Thursday, August 30, 2007

My License from USA Cycling????

So i could rant about not sending a full contingent to worlds, or the political nature of choosing who goes to worlds, or the conflict of interests involved at all levels of USA cycling or the lack of prize money, or the kowtowing to money and power or etc.... etc..... etc..... But i won't. (oh wait, i just did)

Lets focus on the confusing categorizations on my license.

I asked for a cat3 to cat2 cx upgrade in case i need it to do nationals and/or usgp races. I also at one point thought I might go do star crossed and didn't want to race in the masters 3/4. Really I did it so that I can assure I get a good asskicking when I race cross, cause why else would I do it? Thanks to my stellar, or not, UTCX results over the last 5 years, I got the upgrade.

So on the mountain-bike I am an Expert, Sport, Sport, Beginner.

On the road I am a 4, a 5 yet I can race with the Masters who are mostly 3's and 1/2's.

In Cyclocross I am a 2.

Mountain Racer
Endurance/XC Expert
Gravity/DH Sport
Mtn Cross/DS Sport
Observed Trials Beginner

Road Racer
Road Cat 4
Track Cat 5

USAC Racer
Cyclo-cross Cat 2

I hope their database doesn't go down.

Monday, August 27, 2007

CX Photos


Saturday was a very early start for the 2007 CX season, too early for me, coming off a few rest weeks and little to zero efforts, combined with stifling heat, led to a painful day. I was DFL in the 35+A group, with a few laps in the top 3 at the start, at least i was not over the edge in the beginning, about 25 minutes in my body started to get all tingly, backing off to avoid heat stroke seemed reasonable. My HR progressively went up, while my speed went the opposite direction, check it out.

Lyna had a tough race with the Mistress, she was able to pull away in the end for the W in women's A's.

The highlight of the day had to be Climb-Ums split open forehead in season 2 of the Skinny Cyclists play football misadventure.

Sunday was another 'Group' Ride in PC. Chad, Ron, Warren, Shannon, Drew and Jim were the males contingent. Lyna, TC and Jenny were the females, early on the ladies decided they had enough of us males. So Chad led us on another bushwhacking adventure. It has been awhile since I had to lie my belly on my saddle, while hoping my rear wheel doesn't do a 'Sherwin' on my ass. If you are one who has been complaining about the dumbing down of the Pipeline and Temple Quarry, head up to PC and hit some of the Spur trails off of the beaten paths to get your skill building on.

3 hours ride time and 4.5 hours after leaving the car we returned, satisfied. SO much for an easy week.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

mmmmmm carbon

Thanks Chris E! Now I am ready for CX!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where did the week go

Saturday 8/11, PC 3 hour ride with Shannon B, Brian, Ty and Theresa.

Sunday 8/12, A whole lot of nothing, except brunch at eggs in the city, grocery, cooked dinner, packed.

Monday 8/13, flew to Boston.

Thursday 8/16 1:30 am MST, wake up to catch flight home to SLC. flight lands 10am, home and run some errands. OH YEAH 10 year anniversary, except Lyna has commitment from 7-8. She also found out she was a runner up in PUA's pit contest that day.

Friday 8/17, no workie, Lyna's name in lights I am quite sure i have never been in the MTB round up. Went and hung out at the shop and went and road a lap of the Stan Crane course in Draper. It was hot, dry, sandy and loose. That night off to Akasaka fro Sushi for Nathan's b-day, then to his and Cami's house for cake.

Saturday 8/18 supposed to do 2-3 hours up in PC, pouring rain on the mountain cam, change oo plans, 2 hours in Draper. We get to the parking lot and it is spitting on and off, every one shows up it rains harder and lets up, we take off, rain starts getting heavier, we get just a bit up clarks trail and determine, the mud was too bad, we turn around and head towards the golf course and the trails were awesome, the weather broke and the ride ended up super fun, we climbed up the new singletrack by the air park cut off till it ended, back down, out to the air park and then back down to the pool, down the finish of the XC course and back to the cars. It was Lyna's first mtb ride since the day after Evanston, Ty, Steve, Jim, Shannon, Drew and George where there as well.

tomorrow is 2-3 in PC on Buff trails, yeaaaaaahhhh

Friday, August 10, 2007

She almost won

Lyna entered Pua's pit contest a few weeks back, the winner was announced today, she did not win, but she did get mentioned as a runner up.

