Sunday, May 11, 2008


Not really sure how else to explain it. Driving into the race venue at 10ish, I had to carry speed into the field to keep from bogging down. The kids racers bikes were covered in mud, the soil smelled like Kentucky soil. I knew it was going to firm up and dry out though. Hung out with Ryan and Jody and Bart for the pre race BS and got dressed and went out for a pre ride lap at around 12:30. I got caught up in how fast and tacky and fun the old DH sections were. Ignored the new stuff, as I was trying to ride it slow. Only 5 of us at the start line. Fred, Daren, Karl, Mark Skarpohl and I. Those 4 others are enough to know that it was not going to be easy. I of course took off from the gate, Daren and I think Fred got around be on the long soft climb about a mile in, but I jumped them into the single track and got around Jen to give myself some breathing room. For thee rest of the 1st lap and all of the Second Skarpohl would surge to almost my wheel and then drop off on the technical sections, or maybe I dropped off on the smooth and surged in the technical, who knows. about 1/3 of the way through lap 3 Fred charges out of nowhere and gets around me, but I stick with him till almost the end of lap 3. Caveman was riding with us for a while then too. I heckled him, but i believe it made him smile. Fred was 20 yards ahead of me going through the feed zone into lap 4, once we hit the soft traverse and Climb my llegs were done. Daren then passed me 1/3 of the way into lap 4. I was almost to the point of getting off the bike and walking, the legs were fried. I was holding on for dear life. Literally .25 miles from the finish, right before the hike a bike, well I hiked it, Skarpohl got around me and Karl was right there, I jogged pas the hike a bike and tried to stay in 4th, successfully. 3 minutes separated 1-4. I lost 3-4 minutes on lap 4. Lap 2 and most of lap 3 I felt awesome, flowing and riding fast, I hit a brick wall though. Part of the course was like riding on a long line of pillowtop mattresses, Bart explains the reasons better than i could.

Lap times (approximate)

Lyna, Scott and I went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall Saturday night, I thought it was damn funny.

Sunday Lyna and I went down to Corner canyon to ride, an out and back on Shoreline, Up to ghost falls up clarks and down for a few hours, somewhere on the shoreline i looked down at my garmin, and it looked very different.
REI owes me a new one. Lyna found the GPS inards, but the face plate and the rest were gone.


Anonymous said...

'm a little upset that I missed out on the Mooosshhhyyy.

Anonymous said...

Good Race! It's always a pleasure supporting you guys in the feed zone!

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Is that a new Revolution Jersey? It looks Swwwweeeeetttt.

Andy H. said...

I agree, the new kits are most certainly swwwweeeetttt. Props to the individuals responsible for the excellent design.