Monday, May 28, 2007

Recap of the race - Stan Crane Memorial

See post below for Stan's story.

The morning started out quite early, wanting to get to the race and unload all the BBQ stuff in enough time to warm up.

Got a decent warm up in and got to the start line. The Expert 30-39 group was rather giddy seeing that BP and Rich A moved up. I told Chad, joking of course, that he was next. The start was safer than i feared, Racer took a flyer, by the first short double track, i got around everyone except Chad, climbed halfway up the first long climb in second, when Scott Allen came around me. Ryan A and another rider were close behind me, part way down Clarks descent, a bug flew into my helmet, a bit later it bit me, it still hurts.

At the start of the second lap i saw Scott right ahead and I was closing on him, Ryan caught onto me but I gained on him on the long climb. He came back close to me going up the 3rd lap climb, but I dug deep to get over the top, ended up hanging on for 3rd. I was blown at the end, check this photo with me in the background after finishing. Oh yeah, shannon tried to take me out at the finish, but he suceeded in taking him self out:)

Some photo evidence.

Lyna smiles after ripping it for 6th place.

Fox killed the tweety bird chair. THE HORROR

Kday and Sday (my feedzone savior) oh yeah, there's the guy that tried to take me out to.

She is a HARLOT.

1st 2007 Podium

Stan Crane

I stole this from Rich, hope he doesn't mind, race recap later.

Early last year Bp, Reed, Stan Crane and I went on a training trip to St. George. We put in some big miles on the Mesa near Hurricane and the next day rode the area around the St. George race course. The whole trip was filled with laughing and chit-chat about everything, but especially bike racing. Stan was getting serious -- devotedly following a training schedule, reading books on training, even switching to soy milk because Carmichael said it was healthier. He legs were trunks and his fitness was looking good.

A couple weeks later Stan was dead.

It wasn't anything he did or didn't do. He was born with a time-bomb that could tick so many times and then bang -- wife alone, boys with no dad. Lots of people get this same treatment due to unfortunate choices they or someone else makes, but in his case it was the mistake of a little segment of DNA encoding some protein a little wrong even before he was exactly a person yet -- the product of an imperfect world. Or something like that.

I don't think Stan looks back on his life and remembers cycling first and foremost as there were several other, higher priorities. He was a man that knew his priorities. Nonetheless, I'm sure he appreciates the fact that today, on Memorial day, we raced the Stan Crane Memorial race in Draper, in view of his final resting place.

His family was there, his best friends were there, and who knows? Maybe he was too. I like to think so.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Stan Crane Memorial PreRide

<<----That is Stan, rippin the DH at Snowbird in 2005, the race is in his honor, so come on out, his family and friends will all be there.

The course is good, don't let the haters fool you, it has a little bit of everything. fire road climbs, fast buff descents, slow sandy descents, BBQ alley, road crossings and a few water crossings.

Yep, i like the fire road climb, and it is likely the race will be made here. BIG RING IT.

Racing a course that does not suit your strengths makes you harder and stronger, don't complain, rip it up! We ride bikes worth thousands, we are not victims, we are blessed with family, friends and various levels of ability.

Last night we had a large group out there on the course, from pro's to baggy short wearing rigid ss'ers, to 8 year old kids, awesome.

I have been following the Bear Lake result issue, man what a mess, I feel sorry for everyone, racers, officials, promoters etc.. there does not seem to be a good way out, of course team Telekom has found a way out,

See ya all on Monday.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yahh Big Ring it

As Slyribprefontainehuslaslurr says, we big ringed sundance, except he went significantly faster than me. Oh well 63 minutes of pain.

Thursday 5/24 we roll out for a Stan Crane Memorial pre ride. 6pm is the roll out, arrive a bit early so we can head out on time. Second lap at around 7:15 if you can't make the first.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Broken Chain

Yep, that is how my race went, 20 minutes in, Dura Ace goodness, Crank Brothers tool that worked mostly, finally Fox fixed it for me, he shows me trying from his blog.

I felt good at the point I balled the chain up, started the race in the front, once i got around the single speeder, not pushing too hard, Rich got around me, I stayed with him, with Brad on my wheel, Brad got around me then i bogged down on the steep up and Chad got around me. II then shifted too late going up a steep and heard crunching chain, got back on road awhile, Fred got by me, skipping sounds in the drive train, Still pushing, but thinking of close to 2 more hours of annoying shifting issues, Ryan gets by me, close to the singletrack climb, where I can power the chain breaks, 20 minutes later Fox fixes it and I head back to the start area.

I kind of had a positive glimpse of my fast coming back, that is good.

