Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year new races new goals

Well I have set forth my goals for 2006. They have absolutely nothing to do with a 150 mile self supported death march or a ride across a state i have never been to. More power to you who will be attempting such things. Some day I will setle down to those types of events, for now I like the pain and suffering of 2-3 hour races. I have done 1 100 miler and 2 50 milers, the 50 milers were a blast 3.5-4 hours at 75% is great, 7-10 hours at 65% is not, for me today at least. So on to the goals.

1. Consistent top 5's in Intermountaincup Races
2. Top 3 overall in Intermountaincup
3. An Intermountaincup win, Chad 'The Bull Elk' Wassmer is moving up to Pro, so I may have a chance.
4. Top 5 at National Championships - this is a crap shoot, cuse you never know who is going o show up, likely some cat 1 roadie whose time would put him in the top 5 of Semi Pro or Pro
5. At least one 5 to 6 hour ride a week . It is all about the base

I just need o stay focussed this year and keep the training consistent. I believe it is all possible. I need to race my race, not anyone elses, if I can pass them, I should pass, if I can't hold them off, let them go, I wish i was 10 years younger and at this level, I may make the upgrade to semi pro if I attain most of those goals, that way I can say I did it before I turned 40, barely.

So tonight we go to Dinner, then a formal party followed by a pajama party followed by a movie/video game party. Um, maybe I will just stay home. Tommorow we skate ski, that way I can remember what it is like to beat myself up, raise my heart rate to dangerous levels and gain very little ground all at the same time. This year I may even keep at it, I mean I bought pants just for it.

I think I will be seeing Alex at the Formal Party, as It is being thrown by the couple I believe he is stayin with, so I can talk about that crazy endurance gene with him.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Whew, what a weekend. Friday consisted of a trip to Antelope Island to look at Bison. Then a trip to the Gym, I had to up the weights again, ouch is all I can say. Then The sisters man did some assisted stretches for us, lower back and quad work that about killed me, man was I sore on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, Ty and I hit the road for a bit over 2 hours, it was almost 60, nice base ride. Went and saw Syriana that night, good movie, thought provoking, the inter relation between everything. I think they need to do a movie on the drug companies next.

Christmas day, woke up around 9:30, a theme for the Sister and Boyfriend visit, opened presents and geared up for Snowboarding. The slopes were empty and warm, I had on a tshirt and a shell and thin gloves, Guillermo, the sisters man, started out on the board and decided skis would be better, the sister spent the day on the bunny slope as it was her first boarding experience since 1999 at snowbird. Lyna and I did some easy runs and relaxed. Made nice fresh stir fry in the evening and watched a movie.

Monday was a lazy day, Guillermo and I went and saw King Kong, entertaining. Then we took Janis and G ice skating, i watched as my blisters from the week before were not cooperating.

Had to be at work at 6am today, to be prepared for disaster, which has not come, this afternoon we will head up to Park City for possibly some Tubing.

I need a vacation.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

55 degrees

Wow, it was warm today, I heard it was 40 in Miami, it was awesome here. Picked up the sister and her man at the airport last night, and their mini dog. Today we actually hiked 1/2 up Mt Olympus, in an earlier post I was joking about doing that, but it was warm, dry and amazing. A great 'other' workout for all of us.

Went to Diesels birthday shindig tonight, cake and icecream.

Tomorrow is gym day, Saturday a nice ride maybe.

Exhausted an content.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Random thoughts on a few things

There are a few anti doping websites out there today. I am in total agreement with their core message. I understand most of their motivations, I do not, however agree with their tactics and methods.

RaceClean has stated that Todd Wells Dopes, I do not know if he does or doesn't, I don't believe he does, but have no proof otherwise, this site seems to have something, I can see no proof offered other than stating something about his coach, Rick Crawford.

The Dopers Suck website is one I like, it does not play judge and jury, it only reports on those who test positive, straight from news sources. Ofcourse news sources are always Fair and Balanced, like Foxnews, but atleast they are not pointing fingers without any proof.

