Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And so it begins

2009, 2.25 hours in the tank. 45 minutes at a time, lots of BG episodes to watch when the winter blows in.

Happy new year, Thursday should be a nice snowy hill climb and Saturday will be a muddy wet mess.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So I was at the Whole Foods

This evening, after dinner at Sampan with Lyna.

--side note-- Sampan used to be a regular for us, but it got old, took a few years off and have rediscovered their fresh spring rolls and hot&sour soup again, very nice.--close side note--

So, at Whole Foods, got a cart, put my 3 bags in it, pick up some pears, berries and stuff, head over to the meat counter to look around, trying to figure out something for an appetizer for Christmas Dinner Thursday. grab the cart and wander aimlessly for about 10 minutes, head back towards the meat counter, and in resignation that I was not going to figure anything out, hung my head and looked at the kiddy seat area, where I put my bags and noticed that these were in fact, not my bags, and there was some 5 pound wrapped hunk of some sort of meat in the cart and not my fruits. I looked left, then right and there was my cart, sitting all lonely. I switched carts and mumbled something to the guy behind the counter and went away from that area quickly, at least there wasn't a kid in the cart. With new found excitement, I came up with simple, yet effective appetizer ideas and finished my shopping.

With that in mind, how the hell can In N Out claim Our American Cheese is the Real Thing when American Cheese isn't even cheese?

The following is stolen from Wikipedia

American cheese is a common processed cheese. It is orange, yellow, or white in color and mild in flavor, with a medium-firm consistency, and melts easily. It has traditionally been made from a blend of cheeses, most often Colby and Cheddar. Today’s American cheese is generally no longer made from a blend of all-natural cheeses, but instead is a processed cheese (i.e., it is manufactured from a set of ingredients[1] such as milk, whey, milkfat, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, salt) which meets the legal definition of cheese.
The common use of the marketing label “American Cheese” for “processed cheese” combined with the prevalence of processed cheese in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world has led to the term American cheese being used in the United States synonymously in place of processed cheese. Moreover, the term “American cheese” has a legal definition as a type of pasteurized process cheese under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. The legal definition is discussed in the article on processed cheese.

Speaking of Wikipedia have you seen this?

An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales

Dude, really, are you inept, insane? incredibly altruistic? I like the idea, but if you hire me for 3% of your current operating budget, I can guarantee you a steady revenue stream that will keep the lights on and provide free info to all. And the IRS won't have a problem with it either, I swear.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Brief Literature search

Brought upon by this assault on Grape Shasta.

The author discusses the fact that when they spill diet coke, it is not sticky. Well, I'll take sticky over poison any day.

Roberts HJ. Overlooked aspartame-induced hypertension.[comment]. [Comment. Letter] Southern Medical Journal. 101(9):969, 2008 Sep.

Jacob SE. Stechschulte S. Formaldehyde, aspartame, and migraines: a possible connection. [Case Reports. Journal Article] Dermatitis. 19(3):E10-1, 2008 May-Jun.

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It goes on, some say there is negligible effect others sy there is great risk and we all have poison in our life, but I quit drinking out of those old Nalgene bottles too. I never did buy stock in Sigg though. Plus Diet coke taste like crap. Mexi Coke is the answer. Leave the Shasta alone!!!

Last week at the Tuesday lunch ride lunch replacement Dug, Brad and I were discussing workplace issues. I mentioned our lack of HR, office management and reception. We all do a little bit of our own part, late last week the dishwasher was clean, the sink filling up and a few people were taking their donated dishes home in protest. I sent out a short email Friday am stating I had 5 bucks to whomever would unload the dishwasher and had independent verification. Presto, about 10 minutes later it was empty and no one ever claimed the 5 spot, maybe cause I took them all out to lunch for the holidays, wonder what I'll have to do next time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My last couple of posts have been Fox-Like boring.

So, in an attempt to liven things up...

I have been dreaming of surfing lately. I am way addicted to Kauai, in particular the North Shore. Something about the place further relaxes and soothes me beyond belief. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out how to spend a whole lot more time there, keep my job and continue to train for mtb racing. I think maybe a couple hundred grand will do it. hmm, how to get the cash??

Every year, around this time, after hundreds of hours sent on the bike, more hours planning and traveling. More hours directing a large team and oh yeah, life in general, I wonder what the hell I do all of this for? Will I continue? What would of happened if I would of started racing at 23 instead of 33? and on and on.

I can't really answer all of the questions, but I do know a few things. I will continue to race. The years of training and racing I do have under my belt have proven to make me smarter, smarter training, smarter resting, smarter racing, smarter eating, smarter fun having. It all matters, mostly the fun.

Sunday I went up to the 'tude to ride the board. I rode the ski bus, which is always interesting. There was a guy on the bus, with new ski boots on, with the price tag and other tags still attached. He was telling a couple all about Utah skiing and his daughter kept asking him, have you skied there?, He said no to every ski resort. He then was telling the bis driver that he needed to be dropped off at the first Solitude entrance, and thought it might be helpful to give the driver directions.  I'm not judging, it was just entertaining.

Solitudes snow cover is very thin, I still found some non icy area and so soft snow off the sides, I tried out the new Apex and Moonbeam lifts, which are both bearable now in time and comfort. Still 2 new moonbeams in like 3 years, someone made a big mistake.  I like being on the mountain, I like riding in powder, but really, I just don't so much like snowboarding otherwise. I know the answer is likely to get a split board and do some self propulsion up some safer peaks, but 500-1000 bucks for a board, 300 bucks for a Pieps and them some, really cuts into my 2nd home in Hanalei fund. Then come January, I will be heading to St G or Vegasss for 3 day weekends of dirt and it won't matter again.

