hours before race time, when my famous (or soon to be) Bisquick waffles mixed with Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk (Thats for you BZ) are out of the question, mostly cause th waffle maker would not go over well with Larry Miller and his cronies, who own my Office Tower. I get an email from a teammate which directs me to this.

Oh thank goodness, my favorite race and course will be salvaged, positive energy, oh yeah.

Monday, May 26, 2008

well shucks

Global storming is making for an interesting MTB season, first postponed race in 15 years for the Icup. A Wednesday Night Icup race, which will be quite fun and make for some rough recovery for Sundance. Below is a shot from today of Solitudes finish and Lap area. Ummm, well anything IS possible.

I got a great nap in today though.

I had a shot back to days of yore this weekend, Late 80's in Bowling Green Ky, listening to local Punk'ish rock.  Well dang, I forgot how fun that was, incoherent evenings in dark dank cellars getting bounced around with the speed guitar and lyrcis, sounds is if homeboys got some Cartoon Network love recently. Oh yeah, they are HUGE in germany. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lets Do it Again

Please help get the word out. Lucy and I are competing in the BC Bike Race on June 28th. We have submitted an essay to win free entry including new rides on Trek bikes. Out of all the entry's they picked three finalists. Lucy and made the final cut and are competing against two other teams. Please go to the link below and cast your vote for finalist #3. Please get the word out and send this to all of your friends as well. Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!
Drew & Lucy Jordan

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Turned a corner

Wednesday Night SH race, I really did feel slow, nothing in the tank. Last lap blow ups in last 3 races are not fun. But I kept telling myself that a breakout ride was right around the corner. I had no idea that it would happen today. I went to sleep and woke up telling myself that i was going to do an easy lap 1. Well, I just don't have it in me. Lap 1 I was off the front with Jack and Fred chasing and my time was at least 3 minutes faster than Wednesday night, but i felt good. Lap 2, Fred had dropped off and Jack was yoyoing closer to me, I still felt good, Jack and I came through the feed zone together into lap 3. I gapped him a bit on the first Singletrack climb and a bit more on the next, but he was still right there. I was forcing myself to not panic and not expend too many matches to stay in front.  I made it over the top with about 30 seconds on him. The rutted, loose DH was my friend today, I flowed like butter, i felt good, That last steep climb was always on my mind and I was caught off guard a few times by the interim climbs, but held it together. I kept seeing Chris Bingham, Fred and occasionally BK, but that dang course wraps all over itself, so I had no idea of the gap. I ended up winning by abut 30-45 seconds. Lap times were good.

41:40, 43, 45

First ICUP win since Bordertown 2006, 2nd ever Icup expert win. I won my first sport race at SH in 03.

Today was a good day for me on the bike.  Led from Giddy-Up to whoa. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


While the PRO and her man are out of town, Bobby Fresh takes it upon himself to check out their CRIB.

Not much food in the Kitchen

Pepe says that this is where the magic happens, I am not sure what that means.

