Sunday, May 20, 2007

Broken Chain

Yep, that is how my race went, 20 minutes in, Dura Ace goodness, Crank Brothers tool that worked mostly, finally Fox fixed it for me, he shows me trying from his blog.

I felt good at the point I balled the chain up, started the race in the front, once i got around the single speeder, not pushing too hard, Rich got around me, I stayed with him, with Brad on my wheel, Brad got around me then i bogged down on the steep up and Chad got around me. II then shifted too late going up a steep and heard crunching chain, got back on road awhile, Fred got by me, skipping sounds in the drive train, Still pushing, but thinking of close to 2 more hours of annoying shifting issues, Ryan gets by me, close to the singletrack climb, where I can power the chain breaks, 20 minutes later Fox fixes it and I head back to the start area.

I kind of had a positive glimpse of my fast coming back, that is good.

Today Jerry and I road up Mormon Pioneer and down towards East Canyon resort and back, fun DH, nice climbs.


Forrest said...

I guess racing single speed means no mechanicals, but that statement will come back to haunt me later. But I aint gonna lie, My upper buddy is sore as can be without suspension on that course. For the record, I really only ride my single speed when I am racing, it makes racing more fun, the rest of the time I am on my pimped out Indy Fab. So I like all kind of bikes too, but when racing single speed, you need to get in the proper spirit of things.

Anonymous said...

bob. assvice is all the advice people like to hand out. I call it assvice because most of the time people are talking out of their ass. Now.... go use it in a sentance.

UtRider said...

Bob - Do you know where the start/finish will be located for the Draper race?

StupidBike said...

I believe it is at the Equestrian center.

Not sure how the start will go under the tunnel or over the road though.