Good job to everyone at nationals. Ali, I know you were gracious in recounting your race to your son, but, I think it is a travesty that AJM races masters. The rules need to change, at least the same rules as Masters worlds (For short, no racey if you are in the top 200 in UCI points), It is just wrong. Same goes for the women. Ridiculous. That and I like how Tilford's category races on Friday so he can recover for Sunday. Pork Barrel promoting.

There is a real risk of cx peaking out, promoters and governing bodies need to tread lightly, move people up when it is right, keep it fun and don't let people take advantage of each other.

I bet those who race mostly on the road will not be as worried about this as those who race mostly on the MTB, because, masters MTB nationals is age categorized, but, you have to be and expert (now cat 1) If you have a pro license, sorry, you race pro. Field sizes will continue to go down at CX nationals unless this changes, just watch.  

They should also think about having ELite and Amateurs at different locations/times, so that the women and older men do not have to be all mixed together. Will it happen, well, again, if it does not, field sizes will shrink.

I'll be emailing USA cycling about this, but, they won't listen.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

CX Nationals Day 2

Tanner Cottle takes 18th in a stacked Junior race.

Kris Walker WINS the 45-49 Woman's Championship

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time for my Annual year in Review

Related to the Biking and all that, hopefully I won't repeat myself. 2008 was a good year for me on the bike, decent off the bike in some areas, horrible off the bike in others.

First Some stats

About 402 hours on Bike, who knows the miles, it is all about hours, quality hours.

Trainer - 23 rides for 21.5 hours, less than 1 hour average per ride, longest ride 2 hours, Nice.
Road - 78 rides for 123 hours, just over 1.5 hours per ride, longest ride 3.5 hours
MTB - 109 rides for 215 hours, Just under 2 hour average, longest ride 5.5 hours, 13 rides over 3 hours
Cyclocross-22 rides for 33 hours, 1.5 hour average, longest ride, 2 hours, pretty much every race day warm up, race, cool down. 

That adds up to 232 days on the bike, so far in 2008 and about 1.75 hours per ride. Thats how its done.

Well on to less numeric things.

1. Best Training Ride of the year. Even though it included lots of double track, 30 mph headwinds on the downhill, scary High Tension power lines and a bit of mud on Stuckey, Day 2 of Camp Lynda was awesome. Great company, good bike time and I got to know the new Scalpel very well that day. I also learned that riding without my Ergon grips was  a bad idea. a close second is the Crest-PC ride with Ty, Shannon, Jen and Carl.

2. The 2008 Paz Ortiz Nemesis of the year Award goes to Chris Bingham. With the exception of Draper(more to come) every race post my first 08 win at Soldier Hollow that both Chris and I raced in I got 2nd to his win, if he didn't show up, I won. That is good fun right there.

3. Most satisfying 2nd place of the year.  Stan Crane Memorial. While I wanted to win for Stan, BK's message was more timely, well at least the 'Win Susan' half. It was also fun to see him so psyched on his home trail. I hope to have my revenge in 09.

4. I had 2 'Perfect' races in 2008. Soldier Hollow, I went to the front early and held on to the end even though I had Jack breathing down my neck for most of the race, i kept calm and rode my race. It was nice as it came after a string of last lap blow ups. The 2nd one was the Deer Valley national. Carl V and Sam M were the only locals in my category, so the rest were unknown, I rode conservative up little stick, which is way out of character for me, passed Tim Butler on the first part of the village climb and got around another rider at the first part of the snow top descent. I rode a good second lap and caught up with Carson C from Mad Dog (in another category), and we worked together on lap 3, I gapped him on the snow top descent and went in for a victor by almost 2 minutes.

5. Least perfect and Ironic race of the year would be the Brian Head National. I love that course, one big lap, lots of elevation and fun technical downhills. Before we all headed up from Parowan for the race, Alex G was putting stans in his tires, I gave him shit for doing it so close to race time. Fore Shadowing.  Racer and I were pulling the front group back about 2/3rds or more into the race,  We start going down Dark Hollow and I rip a hole in my tire, a small, sealable hole, except there was NO STANS in my tire. A few hours later after teammate Monique gave me a tube and air I limped into the finish. Dumbass.

6. Best Race trip of the year. This is a hard one, Jackson was great, but the Gooseberry ride the day after Cholla was better.

7. CX season, wow that was hard, 2007 I could ride at the front of most of the CX races. 2008 got a lot faster. I held on as best as I could, had fun and will be back for more in 2009.

2008 could be considered my best season on the bike, multiple wins, in a hard fought competitive category. But in the end it is about having fun and meeting people. I met a lot of new people this year, made more friendships and enjoyed the community again. The trails in Draper have been a big positive change, although I live in Sugarhood, those trails are a blast and the break from shoreline north. I didn't make it up to PC as much as the past due to these trails, well that and the gas prices.

2009 training begins in a few weeks, already got several St G training trips in the works, good times.

CX Nationals

In the U29 B Men group, Tanner took 13th and Caveman took 21st, looks like the young Cottle will be racing with he A's in 2009.

Daren Cottle takes 9th in the B Men's 40+

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I didn't Come in last

But, I was the last guy who didn't race twice or have a mechanical.  The course was fun. The Hill was painful. It was way too warm fro December. Dr. Cross made me cry at the end of the race, even though he had 2 bike changes and had a team mate crash in front of him.

My HR was good during the race, just had no power. My mind was still at the beach

Lyna and Anna came down to watch.

Good to see all types off people out there trying it out. Kris,  Carl and others. Once again, the ghetto tubeless served me well.  Lots of flats today.  The Cannondale Quiver has been good to me this year.

Sunday looks to be some MTB time either on the Shoreline north or Draper. There is a shop road ride at 10am as well if you are interested.

Oh yeah, I made it through a full season of CX without getting lapped by the Caveman, small victories.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I wanna go back