Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 years gone.

Somewhere in a jet-lagged, dusty, camp fire smokey, generator hum haze early Sunday morning I realized that almost exactly 10 years before I started this silly bike racin journey on that lame ass 14+ mile loop of the devil in Moab.

10 years countless races, probably 3-400. maybe 15 wins. 3 Series Championships. A few dabbles in road racin and crits, that lasted like 2 seasons. Team management, endurance racing, about 7 race bikes, Cyclocross starting 4 years in, and now race promotion.

Obsession? Of course.

Really, it is about the community, small circle of friends, to medium sized team to like minded others on other teams.

We are here for the same reasons, mostly, and as Jay Burke says. "Don't be a dick"

Heres to many more years, with maybe a few more wins, cause those are fun, and rare.