Thursday, August 30, 2007

My License from USA Cycling????

So i could rant about not sending a full contingent to worlds, or the political nature of choosing who goes to worlds, or the conflict of interests involved at all levels of USA cycling or the lack of prize money, or the kowtowing to money and power or etc.... etc..... etc..... But i won't. (oh wait, i just did)

Lets focus on the confusing categorizations on my license.

I asked for a cat3 to cat2 cx upgrade in case i need it to do nationals and/or usgp races. I also at one point thought I might go do star crossed and didn't want to race in the masters 3/4. Really I did it so that I can assure I get a good asskicking when I race cross, cause why else would I do it? Thanks to my stellar, or not, UTCX results over the last 5 years, I got the upgrade.

So on the mountain-bike I am an Expert, Sport, Sport, Beginner.

On the road I am a 4, a 5 yet I can race with the Masters who are mostly 3's and 1/2's.

In Cyclocross I am a 2.

Mountain Racer
Endurance/XC Expert
Gravity/DH Sport
Mtn Cross/DS Sport
Observed Trials Beginner

Road Racer
Road Cat 4
Track Cat 5

USAC Racer
Cyclo-cross Cat 2

I hope their database doesn't go down.


Forrest said...

Another reason USA cycling sucks and kills the sport. One of many reasons I stopped racing for 5 years. Its just easier to race the non sanctioned races we have here and flip USA cycling the bird. You will never see me become a card carrying member again.

Daren said...

Hey Bob,

For Nationals, do you have to be a 2 to race Masters? I've been looking and can't find anything other than you need to have a licence and be the correct age. I'm a Cat 3 cross and now I'm worried I might need to be a 2 to race Nationals. Please let me know what you know.


drrna said...

No category requirement for masters 'cross nationals. It says so in black and white on the Sportsbase link. Cat 1/2 for Elites.

StupidBike said...

ooh, i can race elite now, dang.

i should do it just to say i did.

StupidBike said...

or not