Monday, May 28, 2007

Recap of the race - Stan Crane Memorial

See post below for Stan's story.

The morning started out quite early, wanting to get to the race and unload all the BBQ stuff in enough time to warm up.

Got a decent warm up in and got to the start line. The Expert 30-39 group was rather giddy seeing that BP and Rich A moved up. I told Chad, joking of course, that he was next. The start was safer than i feared, Racer took a flyer, by the first short double track, i got around everyone except Chad, climbed halfway up the first long climb in second, when Scott Allen came around me. Ryan A and another rider were close behind me, part way down Clarks descent, a bug flew into my helmet, a bit later it bit me, it still hurts.

At the start of the second lap i saw Scott right ahead and I was closing on him, Ryan caught onto me but I gained on him on the long climb. He came back close to me going up the 3rd lap climb, but I dug deep to get over the top, ended up hanging on for 3rd. I was blown at the end, check this photo with me in the background after finishing. Oh yeah, shannon tried to take me out at the finish, but he suceeded in taking him self out:)

Some photo evidence.

Lyna smiles after ripping it for 6th place.

Fox killed the tweety bird chair. THE HORROR

Kday and Sday (my feedzone savior) oh yeah, there's the guy that tried to take me out to.

She is a HARLOT.

1st 2007 Podium


UtRider said...

Nice ride and great event! Well done on both.

reabbotted said...

A lot of thanks are in order to Revolution and all the volunteers involved. The race was well organized, very spectator-friendly, the road-crossings were nicely controlled, and the course was a blast. This was one of the most fun events of the series. I just hope my legs can recover before Sundance.

Congratulations on reaching the podium.