Stolen Underground
, this site was entertaining and the reason Matt DeCanio was fired from the Ofoto Sierra Nevada team last year. It WAS contraversial, It was kind of like a recording of multiple therapy sessions, DeCanio wrote in a sort of stream of conciousness manner, he had one failing in my mind, he accussed people without concrete proof, still and all his intent is pure. Now however his site has gone commercial, it is a coaching service, well a brothers got to eat. He has his anti-doping message on the site in a few places, but it is not the same.

Doping is a scurge on all sports, it creates an unlevel playing field. Cycling in the US has enough issues, mainly access to the under privileged. We do not need this hanging over us. The reality is people will always try and find a way around the rules, ways to win, and edge here or there. I remember a few years ago at the Wolverine Ridge Race which is the Grand Finale of the Intermountaincup series. A Clysedale Rider was DQ'd for cheating, it seems that at some point during the first lap he hid himself in the woods and some time later he turned that into his last lap and 'Won' For gods sake, it is a local race, with the winner getting a prize worth less than the entry fee. It is the clysedale class, which has no big money future, why the hell would you cheat!

Add to the equation the possibilities of millions of dollars, lets say you are Tyler Hamilton, you are decent enough to get on a Euro Pro team, your results are average, your income is OK, but if you put this stuff in your system a few times, at the right time and get away with it, you will make a crapload of money, be set for life, win a gold medal. Hell that is pretty tempting isn't it.

Recreational Drug use has a tendency to lead to addiction, I believe the same holds true for performance enhancing drug use. I believe it is a common practice in most professional sports. I also don't believe the whole Armstrongian 'I've been tested more than anyone' argument. The money is in providing the winning mixture, not the testing of it. I mean Capone gave money to the Chicago PD and no one looked at him as a saint.

Part of me believes that they should just shut down USADA, WADA etc.. and let everyone take whatever they damn well please, A whole lot of people would die and then the next generation will either make safer drugs (I don't think that is possible, drugs are foreign chemicals introduced to a well oiled machine, they cause harm, that is what they will always do) or people will realize, well that just isn't worth it.

Of course I don't use even recreational drugs, my wife has to force me to take aspirin or cold medicine. But I believe Pot, Coke, Heroin, etc should be legalized, I believe this would result in less deaths and better health, but then again I am a pinko commie bastard.

Monday, December 19, 2005

It all goes on like this...

Well day off from working out today, work was good, met with our outsourcing group, all is going well there. UK won on Saturday, it was a good game to see, thank goodness the beat Louisville. I made the mistake at looking at the UK fan board, man some people are never satisfied. I guess that is all they have time to do, I gotta stay off the boards, sometimes it makes me want to post something, then I usually start something.

3.25 months till the first race of the season, I am really looking forward to it. I hope to have a hard tail by that time, I am either getting the Canondale F4000 or the Yeti Arc. The cost is about the same, with that I will likely go with the Cannondale, Cause I gotta tell ya it is all about the LEFTY babie.

Woke up to snow and had to shovl the driveway and side walk before work, then it was like 45 degrees through the day, why couldn't it be that warm on the weekend. One of my general goals for 2006 is to get 4 to 6 hour rides on weekends, It needs to be 45 degrees or the end up being survival experiences for me. How many layers can I put on that will fit in my jersey pocket if I warm up.

1.5 days till Miami invades Utah. The Spare room is done, looks like magazine piture right now, picture in a few days.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weekend was made for....

Spent most of the weekend working on the spare room, it is done. Whew that hurt a lot, Target and Home Depot are richer and I am poorer. Saturday night we went Ice Skating at the Olympic Oval. It was fun, kind of cool being on the speed skating ice, there was indoor football games going on in the middle and an empty hockey rink. I didn't get any rides in this weekend, I don't mind but i am starting to miss it. The gym was hard today, due to all the house work, but i got through it.

