Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm goin for a weekly update.

Happy to see that my March time on bike has gone above Jan and Feb combined. Time on airplane/hotel has gone down a bit, that helps.

I got 6 hours in on lots of dirt today and yesterday total, Today was 4 hours, 33 miles, 23 on dirt, lots of climbing, lots of hiker/doggie dodging (Lyna had an OTB on her ride due to a dog, her hip hurts pretty bad)

I met E-Pow at the zoo and we headed to city creek, 4 very short wet sections the whole way, we then climbed up west City Creek and ran into BZ who rode up to the Antenna road with us, I turned around solo there and climbed back up east City Creek to past bobsled and took my new secret DH down to the mouth of Dry Creek and bailed to the road there, cause I was blown.

Thanks to all who came and squeezed in our little house for Lyna's b-day celebration, we had fun, hope you did too.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Longest Ride of the year

3 Felt Nine Teams and a Tomac (Rider awaiting Felt Nine Team build) Set out from Team Shannifers house.

@53 miles in 4 hours, 10 or so miles on dirt in corner canyon. EQ up to shoreline, Steps trail-Creek View loop a few times. Awesome shape.
Sun burned and fried legs.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Small Bike

My new bike looks kinda small.

29ers are stupid.......

Monday, March 01, 2010

Rockin the Hotel bike

This pre season training plan has rocked. The high temp/humidity week was a success, 5 hours of sweet excercise bike work outs,3followed by fitful 4 hour block sleep, pool time and site visits.

On either end of this training block was some imposed rest periods, luckily i got an upgrade on this rest plan.

This week, pre first 'Race' of the year will include a final short Hotel Exercise block, NYC version. This will include a required rest of 5+ hours Thursday Night.

I should really be ready to rock in St George.