Today Jerry and I road up Mormon Pioneer and down towards East Canyon resort and back, fun DH, nice climbs.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Yep, they made it, now go vote for em. Utah (Or Iowa's, Or Illinois) own, Team Revolution Peak Fasteners Pro's, I witnessed the filming, now you can go see the video.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yet another one in Utah

This one looks kind of Fun. And Cheap, And Hard, cept it is a week before el double pointe wolverine.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Resty Resty

So had a nice weekend of riding and chillin.

Friday after work, I headed down to the Corner Canyon area to ride the Stan Crane Memorial Race course, Wow that is going to be a rough one for everyone. Close to 1300 feet of climbing in the first 4 miles of a 9.5 mile lap, followed by a fun 1.5 mile or so downhill on clarks trail, it then rolls a bit on the shoreline trail before crossing the street a dh'ing through the golf course on a skinny exposed trail with a very tight switchback midway down, it then crosses another street and drops down between peoples back yards to highland drive for a .75 mile grind back to the start finish. I did 2 very slow laps in the heat of the evening and it leaves me wondering what sadism Ed has in store for us memorial day, 3 laps will be brutal. Here is the elevation profile of 2 laps, I got kind of turned around on the first lap.

Saturday i was planning on a road ride up to big mountain, as i decided to bag Lava Rama. I got out the door around 11 or so, just so it would heat up enough for me. I needed to do a 10 minute effort and failed after 7 minutes, still feeling the effects of whatever hit me Wednesday and Thursday, made it a bit above Affleck park before i headed home. Ran into Chan on the way to the start of Emi canyon. Saw Stormin heading up the canyon, saw BZ and chatted for a while in the construction zone, then saw Jen a the mouth of the canyon.

Saturday night was a nice dinner at y 'bosses' (she hates it when i call her that, but she is) her and my former bosses were in town for the week and wanted to see us all, we had 10 former employees (including Lyna) and 3 current ones there, it was nice and fun and kind of sad, reminded me of how the place used to be more of a family. 9 years of my life so far, that is a long time.

Sunday i headed up to PC to meet with Krachty to do a few hours on the Glenwild trail system, we climbed the front side, dropped down the north side and took a left on Cobblestone, we then took the new trail and it climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed, we then started descending and ended up on the 24-7 connector, happy in the knowledge that we just found out about more trails miles of fun and relative solitude. Here is a link to the ride info. After the ride in the parking lot we ran into Pepe, The Deer Mouse and FOF Ron, who I had no idea was in town. They all gave me shit for not calling them. I then came home and napped, did a bit of yard work and then watched the Return of the King for the 50th time and grilled Garlic, Jalapeno burgers and corn on the cob for dinner.

Yep, my life sucks, really it does.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bobby feely no goody

So Wednesday night head up to BZ's house to sort out Team Revolution/Peak Fastener 2007 uniforms, 4 slap happy hours later, we get it done. At this point, I realize I feel feverish and sleepy, get home and to bed around midnight and find myself awake on the hour every hour. I bag work, stay in bed all day, finally getting out of bed at 4 pm, having had no food or drink in 16 plus hours made me a bit sluggish, had a odwalla bar, banana and some cereal, with some lemonade, went back to bed at 10, woke up at 7:30 am today and feel 100% again.

I have no idea what it was, but i am bagging Lava, in order to not put myself in a hole.

The new uni's look nice, besides the sponsors, only a few changes, the jackets are going to be great, since the weather is now in the 90's. At least i didn't have to pee in a cup this am, hell i couldn't of peed anyways. Maybe this is really Sly's secret to weight loss, 24 hours little or no food.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

5 Mile

Uh, ouchy that one hurt, the last lap was a killer, 2nd to last place, yeaaaahhhhhhh.

Highlights of the day,

1. 2nd lap riding with Ty, KDay and Rob Westerman after Yellow Page hill, we had a good pace line going up the gradual climb and we flew on the DH, Ty and K-Day then dropped us and Rob and I rode together threw a bit of the third lap, where i began to fade.
2. Rich Abbott Killed it, again
3. It didn't rain

I looked at my schedule, and this was a c category race, no excuses, but i have had a big training block before this. I am blown, i have to do 2.5 Sunday, it'll be on the road bike, on a flat ride, cause i am so done.

The Stans wheels rocked it pretty good. I got some brake rubby going on, yeah that must be why I went so slow.

Thanks to Meg for feeding me.

Lyna got 6th in SPort Women, in particular, the revolution women rocked hard.

Here is my HR profile, nice drop off there Bobby

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Today was a sweet day on the shoreline, not too many people and a nice easy effort on my after work shoreline loopy. My legs feel good, hope for rain Thursday to pack down some of 5 mile.

Rode the new wheels tonight. They dropped weight on the bike, just no idea how much.

Lots of people in baggies on the trail, funny, none of them heckled me and I didn't heckle them, it is a lovely world.

Intervals tomorrow night, maybe some one will make me mad so I can get some good ones in :)