Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Straight Party Ticket and No on Judges

Yeah, contrarian.

So Fox has somethin to say about elections.

Actually, we live in a Republic, as in 'I pledge allegeance to the Republic' our founding fathers, right or wrong, didn't trust the masses. Electoral college is the most visible lasting piece of this lack of trust.

A true democracy would mean that each of us would have a direct say in every piece of legislation, having attended a few council, senate, house etc... meetings in my day, I can tell you that we would never get anything done. It is a nice thought.

Then again true communism is kind of nice sounding. I'm not talking Stalin/Lenin/Mao/Castro etc.'s ideas, I'm talking the true form.

I do not condone at all the corrupt, blind views of the current powers that be.

A parking garage is SO much more important than Dental care for the Disabled. A soccer stadium is more important than affordable housing. Tax breaks for large families are more important to improving our education system.

Come on people it is simple.

It is our right and responsibility to vote, not voting lessens the voice of the people and allows those in the seat of power to continue to do wrong. Stand up, be heard, it is the only way change will happen.

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