Thursday, December 30, 2010

The year that was..... Bike racin....

The defining characteristic of my 2010 race campaign was a red ribbon. Well, at least theoretically. I went into the season with different expectations and motivations, the ICup races were to be training opportunities to help prepare me for endurance races, I only finished 1 mid week race, with DNF's in a few others due to flat tires or legs. I did no prescribed intervals at all riding hard a few times a week and having fun the rest of the time. I did no road bike rides from early April until the day after Christmas. I did close to 10 rides of 4 hours + mostly from my front door to dirt. I completed my first 12 hour solo race. Most of all I had fun.

I won a single race in 2010 - Snowbird, it came 2 weeks post 12 hour race, my body was in prime fitness. I took 7 2nd places.

Draper - BK tried hard to push me to third on the last lap, but my practices of attacking on the silica pit helped give me a gap to the finish line. I need to win this race some day.

Deer Valley - I wanted this one bad, I led for 3/4th's of the race, halfway through the last lap, Kevin came by and I could not hold on. Good fun on cold evening in June. Plus I got to Stay up most of the night cleaning and boxing my bike for an early morning flight to Kentucky for....
12 hours of Capital View - SUnday racing, no expectations, fun 8 mile lap, high temps, high humidity, unknown to me till the end, I was in the lead for 6 hours, had a bit of a melt down at 9-10 hours, regrouped and pulled out a strong 2nd.

Jackson Hole - Chris Bingham decided to come out of retirement for the last TEton race, we had god fun beating up on each other for the first lap, then my legs remembered the beating they had take 6 days earlier.
The Park City Point To Point - I had the perfect race, less than 5 minutes off the bike, perfect fueling, a spot of bother from John's to Steps, but great otherwise. Only 50 minutes behind first, hah.

UTCX #9 - Got the hole shot, led for half a lap, Sager comes around then i work hard to keep it upright on the ice and snow, holding off Wasmund..

UTCX #10 - Bad start, Rico gets a gap, Christian and I have a nice battle for a few laps, then I gap him and finish in the old familiar spot.

Had a blast this year, with some personal records, shaved 20 minutes+ off my Laramie enduro time, hit my goal time for the Whiskey off road, proved I had the mental cahones to ride for 12+hours. Had fun, spent time with friends and made new friends.

Happy New Year everyone.