I went to Outdoor Retailer today, holy crap, that shit is not fun. I felt like i was in hell.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Because it is eating into their profits????

I don't even know what to say.

Idiotic Maybe

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All Time Winnings

In the last week i have more than doubled my all time Bike Racing winnings. I feel like a real professional now.

Saturday I got 20 bucks for second place. Last night I got 150 for 3rd overall for the solitude series. That brings the all time winnings to 320 bucks, I should quit my job, buy a van and go pro, or not.

The Solitude series was awesome. The overall winner in expert took home 375 BUCKS, male and female.

I got a sweet pair of sandals a few other nice raffle prizes earlier in the year and Lyna won 100 bucks for third place overall sport (she only did 3 of the 6 races)

Next year they are looking to have more races, same deal, sponsor cash starts the pot, then it is 100% of entry fees into the pot for payout for expert and sport. Great raffle prizes and fun course.

Thanks Jay and Scott.

I wonder if the IRS knows about my winnings?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wolverine Ridge

I really didn't want to name the post that, but what else would I. Seems i get a lot of hits for people searching Wolverin in Eastern Europe.

Whatever. I was looking forward to the race. The only problem is that it means the season, at least the icup season, is over. Well, it is just time to get ready for CX.

I was really looking for a win this year, having come so close several times, I was feeling fit and rested. We had a pretty good sized group at the start, more than 10. Paz was there. To hold onto the season championship I needed to stay within one finisher of him, so winning would do that, right?

Jay Petervary was there, he won the GDR earlier this year, so he would either be going fasst with fitness or not. Jay took off from the start, this is how he won Deer Valley in 2006 and done well in other Icup races, I got on his wheel, he hesitated where the course split for the finish singletrack, so i got around him. I got to drop to the bridge in 1st, wich was nice, cause i was worried about what the rain had done to it. Jay got around me right before the lap area, but I stayed on his wheel. About 10 minutes in Paz was with us, him and Jay went through the techy rough sections faster, but i caught on them on the wide open section before the Service road climb, We were pretty close on the service road, Jay then Paz then me, Jay had to dismount a few times on the steep singletrack, i got around him towards the top, Paz was outa there. Jay caught back on me descending the road towards Deadmans. Paz was still off the front. Chad W.(pro) caught back up to me and we worked together to push through the lap area, as a result I got around Jay right at the neutral feed area, I rode with Brock Cannon(ex19-29) for a while and got into the steep singletrack before him, he seemed to want to power up it, as apposed to me wanting to spin so he went on. I was pushing it on the DH, cause i did not want anyone to catch me, Rob W (40+) caught on me and we stayed together up and over deadmans and on towards the lap area, he dropped me a bit, but then i almost went OTB at 25mph and an adrenaline rush got me back on him, then I saw Newby coming and pushed it quite a bit in heading up to the return route. Rob W got around me when I took a corner too wide, but I ended up holding onto second in the race.

Lyna had an awesome race for second, she had tire issues pre-race that kept her worried the whole time.

I ended up with the series championship, nice since is my last time in 30-39, 40+ here I come, let Rob W start whoopin my ass.

Lyna ended up with the sport women season championship, she feels bad, Jenelle had it sealed, but was sick for the final weekend.

Team Revolution got the Series Championship trophy back, which is awesome.

Great year for everyone on the team and another great ICUP season. Ed is a master at his craft, keeping it fair, fun and well organized. I don't know why I would ever choose another race or series over this one, great competition, great courses and great leadership. Good course markings, timely, correct results and consistent prizes. If you do not live in Utah, you need to come try these on for size. Oh yeah, at least for now, you don't need a Norba license to race either.

Lyna and Ryan (standing in for Jenelle)

Me, Paz and Ryan