Saturday, February 28, 2009

A nice day on the bikey

While the good doctor was making fun of me I was getting a good few hours in on the road. I headed up the back way to Mill Creek canyon, via poop (tanner) park. I did a few small intervals. I love doing intervals on 27th south, starting just east of 20th east. The speed bumps slow down the cars and I tend to freak them out. 

Headed up Mill Creek, made it to just past the inn, before my limited attire and wet roads had me turn around. 

As I was coming up on Wasatch I saw a few Revolution-Peak Fastener riders, then Thinner attacking them. Turns out he was putting the hurt on his dad and Dana Harrison and a few others, I rode with them over to the U and up into the avenues, where we ran into AG in his new colors.

We headed towards sugarhood, since he lives about 2 locks from me.

Good sunny ride. No photos, except of my new secret weapon soda.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Leadville consequences

If you were planning on entering the Laramie Enduro and have not already registered, well, it is too late, there is a wait list though.

I may not be doing it, since it is the same day as the Icup finals, but i registered just in case.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Southern Ut Trip 3, Day 2

Ken, the Sherwin's and I met DJ and Quentin for dinner Saturday night, always good to see them. Bryce was supposed to have a party, but Cimaron was sickly, so dinner instead. We made plans to meet at Quentin and DJ's shop around 11:30 Sunday to head up to the Goulds, Jem, Hurricane rim area for 3 hours of fun.

We headed up to Goulds from the antenna lot, had to cut of the section from the corralls to 59, due to mud, headed down the dirt road, turned right up Jem and rode to the base of the drop off into the canyon on the upper part, turned around and bombed down Jem, a fw miles before the Hurricane rim turn pff, Quentin directed us to a stealth trail, that took us directly to Chinatown was, where hurricane rim crosses. We went on Hurrincane rim back towards the Jem and then rosad the Jem to the northern most end, turnd around and road back to the dirt road crossin, crossed 59 and then did Goulds in reverse. Instead of bombing down the Dirt road back to the cars, Quentin led us down a cow path, we got fresh tracks on a soon to be nice trail.

31 miles total, 3 hours, we were all pretty shot. My arms are ink from sunburn.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

South Utah trip 3, day 1

Ken and I took off outa SLC at 7:30 am and met up with the Sherwins around noonish and headed out for a ride.

We hit Race course, Zen and Bear Claw(Paw?) poppy down and back, good 2.5 hours of fun. I good fashion, in the last 10 mintes of the ride I smacked a rock real good and snake bit the front tire.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Suncrest in February

Ty, Ryan K., MK an I met at the shop this morning at 11 for a 2-3 hour ride. I was supposed to be doing 3x10 minute efforts, the first one was about 10 minutes in as we turned left off of 9th east in Sandyr and climbed our way up to Wasatch, in a very hard to follow way.

Ryan then dropped us all hard on the descent towards Draper on Wasatch, the headwind towards the EQ center was brutal. About halfway to the Chevron, MK bailed (something about a movie).

The head/Crosswind to the Chevron Left turn was nasty. The next 2 ten minute efforts came as part of the Suncrest Northside climb. The wind was bad, no compact crank and a 27 cassette was difficult to keep it moving forward. We lost RYan somewhere on the climb. Ty and I descended the south side, it was cold, turned around and did an easy paced climb back up.

It is good to climb, even though I thought at times I was going to have a heart attack an/or hyperventilate.

Time for a nap.

.... Meanwhile, the best quotes ever related to stolen Astana bikes

Team liaison Ben Coates of Trek said Armstrong’s bike “is the only one of its kind and can be easily spotted,” speckled as it is with the slobber of doe-eyed fanboys with man-crushes.

The others, belonging to Janez Brajkovic, Steve Morabito and Yaroslav Popovych, are indistinguishable from the jillions of other Madone 6.9 Pros ridden to mid-pack finishes in industrial-park crits worldwide by potbellied masters racers.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Day 3

Red Rock Cycles filled the need for a bike on Sunday. I am eternally grateful to Ryan and Doug and the rest. Kathy and I headed out to the Upper Graveyard Trail head for some exploring. We hit a lot of trails and Double track and still more trails and double track. Saw some sweet Petroglyphs. about 1,5 hours later we stopped at the car for refueling and deciding where to go. We took our time trying to find a dirt way over to the doubletrack leading to Barrel Roll, but we decided to take the road, about 15 -20 minutes later we were entering the trail.
Something amazing happens on technical sections when you are a skinny XC race type and you are on a bike with trail bike like geometry, a bit more travel and 2.2 tires (and 203 rotors) WOW, I felt like a super hero, It was a blast, for the first time, I cleared everything thing on the trail without a single dab or hesitation, good times. I won't be getting rid of the Scalpel anytime soon though.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought, 'What the Hell is that?!?!?!?'

Really, what the hell?