2.5 days till Miami invades Utah.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Office Parties and the like

Last night Lyna and I headed to the Company Holiday, Xmas, Christmas, Pagan Ritual party. She made me, as I am a big boss type, at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the people there report to me, and that freaks me out. Well JV sat with us and 'The Girls' as well as Becker and his wife Anne. The best part of the evening was the 25 dollar Gart Sports gift card raffle prize, would of preferred the IPOD shuffle, oh well. The worst, Being a big boss type I with a few others was called to the front and got to dance the YMCA, with a cowboy hat. Nice, maybe I will call HR.

The painting is progressing, Lyna successfully defended her Thesis, so now she has offered to help. Upped my leg press weights on Wednesday, my legs hurt.

Plan a Temple Quarry trail ride tomorrow. FOr those who don't know, it starts at the Mouth of Little COttonwood canyon and goes up, it will be snowy and I'm sure those headed up the Canyon to Alta and Snowbird will question my sanity, not that that is a new thing for people to do.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Painting and Snowride

So with the sister and her man coming in a week and a half it was decided that we should finish fixin up the back room. I count it as endurance exercise, cause it hurts so much and my heart rate goes up. Painted the ceiling today, Painted it white, but it goes on pink and dries white, that is just weird. Tomorrow I prime the walls, Monday, Paint the walls, Tuesday, Second coat, Wednesday, We need a rug in there, Next weekend upload the bed and other stuff. Damn that is way too much like work.

UK Basketball is begining to remind me of UK football, not so good.

Went for a MTB ride today, from the house to the ZOO on the shoreline trail over to the base of dry creek. The snow was well packed down and all rideable, a few sketchy moments on the steeps, but no worries. It was nice to get out and about

Climbing up from the Zoo

I am quite sure my HR is not supposed to be that high this time of year

Ummmm Tasty Inversion, That is Salt Lake below that muck somewhere

Dry Creek, Elizabeth Smartwas hid up there, we saw her captures regular like while riding this very popular trail, little did we know, my wife was convinced they were spiritual gurus of some sort. Well maybe they are, how would I know. Tomorrow I may ride up them hills and skid my way back down.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I am so Punk Rock

You're a True Punk. You know that punk isn't all
about studded jackets and mohawks. If you're
political, you're actually informed. Most of
the stuff you love is from before the 80s,
though you know bands like Fugazi kept the
spirit going.

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.
brought to you by Quizilla

Spin Class

Weight workout followed by a spin class last night. A 30 minute spin class, you gotta be kidding me. 30 minutes hat the heck can you get out of 30 minutes. The instructor, who I nicknamed 'The Screamer' a few years ago, stood in the fron of the class leaning on the bike with her slippers on in in a barely audible manner said, standup, yeah up your resisitance, you are climbing now. Sheesh, good thing i just was spinning at around 145 Bpm on the HR. I could do a better job in my sleep. A few people have asked me to, problem is, it does not match with my training plan at all.

The Sister and her man are coming out for Christmas. For a week, that will be some fun for sure.

It got down to 2 degrees last night, this fellar will not go ride if it is under 25. Just no reason for it.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sock Monsters

Ok, the first picture is undisturbed evidence. This is what the sock monsters do at my house. I'm telling you it is a regular occurence, daily at least.

One of 2 things happens.

1. if the bike sock drawer in the basement is left slightly open the sock monster will open it the rest of the way and spread bike socks all over the house.
2. If the clean clothes are in a laundry basket in the basement the sock monsters will knock it over and spread the clean socks all over the house.

I am calling these 2 the prime suspects.

The shifty, devious type.

The innocent Eyes

I am sure they are working together in some crazy scheme to take over the world one sock at a time, or maybe they are in cahoots with the dryer. I don't know, but I need to figure it out.

The sister and her man are thinking of a Utah trip for Christmas, This will likely include 4 to 5 days of cardio excercise somewhere in the Wasatch mountains, sister will probably complain about coldness and her man will probably want to climb Mt. Olympus. It will be fun, they may want to head to Moab or southern Utah, nice excuse to go biking in December. We will definatley be snowboarding on Christmas day at Solitude, it is a tradition.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Double Workout Day

So I have to get in 1.5 hours of cardio sometime today, as well as do weights. I did not want to do 1.5 hours on the elliptical or stationary bike, so I went out for an hour ride. Since it looks like this out, i knew it was gonna be chilly.

