Saturday, May 05, 2007

5 Mile

Uh, ouchy that one hurt, the last lap was a killer, 2nd to last place, yeaaaahhhhhhh.

Highlights of the day,

1. 2nd lap riding with Ty, KDay and Rob Westerman after Yellow Page hill, we had a good pace line going up the gradual climb and we flew on the DH, Ty and K-Day then dropped us and Rob and I rode together threw a bit of the third lap, where i began to fade.
2. Rich Abbott Killed it, again
3. It didn't rain

I looked at my schedule, and this was a c category race, no excuses, but i have had a big training block before this. I am blown, i have to do 2.5 Sunday, it'll be on the road bike, on a flat ride, cause i am so done.

The Stans wheels rocked it pretty good. I got some brake rubby going on, yeah that must be why I went so slow.

Thanks to Meg for feeding me.

Lyna got 6th in SPort Women, in particular, the revolution women rocked hard.

Here is my HR profile, nice drop off there Bobby

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You and me both brother. I think my heart rate did the exact same today as yours. Started wicked strong and died. bummer.