Friday, November 17, 2006

Not a poem, but kind of poetic

My Friend Charles

Memories flooded back this week. Lyna, a week off work, cleaning the basement.

3 Pictures found from the early 90’s. My friend Charles. I miss him.

Winter 1990, Trying to put my life back together, Charles shows up at the place I am living.

Our first meeting consists of me staring at his shoes. He gets defensive, I explain that his fluorescent green laces match those on shoes I have. The friendship begins.

Hanging out, learning to live again, laughing, crying, breakfasts at Alfalfa's, simpler times.

Sometime in around 1991, I remember the exact location. Charles tells me 'Bob, The test came back positive.'

Charles was positive, Charles was happy, his illness advanced quickly, his love of life and friends and fun grew each and every day.

Fast forward a year or 2. Charles in and out of the hospital, still happy, still joyous. No longer my house mate, but still see him regularly. Then the call comes, I go to the hospital. With Meredith and Lyna (who was still just a friend later to be my wife) Charles is not doing so well, He still jokes, he still flirts with everyone, he still asks me which one of these lovely women I am dating.

6 hours later his pain ends, 6 hours later my friend goes to the great unknown.

His memorial service was beautiful, his light shines on, I will never forget the joy he brought to the world, his piece in getting my life back on track, his love.

I miss my friend Charles
. Never forget.

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