I rode the old GT ZRX cross bike, I will never ride it in a cross race, but it can handle the elements much better than my 5200. I bundled up quite a bit.

Woolie Bully Socks
Pearl Izumi Winf socks
Exte-Ondo - Wind Stopper Fleece lined Bibs with Chamois (worth skipping a mortgage payment for)
REI Capilene long sleeve shirt
Weather Warrior Wind Bib
Fleece long sleeve cycle jersey
Cannondale Convertible jacket
Team Revoluton vest
Swix Lobster gloves
Nike ear band
Helmet and glasses

So i stayed mostly warm, I headed east at first to warm up as it is up hill, then south, mostly flat, when i turned around there was a nice headwind blowing snowfall sideways into my face, well my face was numb and i had to descend back home at some time. I made it home intact.

Last night Lyna and I went to see Aeon Flux. It was entertaining, but I gotta admit, I think the cartoon Aeon is hotter.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Goodnight and Good luck

Saw this movie earlier tonight, a few observations (disclaimer: not bike related and Mcarthy would of fried me due to my leftward leanings, well that is what my conservative father would say).

  1. It was in the smallest theatre and the Century 16 in South Salt Lake
  2. I was the youngest person there and I am 37
  3. One 50'ish couple left in a visible and audible huff about 10 minutes in
  4. The movie just ends, nice every now and again
  5. The black and white was a bit much, I mean this is the 21st century, right
  6. I enjoyed it

From what I understand the movie is true to the actual happenings, I also consider rather timely, it is amazing how history has a tendency to repeat itself. I think there is a message in there for all to hear, make up your own mind, investigate and choose.

Well I think we will get to the bike stuff now. Spent lunch at the shop, it is always amazing the things that you hear there. They had a new Cannondale Road Bike, the six 13 Pro, Dura Ace and retails for 3 grand, they can't be making much on that. I have to ride tomorrow and the snow may mean it is on the trainer, rats, maybe I'll go to the gym again.


Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Adam asks what our favorite food is. That is funny, my wife asked me that same question earlier this week, my answer, well I couldn't answer. SHe said she had lots of favorites, I asked her how can they be favorites if you have so many? I am, have become or maybe always have been the type of person who views food as utilitarian, I eat what I need. I do have a sweet tooth. I have a very bad Hot Tamale habit.

Breakfast, usually a Breakfast bar of some sort and some fruit type of thing and lots of coffee.
Lunch - a creature of habit am I. Chick Fila, Indian Buffet, Mexican, NYC Pizza, Burger, Salads
Dinner - Baked Fish, Baked Chicken, with rice or pasta or potatoes, and Salad or Green Beans or Broccoli or asparagas.

Now race carb loading is different. 800 grams of carbs for 2 days before a big race, 1 day for not so big, same after the race. That many carbs means I just eat anything I can. Rice, Mac and Cheese, Yogurt smoothies, apple sauce , pasta and sauce. Rice Crispie treats, and more of the same. Pre race meal is waffles or pcakes and yogurt smoothe and a cliff bar.

I really like food in general and it looks as if lunch is my most dangerous meal, hmmm, maybe i should look into that. Not worried about my weight, just my fuel. I also believe that america's meat portions are way too big, so I split a chicken breast into 2 servings. Read the servings is my advice. My coach told me 3 years ago that after reading Clinical Sports Nutrition that I would read every label, I do, not that I always choose the right stuff, but at least I know what is in it.

The book is 700 pages long and very heavy in technical terms and expensive, but it was very informational.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Kuala Lumpur?