Oh Yeah, did the SH race tonight. I feel slow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Not really sure how else to explain it. Driving into the race venue at 10ish, I had to carry speed into the field to keep from bogging down. The kids racers bikes were covered in mud, the soil smelled like Kentucky soil. I knew it was going to firm up and dry out though. Hung out with Ryan and Jody and Bart for the pre race BS and got dressed and went out for a pre ride lap at around 12:30. I got caught up in how fast and tacky and fun the old DH sections were. Ignored the new stuff, as I was trying to ride it slow. Only 5 of us at the start line. Fred, Daren, Karl, Mark Skarpohl and I. Those 4 others are enough to know that it was not going to be easy. I of course took off from the gate, Daren and I think Fred got around be on the long soft climb about a mile in, but I jumped them into the single track and got around Jen to give myself some breathing room. For thee rest of the 1st lap and all of the Second Skarpohl would surge to almost my wheel and then drop off on the technical sections, or maybe I dropped off on the smooth and surged in the technical, who knows. about 1/3 of the way through lap 3 Fred charges out of nowhere and gets around me, but I stick with him till almost the end of lap 3. Caveman was riding with us for a while then too. I heckled him, but i believe it made him smile. Fred was 20 yards ahead of me going through the feed zone into lap 4, once we hit the soft traverse and Climb my llegs were done. Daren then passed me 1/3 of the way into lap 4. I was almost to the point of getting off the bike and walking, the legs were fried. I was holding on for dear life. Literally .25 miles from the finish, right before the hike a bike, well I hiked it, Skarpohl got around me and Karl was right there, I jogged pas the hike a bike and tried to stay in 4th, successfully. 3 minutes separated 1-4. I lost 3-4 minutes on lap 4. Lap 2 and most of lap 3 I felt awesome, flowing and riding fast, I hit a brick wall though. Part of the course was like riding on a long line of pillowtop mattresses, Bart explains the reasons better than i could.

Lap times (approximate)

Lyna, Scott and I went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall Saturday night, I thought it was damn funny.

Sunday Lyna and I went down to Corner canyon to ride, an out and back on Shoreline, Up to ghost falls up clarks and down for a few hours, somewhere on the shoreline i looked down at my garmin, and it looked very different.
REI owes me a new one. Lyna found the GPS inards, but the face plate and the rest were gone.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


7+ Hour conference call today, really, let me count the absurdities. When I was begining my Masters Degree in Library Science in 1996 I dreamed of wearing Birkestocks to work and going 'SHHHHHHH' for years, not outsourcing 40 jobs and 7+ hour teleconferences. But, really, I did take the call from the comfort of my living room. The job is flexible and lucrative, and it did move Lyna and I to Utah. So I can't complain too much. I still plan on, some day, in oh 10 years or so, 'retiring' to a job that am surrounded by books and get to go 'shhhhhhhhh' all day.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ramblings and 5 mile

First Things First.
On to trivialities...

5 mile is evil, dusty, double-track. But usually a good gauge of fitness for me, It is good to race close to home. Eat at home, sleep at home.

We had a few more than 10 in our group at the start. Including a former DH World medalist. The Good Doctor was there, Daren, BK Fred and some others. The start was rather calmish, I like to be closer to the front, In case things get animated. I won the race to the first Hike A Bike, where Fred and BK got around me, I kept them in sigh for the rest of lap one and actually got around Brad before the lap was over, Fred was not too far ahead of us and Brad and I went back and for a bit on lap 2 until he dropped off a bit on the long downhill. About a mile or 2 from the finish of Lap 2 Glen and Chris caught me and I had t ramp it up a bit to stay with them, Brad was coming as well, after we went through the feed zone the 4 of us were together, right after you lose site of the feed zone, I lost contact. I had 2 really good laps, consistent, pushed hard where it was good to and spun where it was good to (for me). From this point on I was in damage control mode. Daren finally caught me almost exactly where his teamates did a lap earlier. I think I actually asked him what took him so long. :) 6th place was good, time was 10 minutes faster than last year in slower conditions.

check the HR negative drift....
Sunday was to be a 2 hour recovery spin, cept Bart emailed me to meet up for a 2pm Shoreline ride, hmm, why not? Jared, Matt, Alex and Ty yep lots of recovery potential there.

Bart took us up some death climb just n the southern edge of Red Butte, straight up, some 15-20% climbs with rocks and water bars to make it even more fun, I knew it was rough when Alex asked early ' Who picked this route?' and we were all grunting and moaning except for Bart. The DH was fun, and all the elevation we gained in 1/2 mile (@500 feet) we lost in 1/4. Then we still had to climb up dry creek and all to hit bobsled, luckily the pace went down. It was a good ride and with the DH and Pavement to and from my house my average HR was low, I likely will be out for MTB Monday fer sure now.

Friday, May 02, 2008