Monday, August 27, 2007


Saturday was a very early start for the 2007 CX season, too early for me, coming off a few rest weeks and little to zero efforts, combined with stifling heat, led to a painful day. I was DFL in the 35+A group, with a few laps in the top 3 at the start, at least i was not over the edge in the beginning, about 25 minutes in my body started to get all tingly, backing off to avoid heat stroke seemed reasonable. My HR progressively went up, while my speed went the opposite direction, check it out.

Lyna had a tough race with the Mistress, she was able to pull away in the end for the W in women's A's.

The highlight of the day had to be Climb-Ums split open forehead in season 2 of the Skinny Cyclists play football misadventure.

Sunday was another 'Group' Ride in PC. Chad, Ron, Warren, Shannon, Drew and Jim were the males contingent. Lyna, TC and Jenny were the females, early on the ladies decided they had enough of us males. So Chad led us on another bushwhacking adventure. It has been awhile since I had to lie my belly on my saddle, while hoping my rear wheel doesn't do a 'Sherwin' on my ass. If you are one who has been complaining about the dumbing down of the Pipeline and Temple Quarry, head up to PC and hit some of the Spur trails off of the beaten paths to get your skill building on.

3 hours ride time and 4.5 hours after leaving the car we returned, satisfied. SO much for an easy week.

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Anonymous said...

damn dragracers, I knew we were smart to split up!