So on Map Stats I got traffic from
Kuala Lumpur, I'm thinking that one is not for real, the refering url is a bit racey.
Venezuela, but the profile is from Indiana - This could be real, my sisters man is from Venezuela. I hear they are amassing a formidable armed force down there.
Tulsa - Um this one looks fishy, but i don't speak that language.
City of Industry California - proven-acne-treatmentsno, I think this may be a problem
Las Wages - This came from Adam's site, so i think it is Ok.

Being a Geek by nature and thinking of life in terms of patterns and equations and 1's and 0's I am loving this tracking stuff like Mapstats and Technocrati, I am sure it has just opened me up to the Blog world equivalent of Tele-Marketing, but still, it is cool.

What Would EPO do for me

I mean really, If i was 2% faster i may come in 3rd place not 4th. Brad P and Ty H and I ate some good mexican for lunch today and discussed this and other related items. Ty has gone so far in his 2006 planning to calculate mileage to each race and averaged the gas cost. Well i plan on racing a lot and filling the tank up when i need to, guess that is why I'll never be rich, but hey, you can't take it with you. Went to the gym again last night, it was empty, that was nice. Lyna and I ripped through our workout.

Lyna finally got her Thesis Defense date set. 12/12/05, that means the journey is over. SHe will be able to become my sugar momma now, well not really, but getting her Masters is a great accomplishment.

Anyone interested in a used but Pristine Scott Scale or Scott CR1 Team Issue. I would love to have both, but don't have the spare cash. I know the person selling them. He was a competitor in the Red Bull Road Rage, so it for sure is not me, because on the road, I descend like a feather.

So here is my tentative Schedule for 2006 -

Intermountaincup Desert Rampage
Intermountaincup Cholla Challenge
Intermountaincup 5 Mile Pass
Intermountaincup Lava Rama
Intermountaincup Hammerfest
Intermountaincup Point Blank
Intermountaincup Sundance
Intermountaincup Deer Valley
Intermountaincup Joy Ride
Intermountaincup Solitude
Intermountaincup Snowbird
Intermountaincup Border Town
Intermountaincup Wolverine Ridge
Norba Deer Valley
National Championships – Mammoth
Norba Brian Head

And Possibly
E100 12 hour
24 hours of Soldier Hollow
24 Hours of Moab on a ringer Expert Team or Coed Pro-AM

Road Races
Hell of the North – Utah Style
Tour of Saint George
Tour of Utah – 2 Mountain Top Finishes oh Joy!

And maybe a full CX season.

Thats only 21 races before cross, well I may have to not do the E100 race and the 24 hours of Soldier Hollow.

Found out today that the Tour of the Canyonlands is no longer, what a shame, a long running race in a beautiful atomosphere. 2004 led to the demise, a death during a race is horrible. I was not in that race but will always remember it. Sam Ben Hall was killed when he collided with a SUV on the Kane Creek road on the way to Hurrah Pass. A Salt Lake rider was injured pretty badly in the same incident. This hit me hard because the last race I did, The Nova Desert Classic, I was neck and neck with Sam in the TT and in the XC before I did my shoulder separating OTB. That could of been me. I remember being on the Amasa Back descent with Chris Sherwin, waiting to cheer friends on when we heard the ambulance, little did I know that a life was lost. Wow, that is a bummer, wasn't expecting to go there, Remember life is short. Live well and be good to everyone you encounter.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Point Blank Race Course

Photo log warning, here are some photos from the ride on the Point Blank Race Course, ummm, it is flat, it makes me dizzy, nice view of the mountains though.

The group on a downhill?
Post lap

Yeah , i think 5 miles of a lap winds around that field

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Soreness sets in in 8 hours

So, first trip to the gym last night, and in about 8 hours I will curl up lke a little ball and not want to move, it usually takes 24 hours for me to be sore.

I did not ride Sunday, spent the whole day watching football. Planning a Day after Thanksgiving Ride at Thanksgiving Point this week, Friday at noon. We will be riding the new Point Blank race course, it has a whole 100 feet of climbing every 10 mile lap. Sweet.

