Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ramblings and 5 mile

First Things First.
On to trivialities...

5 mile is evil, dusty, double-track. But usually a good gauge of fitness for me, It is good to race close to home. Eat at home, sleep at home.

We had a few more than 10 in our group at the start. Including a former DH World medalist. The Good Doctor was there, Daren, BK Fred and some others. The start was rather calmish, I like to be closer to the front, In case things get animated. I won the race to the first Hike A Bike, where Fred and BK got around me, I kept them in sigh for the rest of lap one and actually got around Brad before the lap was over, Fred was not too far ahead of us and Brad and I went back and for a bit on lap 2 until he dropped off a bit on the long downhill. About a mile or 2 from the finish of Lap 2 Glen and Chris caught me and I had t ramp it up a bit to stay with them, Brad was coming as well, after we went through the feed zone the 4 of us were together, right after you lose site of the feed zone, I lost contact. I had 2 really good laps, consistent, pushed hard where it was good to and spun where it was good to (for me). From this point on I was in damage control mode. Daren finally caught me almost exactly where his teamates did a lap earlier. I think I actually asked him what took him so long. :) 6th place was good, time was 10 minutes faster than last year in slower conditions.

check the HR negative drift....
Sunday was to be a 2 hour recovery spin, cept Bart emailed me to meet up for a 2pm Shoreline ride, hmm, why not? Jared, Matt, Alex and Ty yep lots of recovery potential there.

Bart took us up some death climb just n the southern edge of Red Butte, straight up, some 15-20% climbs with rocks and water bars to make it even more fun, I knew it was rough when Alex asked early ' Who picked this route?' and we were all grunting and moaning except for Bart. The DH was fun, and all the elevation we gained in 1/2 mile (@500 feet) we lost in 1/4. Then we still had to climb up dry creek and all to hit bobsled, luckily the pace went down. It was a good ride and with the DH and Pavement to and from my house my average HR was low, I likely will be out for MTB Monday fer sure now.


Anonymous said...

You will be missed tomorrow. good effort in the race though. I was sad I couldn't have ridden it with you this year.

Anonymous said...


solid work on getting the jersey plastered on blogs all over the place.

it couldn't have been done more appropriately.

Anonymous said...

That was fun! Most fun when you finally started to fade and I could ease up a bit and not puke. I was on the verge those first 2 laps.

Grizzly Adam said...

Good seeing you out there Bob. I was enjoying not suffering in the dust.

I got some good shots of you.