Monday, February 23, 2009

Southern Ut Trip 3, Day 2

Ken, the Sherwin's and I met DJ and Quentin for dinner Saturday night, always good to see them. Bryce was supposed to have a party, but Cimaron was sickly, so dinner instead. We made plans to meet at Quentin and DJ's shop around 11:30 Sunday to head up to the Goulds, Jem, Hurricane rim area for 3 hours of fun.

We headed up to Goulds from the antenna lot, had to cut of the section from the corralls to 59, due to mud, headed down the dirt road, turned right up Jem and rode to the base of the drop off into the canyon on the upper part, turned around and bombed down Jem, a fw miles before the Hurricane rim turn pff, Quentin directed us to a stealth trail, that took us directly to Chinatown was, where hurricane rim crosses. We went on Hurrincane rim back towards the Jem and then rosad the Jem to the northern most end, turnd around and road back to the dirt road crossin, crossed 59 and then did Goulds in reverse. Instead of bombing down the Dirt road back to the cars, Quentin led us down a cow path, we got fresh tracks on a soon to be nice trail.

31 miles total, 3 hours, we were all pretty shot. My arms are ink from sunburn.

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Derek said...

I was hoping to do the loop on Thursday. Do you think the mud will be gone by then as I won't have the luxury of OTE guides?

StupidBike said...

stop by the shop, it is in hurricane, right before you head up the hill, they can give you info and directions.

I expect the portions we skipped might still be muddy this week, but could be wrong. The cut off is pretty easy to follow.