Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It makes perfect sense

Sager, et al

Here is USADA's Christmas present to the U.S. sports community and power brokers and insider association boards.

We at USADA are proud of several accomplishments in 2006. It has been a growth year for cleaning up sports (trans. We made a shit load of money and connections for future jobs)

We have sanctioned large number of athletes for violations of rules (trans. we have be confusing, screwing and other wise shock and awing athletes who pay to be pro's, who work full time, raise families and DNF races or ask USADA reps if they need to pee in a cup)

We have righted many wrongs as well (Trans. we have bowed to power brokers and those who promise us jobs in the future by working around rules and procedure to make positive tests backed up by sworn testimony disappear under a cloud of smoke)

We have given a lifetime ban to a repeat offender in a sport he could make a few million in so he has to slum into a sport he can make tens of millions in. (Trans. Your kidding me, right)

That sport has some tough rules to according to Chris Collingsworth;

- The NFL has taken a much tougher stance here. On the first positive, a player is suspended for four games. He is suspended for six games following a second positive, and a third positive will result in at least a one-year suspension.

This is a travesty, but likely to go on and on until we TAKE IT BACK

And then there is this, the owner said that is he was targeting inner city youth he would of called it CRACK.


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