Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday in the SLC

Slept in, really in. like almost 11am in, nice, needed that for sure.
Lyna and I rode down to Ty's in Sandy and rode up toward the mouth of LCC, around and down and up from Dimple Dell and then back to Ty's where he went home, Lyna and I then stopped for some 7-11 snacks and spun home. 3 hours outside on a January weekend, overheated a few times. Very Nice.  Pilling called me about 10am or so, uh, I was still asleep. S Bo was out ridin when I called him to see when he was goin out, damn nurse wakes up too early.  Ty made me chase him up a short climb, really he did, my Power spiked at almost 1100, wow, ouch.

I have no idea how to show the axis numbers, dang I-MAC poweragent software.
The Church of the Big Ring is attracting lots of potential capri wearing fixies. Wonder what the Rev really thinks of that?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bandit, you're reckless and you live much too hard....

Yep, ST George looks sweet tomorrow, but rainy Sunday, looks like i am stayin home, next weekend. Road's might be ridable on Saturday though. With decision made, I am sure that the weather will be better than forecasted in Dixie, oh well.

Jerry asked me late last night if I wanted to do Temecula 12 hr race duo with him Saturday. I would love too, IF, there a a private jet to take me and my shit the 700 miles there and back. Alas, the team 757 is booked for the weekend.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday was still not so cold

So another 1.5 on the road on sunday. Good times, actually warmer than Saturday, yet Monday morning I wake up and it is nuking snow, crazy, made it to work and realized many would choose not to, oh well, lots to do anyways.

EatSleep I can tell you that  Saturdays ride consisted of 45 minutes above 180 watts average, was gong to try and hit 60 minutes, but then the ride gradually went Downhill, literally. Plus I am notorious in my winter effort to go extremely slow and not put out too many watts.

I will say that last weekends effort on Sunday. 5.5 hours I was likely at @ 140-150 watt average. My buddy has a pt on his mtb and we road most of the day together, but he weighs a bit less than me.

St George Friday after work for 2 days of fun in the sun.  EDIT: Well damn, forecasting rain and snow in South Utah as well as Vegas, so maybe a Moab trip instead? Dang, have to keep an eye on the weather this week for sure.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not so cold

Hit the gym today, then talked myself into a bit over an hour outside on the road bike. Felt good to be on my normal training routes, not too cold either.

Work took an extremely unexpected turn this week. My job just became significantly more complex, but that pales in comparison to what happens to my coworkers,  The 2008 race season is going to have a new focus, for sure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I never did a 2007 review...

Maybe later, but i do have a few 2008 goals.

1. Don't let Brad K or Jamie P beat me too often, on their Luddite machines.
2. Don't let Rich bully me into even considering racing anything other than expert
3. Bring in 2009 not doing this or this I mean, i am a wuss in January, and various other times during the year as well. BK said he wouldn't post the one photo, I told him to go ahead, cause I like to advertise my wussiness.

ALl in all I wanna have fun, stay healthy, ride fast and win a race or 2 or 25.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 hours 20 minutes.....

50+ miles, 5000 plus feet of climbing, 143 average HR, shitload of wind, a little mud, a couple thousand calories eaten, sore back, sore, well, that place that contacts the saddle, longest single day mtb ride in a few years. Close to 12 hours in 3 days, largest training block ever, this early. Low motivation for ride longer than an hour tomorrow, but I am glad I did it, maybe.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

St Jorge Day 1 and 2

Made it down Friday around 1:30 or so, Jerry and I went out for about 2:45, old tortoise trail to Paradise, burned two laps at paradise then took road back to cars, drove over to church rocks and did a quick lap there with Kim C.

Indohran made it down and we went to dinner at Outback, mmm steak.

I decided to bag to 9 am camp Linda ride and instead rode with Jerry and Danny, 3.5 hours.

Zen trail, then down Bear Paw to Stucki, over to Barrel Roll and down towards race course, I was blown 1 hour in. I will ride with all the enduro freaks Sunday.

The New Scalpel is Rockin, still need to dial some things in.

The straight line down from ZEN is cause i accidentally turned the Garmin off.

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The Photos Below show the Bear Paw and Stucki trails from up top on the Zen trail

Monday, January 07, 2008

my race attire was far better than the party attire

The race was 'fun?' really kind of cold and short, I decided to give up about 1/3 of the way into the first lap, then just rode around the course for 45 minutes, luckily Bart lapped me for the second time right before the finish, he took the sprint over me as well, bastard. Blaze, DNF'd, after making sure everyone else either flatted or got balled up on the off camber section, he actually sat down, pulled out a bong made out of a truck transmission and took a few hits while throwing rocks at us, that guy needs some friends.

Trust Me, it looks much better live.

photos stolen from Wasmund

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Posts

on the other hand....

Looks like Wellen's wishes Blaze's father woul of put a helmet on his,ahem, well you know.....