So I checked out Kerkove's site and he has a link to Alex's site. I met Alex 3 years ago at Moab, he is friends with a couple here in Utah that I know and who happen to own a business that sponsors Team Revolution, what a freaky small world.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Part 2

So in the spring of 2001 i hear that there is a series, the Intermountaincup. I do my first XC race in April, SHowdown at 5 mile pass. I come in 3rd in beginner men 30-39. I do 3 more beginner races and I get 3 1st places, i was always 5-10 minutes ahead of second, in an hour race, so i guessed i should move up.

My first Sport race was the Draper Dash, i went from 10 or less miles the week before to 23 in 100 degree heat, ouch. I closed out the season with some decent results, a few top 6 placings. Oh yeah I did the 24 hours of Tahoe and Moab that year as well.

Now I wanted to do well in Sport. 2002 was the season I determined I could not train myself, experiment with tires and the season that I met most of my current riding partners. I had several podiums, several flats, took 3rd in the series and Rode the 24 hours of Moab on an expert team. Oh yeah, i did the brian head 100, made it right under 11 hours, i had never ridden longer than 35 miles before this race. That was not very bright.

Off season I got a coach, and was excites to see how things would work out, early in the season i had my first sport win, followed by some high placings and another win, in June I moved up to expert. Funny thing was that in Sport I could hammer for a lap and settle in and sta in the front, in expert, well the whole race was a hammer, no settle in. I did ok and did a few nationals and again did 24 hours of Moab on an expert team (Adam's Mad Dog team)

2004 was a break out year. I did well enough locally, had my best performance in the finale. But i also had 2 national podiums at Big Bear and Schweitzer. They helped me gather 2nd over all NCS expert 35-39 for the year. The year started out with a shoulder dislocation at the Nova Desert Classic.

2005 was an up and down year, only did a few nationals, missed a few local races, DNF'd my first local race with a blown Lefty fork, traveled alot for work and burnt out pretty well in July/August. The results were good, many podiums and my first ever Expert class wins (Tour of the Canyonlands Hillclimb/Lava Rama XC race). It leaves me hungry for 2006.

Watched the CX races at RMR yesterday, what a brutal course, Team Revolution was in effect in the B class. 3 riders in the top 5. Then We won the womens A category to top it off. In the afternoon I rode the shoreline form the zoo to dry creek, temps were around 50, same today, so i am hitting it again.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

How I started Riding/Racing

Hmm, Adams post has me thinking back how it all started.

1991 - I have several friends that 'work' at All Terrain Mtb Parts. A Mail order bike company in Lexington, Ky. I have a rigid blue giant iguana. The convince me to go riding at General Butler State Park on the trails. About a mile in I snap my headset. I upgrade almost immediatley to a Myata pur[le aluminum wonder and slap a Marzocchi XC 300 (Purple Ano) on it, and ride once a week at the Caney Loop at Cave Run Lake, Endo about every 1/4 mile - a theme that will continue for some time in my career. I then upgrade to the 1992 bike of the year a KHS Team Montana, steel is real. I still have it, pink and blue, grey ano's cook brs cranks, gold ano's answer bar, purple answer atac stem, purple ringle skewers and seat post. I ride it every weekend till i get into grad school. In 98 move to Utah. End of summer 99 was first trail ride in the state. Start at teh Avenues trail head of the shoreline, ride down dry creek and back. Hooked. Every day after work i rode that trail or dog lake or the pipeline, until it snowed, still on the KHS. In 2000, early in the year i rode past the gate in Mill Creek and up to dog lake, on the way down the pavement, the bike was making all types of noise and it was decided that Ii needed to replace the 8 year old steed. I ended up with an brand new Rocky Mtn Blizzard that afternoon. I was really hooked. Got the wife a Rocky Mountain Element that year. We rode all the time with a small group of friends, Sundays were rolling you pick the trail rides, we rode pretty much everything in Northern Utah that summer. Carried huge camelbacks for short rides, hung out laughed, cried a little and enjoyed life.

