Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It makes perfect sense

Sager, et al

Here is USADA's Christmas present to the U.S. sports community and power brokers and insider association boards.

We at USADA are proud of several accomplishments in 2006. It has been a growth year for cleaning up sports (trans. We made a shit load of money and connections for future jobs)

We have sanctioned large number of athletes for violations of rules (trans. we have be confusing, screwing and other wise shock and awing athletes who pay to be pro's, who work full time, raise families and DNF races or ask USADA reps if they need to pee in a cup)

We have righted many wrongs as well (Trans. we have bowed to power brokers and those who promise us jobs in the future by working around rules and procedure to make positive tests backed up by sworn testimony disappear under a cloud of smoke)

We have given a lifetime ban to a repeat offender in a sport he could make a few million in so he has to slum into a sport he can make tens of millions in. (Trans. Your kidding me, right)

That sport has some tough rules to according to Chris Collingsworth;

- The NFL has taken a much tougher stance here. On the first positive, a player is suspended for four games. He is suspended for six games following a second positive, and a third positive will result in at least a one-year suspension.

This is a travesty, but likely to go on and on until we TAKE IT BACK

And then there is this, the owner said that is he was targeting inner city youth he would of called it CRACK.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

4 day weekends

Still off the bike, the weather is going to turn for the worse when i get back on, oh well.

Lyna's Grand father passed away Wednesday, she flew to New York Yesterday for the funeral. He was a WWII veteran, Only met him twice, at our wedding and when we were moving her mom into an assisted care facility. Not the best times to meet someone.

Went and watched UtahCX #7. Good times, Kracht tore it up in his first masters race for 3rd. Good thing i didn't race, he would of beat me soundly.

Went and saw Bobby last night, it affected me strongly, a very well done film, who new Emilio had it in him. I was born a few weeks later, I wonder how different the world would be today if that never happened? Would it be better ?(I'd like to think so) Would it be worse? (improbable) would it be the same? (likely)

I'd like to think America would of turned a corner With RFK that it ran from with Nixon and Ford, but maybe I am just fantasizing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Off Season

So, not much going on, no bike, no gym, TV and sleep, and work. I have to say that I am bored to death, Lyna is working at Solitude so she works the days I have off, At least she can snowboard every day.

God Bless America, I don't know what is worse, the airline not letting them on the plane or the person who slipped a note to the airline employees cause they were scared of people praying.

All I know is that Fauxnews and Rush 'Pain Pills' Limbaugh are doing a great job, lucky for us the House and Senate have gone another way.

So, Chad H has thrown out the 5 best moments on the bike challenge, hmmm, I will have to think about that for a bit.

Lyna's Cross bike is built up and she likes it, hopefully she will be able to hit the cross race soon.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Not a poem, but kind of poetic

My Friend Charles

Memories flooded back this week. Lyna, a week off work, cleaning the basement.

3 Pictures found from the early 90’s. My friend Charles. I miss him.

Winter 1990, Trying to put my life back together, Charles shows up at the place I am living.

Our first meeting consists of me staring at his shoes. He gets defensive, I explain that his fluorescent green laces match those on shoes I have. The friendship begins.

Hanging out, learning to live again, laughing, crying, breakfasts at Alfalfa's, simpler times.

Sometime in around 1991, I remember the exact location. Charles tells me 'Bob, The test came back positive.'

Charles was positive, Charles was happy, his illness advanced quickly, his love of life and friends and fun grew each and every day.

Fast forward a year or 2. Charles in and out of the hospital, still happy, still joyous. No longer my house mate, but still see him regularly. Then the call comes, I go to the hospital. With Meredith and Lyna (who was still just a friend later to be my wife) Charles is not doing so well, He still jokes, he still flirts with everyone, he still asks me which one of these lovely women I am dating.

6 hours later his pain ends, 6 hours later my friend goes to the great unknown.

His memorial service was beautiful, his light shines on, I will never forget the joy he brought to the world, his piece in getting my life back on track, his love.

I miss my friend Charles
. Never forget.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Since I had no camera, I drew this to commemorate Mike Kracht's State Championship

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yesterdays State CX race pushed it one week too many for me and my legs. I did like 2.5 hours on bike during the lead up week and had Thursday and Friday off the bike. Friday night was a Sushi orgy at Akasashi for Aron's b-day. My legs were feeling really sore, kind of strange. woke up Saturday a.m. and was feeling unfocused.

Lyna's race started with a first lap digger, she then fought on for 6th place out of 10. Kracht killed it for 1st in the B en, Ryan A finally dropped the Kid for 2nd B men.

I got a call up to the line, as I was sitting in 2nd overall for 35+. Had a decent start, and then almost immediately my chain started ghost shifting. I flailed all over the place on the first lap, Dirk got around me on like the 3rd lap after brake troubles and I then just went backwards after that.

