Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and the desert shall bloom

Grizzly got spit out by the big fish. Good on Gro - Promotions for getting it done. I expect they were working on that solution while the Monday morning quarterbacks were throwing interceptions.

I'm good at complaining about complainers, but i really like positivity in my life. It makes a difference.

As Bartman mentioned in his comment, 'Get Ready' cause nothing runs perfectly.

We at MTBRaceProductions are ready for that. Our biggest worry is timing. Weather contingencies are part of the planning. One being cancellation. I can tell you that land owners and insurance carriers take this stuff seriously and there are costs for moving a date. Significant costs. We also have a very clear policy on this. It's in the fine print :) We are kind of flexible though.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The energy being expended today on the events that transpired over the weekend in St. George should be directed elsewhere. I may be Tilting Windmills, but seriously folks. It is just a bike race, and circumstances led the organization to shut it down to protect the racers, the trails and themselves.

I understand your frustration, but a public lashing out is, to me, childish. Everything happened quickly and I know that they did the best they could given the circumstances.

Everyone who expects perfection needs to look in the mirror.

PERSPECTIVE. My friend Jen would have loved to race, finishing or not. Garrett Smith's family would prefer he was still enjoying the mountains. The people of Japan would love to be able to have some fun. Soldiers in the far corners of the world, would love the opportunity to ride, free from worry.

Yet we complain about an arbitrary race placing on some website that only a few will ever read, for some sense of self satisfaction.

The journey is more important than the destination, in my opinion.


Monday, March 07, 2011

Desert Rampage

Went as expected, for me, although I blew up later in lap 3 than normal and only lost 3 minutes, in a half a mile section. Lap times 29-30-33.5ish. Didn't come in last though. Glad all the upgraded sportos beat me. That was a goal of mine.

Lyna had a great race back in sport, likely lost 3 or 4 spots, because she stopped to help a competitor who had a flat. She is too nice.

The team flop house was good times, hanging out, going to bed early. Olive Garden in St. G on a Friday night with a part of 11, bad idea......

Noah T crushed in his first race in Revolution Colors, should be a good year for him. Other new Revo riders were out in force as well, Ellen (World Champ) Guthrie, Paz (2008 Nemesis) Ortiz, Sally Fairbairn and others....

Sundays group ride was a blast, Bear Claw to hidden Stucki wash Climb to Rim trails to Barrel Roll to connector wash followed by smash burger.

Not so happy to be home for 5 days and then onto Beijing for a week, should be great prep for True Grit.