Coming up to October 2000 my friend Scott uttered these fateful words 'Hey Bob, you are kind of fast, you should come do the 24 hours of Moab with us"

My life has never been the same. more later....

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What exactly is the Off season and other musings

So, met with the coach tonight, I am always amazed at what he knows.

1. About me
2. About Training
3. About Racing
4. About me

Next year has some new training in store for me, the hope is to make me faster. The local series has 14 races next year. 2 Norbas in Utah and Nationals in July. All of this togethe rbodes well for my training, peaking and results. 2005 started with a 3 race weekend in vegas in late February, throw in 2 single day road races, 1 road stage race a few hill climbs and numerous MTB races, Including the Brian Head Titanim 50 (Saw Adam there after his 100 on the day, I'm sure, he would prefer to forget) close it out with 6 Psycho-Cross Races, well that is a long season with no focus. Next year there will be focus. Some day I will venture back into the endurance world, but for now i am tackling the around 2 hour race world.

So, back to the coach, i was worried my extreme inactvity would bring frowns from him, well, no it actually made him happy. I was supposed to get 20 hours of activity in November, i have got around 5 so far. Rest is good. So Monday back to the gym to show off the remnants of my biker tan and my Urkel like upper body.

Still debating a Saint George T Day MTB adventure. We will see.

O yeah, can a local MTB Team successfully have 2 bike sponsors? Any opinions, Thoughts etc....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cold Cold Cold

Well winter is here, and I start training in a week, and my trainer needs to be warrantied, unless i want high revolution spinning, well looks like I will have to send it in. I am convinced that as the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy say 'Television, Drug of the Nation' 2 weeks of TV shows has turned my mind to mush. I think Brighton opens up tomorrow, o maybe I'll go snoboard this weekend. Or maybe I'll hit the shoreline trail, it is supposed to be clear all week.

Meet with the coach tomorrow to reflect on 2005 and plan 2006 and see what pain he has in store for me.

By the way, why is it so difficult to get some energy food maker to give me free stuff, I just need gel and powder drink mix, I tend to mix and match 4 packets before each race and I'll tell ya the chocolate stuff don't go so well with, um, anything. The cola ont he other hand, ummmm , good.

Tomorrow night I'll try out my sisters Yoga DVD and see if it hurts me as much.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Turkey flavored soda?

So after lunch at Chik-fil-a today (cause it makes me faster), went to target with JV, while waiting for him to get his chili fixins, I noticed the Jones Soda holiday pack that include turkey and gravy flavored soda, wait it also has Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto and other tantilizing flavors. I think i'll stick with soda water this thanksgiving, maybe with a little essence of lemon.

Adam Lisonbee claims on his site that I am fast, well that is nice, I would say that I am obsessive compulsive, but thanks for the kudos.

My body is sore from the previosly mentioned Pilates, I think I like it. I would also agree with Adam on the feeling I get in the gym, boy oh boy am I a skinny little fool, then they see the amount of weight I put on the leg press machine, and they walk away. I think they look like big V's.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wanted to post this to make it my profile photo, it is from the 2005 Tour of the Canyonlands TT, I took second in expert 35-39, the guy who won made the crazy 30 second bonus section and beat me by 2.9 seconds.

2006 starts

So not liking to wait for my pre-ordained start of season, which is next week, I worked out to one of my sisters DVD's tonight, Pilates for Fitness, well it kicked my butt, thank god it was 10 minutes shorter than the stated 50 minutes. Check out her website for some of her work, she will kick you into shape, regular like.

The winter is here, drat, i really wanted to race CX in the snow, but i stopped 3 weeks ago, this weekend at the RMR could be it. There were a significant nuber of Sand baggers at the CX race this past weekend. State Championship C Flite (first timers and novice racers) was won by an expert class mountainbiker, nice, way to win that one. sheesh.

My better half and i may head down to Saint George for the turkey holiday.

2006 sponsorship season is on, trying to get team sponsors to line up is definatley not very easy, but educational. The team will have a new bike sponsor for 2006, i am going to miss the lefty, but that is life.