It was nice having people cheer me on during the race, even though I was doing so bad. I think I saw Heather, several teammates, the Sherwin's, Shannon, Jen, Krachty, Ryan and Jenelle. Twitchy even gave me a few pushes up the sidewalk.

I ended up 10th place, after finally switching to the MTB. Looking forward to the off season now, need a break. Hopefully Lyna will be able to do the remaining races on here new LandShark CX bike.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday 11/10/06

USADA focusing here, here, here and here
While Basso gets a contract, Saiz gets a license and NFL players get a slap for Steroid use.

Bisceglia is suing USA Cyling
Related to Ochowicz's Abuse.

Money and Power
Money and Power
Money and Power

Wins everytime

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Straight Party Ticket and No on Judges

Yeah, contrarian.

So Fox has somethin to say about elections.

Actually, we live in a Republic, as in 'I pledge allegeance to the Republic' our founding fathers, right or wrong, didn't trust the masses. Electoral college is the most visible lasting piece of this lack of trust.

A true democracy would mean that each of us would have a direct say in every piece of legislation, having attended a few council, senate, house etc... meetings in my day, I can tell you that we would never get anything done. It is a nice thought.

Then again true communism is kind of nice sounding. I'm not talking Stalin/Lenin/Mao/Castro etc.'s ideas, I'm talking the true form.

I do not condone at all the corrupt, blind views of the current powers that be.

A parking garage is SO much more important than Dental care for the Disabled. A soccer stadium is more important than affordable housing. Tax breaks for large families are more important to improving our education system.

Come on people it is simple.

It is our right and responsibility to vote, not voting lessens the voice of the people and allows those in the seat of power to continue to do wrong. Stand up, be heard, it is the only way change will happen.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Site hits should go up

The Mop linked me, me thinks hits to my assinine site will go up, briefly. What a tangled world we live in.

Vote tomorrow, doesn't matter who for, just vote.

SO I find out today that 2 people I had going to my Boston office for training were turned back by Border Patrol, (apologies to Men at Work) because the agent didn't believe they were going to be trained for 6 months. Great, those 2 got to sit in an airplane for like 60 hours out of a 72 hour period. They had their visas, they went through a U.S. embassy interview, immigration lawyers were all over it. Some agent in the airport decides to make a arbitrary decsion that ends up advrsly affecting not only 2 lives, but the lives of those who they were being trained to relieve, which in the end affects the bottom line, which will end up pissing off customers and investors throughout the world. Unless of course I can pull something out of my ass to cover for it.

So some Agent gets in an argument with there spouse, didn't get cream in their coffee or whatever. The decide that these 2, well documented individuals are some sort of threat and sends them home. I can't believe it. I should believe it though. God Bless the home of the free, so long as you were born here and don't dissent and aren't poor.


Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well UtahCX #5 hurt, alot, average HR of 178 for 63 minutes. I didn't get lapped by the fasties, of course the lap was over 2.25 miles in length, it was a blast, next week the course is in reverse, which means it will likely hurt more. I think I was 6th or 7th, should still hold on to 2nd over all.

Lap Times, Declining again

Sheesh that was painful, but the weather was nice and the course was in awesome shape.

Lyna took 4th in the B women, Her Cross frame should be here this week, hopefully we can build it up for her by next race.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Is it....

All falling apart????

Georgie Boy

Could there be a change comin?

I saw my man Ashdown on the corner of 7th and 21st this a.m. waving with volunteers (He has a really interesting hair cut), couldn't picture Orrin doing that, hmmm, well I can always hope the change would hit Utah, but alas, it likely won't.

Maybe Cannon will blame it all on the meth dealers, the silly liberals and the evils on not believing what he does.

Oops too much politics.

Trying to hook the wife up with a sweet CX frame and fork, so she doesn't have to use the MTB.

Will know tomorrow.

Orrin, Donnie and John rockin it little richard style

The 2008 Republican Ticket (Barry! Barry! Barry!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

What the????

So I was heading to tjhe University of Kentuckys web page a bit ago, to find an e-mail of an old colleague, when this photo greeted Me. Sorry bout the quality.

It is the Judds and Desmond Tutu, oh how the mighty have fallen, Ashley is a UK alumn, but damn, that is a scary picture. Back in the early 90's I was in a wedding with Ashley, well before she made it big in Hollywood. My brush with fame. Colliding worlds, Country music, High dollar actress and a Nobel peace prize winner.Ahhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhh.

So last night was Ali's throwdown in Farmington, good times, blurry vision, snot running 30 minute effort, Jake Pantone and I battled it out the whole time, he got the best of me at the line.