Sunday, September 30, 2007

Worlds Collide

No, not tha race a month ago, not many people realize it, but this is something I never would of predicted, ever. My Alma Mater in the top 10, no not in basketball either.

GO Cats

Race report after i quit being dizzy and tired.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

CX Weather


So, looks like Fort B. will be possibly full of slimy fun. Good times.

Interbike came and went, a cesspool Vegas is, I still smell like cigarettes. Made some good contacts, 2008 should be good. The Crpss Vegas race was fun to watch, Newby, Chris D, Alex Grant, Brandon Firth and I were all near the run up, as I told Dr X there were a bunch of belligerent drunks, wearing capris with hip messenger bags throwing full cans of beer at the racers, what jackasses, they would feel right at home at a high school kegger. The police came and removed them at the end of the race.

Ali, Jon G and Sager lined up, had decent races, Sam Krieg had a sweet fall/somersault/ remount. it almost looked like he meant to do it.

Made it to the CX practice Thursday night, good workout, hopefully we will have more of them.

In laws were in town and we had dinner Thurs. and Fri.

What the HELL is Bettini trying to do, claiming that drawing his blood is in violation of his human rights?? He can't be serious, what a tool, now he is suing a newspaper over a story, asshole. He is right up there with Cyclocrosses biggest ass, Bart Wellens.

Dr X. Here are my 'grass' photos.

Back Yard, what is green is just a bit of grass and mostly weeds, we do have an open irrigation ditch back there too.

Side yard, no grass

Front yard, grass is where there is 95% shade, watered about 5 times a summer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Happens in...

Head out tonight for Interbike, thanking 2007 sponsors and looking for 2008 new ones. I will also get a chance to go spectate Cross Vegas.

I got a room off the strip, cheaper and less madness, but likely will only sleep there. The last week of riding has been uneventful, all on the CX bike, did the Thursday night Bike Practice, and lots of time on the shoreline as well as a trip to Wheeler, I did not get any goatheads, but there are millions of them there.

The In-Laws arrive in town on Thursday evening sometime, in the middle of some western bus our, we will be able to have dinner with them a few times before the head out on Saturday morning.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Lots of stuff going on..

Got back last night from the 24 Hours of Targhee, I think everyone else there were locals from Idaho and Wyoming, there may of been a couple from Lehi, can't verify that. The course was nice, around 1000 feet of climbing per lap, which was just under 7 miles according to my GPS. Starts with just under a mile of service road climbing followed by a fresh single track descent, a quick single track steep up followed by a mile or so of fast, smooth, flowing singletrack descending, next is a long winding single track climb, a fun banked turn descent, a painful steep up, a few rocks, service road back to start finish.

Lyna, Jim, Steve and I did a 4 person Coed team, we got 2 rooms at the Lodge. I NEVER want to camp for a 24 hour race again, Beds, TV, electricity, showers, hot tub, mmm nice. Our pre-ride lap was at 45 minutes, easy pace for me, so we decided to double up laps, so we would have down time, worked out perfect. Jim went first, me second, then Steve, then Lyna, again perfect, roommate would wake up roommate to get ready to go, we ended up missing no starts.

Jim was 1st off the line for the run, then someone wrecked in front of him, not that it mattered, there were less than 25 totals teams, including solos, it broke up really fast. About 1:20 later Jim came in, I went out to hard on the first lap, put in a 33 minute one, about 45-60 seconds off the fastest lap time of the event. second lap was around 34 minutes. By our first cycle through, we had about 30 minutes on the other coed team. My second round was going to be close to sundown, so i mounted the spare, less safe lights, just in case, my first time around was fine without them, second time around was that twilight, where the lights don't help, Steve went out for his last 2 laps on his single speed in the dark, Lyna followed with 2 night laps, by the 2nd cycle through we were over 2 laps up on the competition. My night laps started about 1:20, I think, it was cold,. but I was dressed well, the Basin section was about 15 degrees colder than everything else, kind of a weird feeling in there, kept waiting for the spirits to grab me. My lap times were around 43-44 minutes here, i was just having fun and not pushing it at all, after our third cycle we were almost 3 laps up. On my 4th time around I lapped the other team halfway through my 2nd lap, put 6 minutes on them after that. My last 2 laps started right after 7 am, it was beautiful out. Steve and Lyna ended up putting 2 more laps on the comp by the finish, Lyna closed it out and finished right after 12:15.

The race was fun, well marked and well attended for a first time event. The prizes were pretty good. 1st place solo male 1,000 bucks. 1st place solo female 1,000 bucks. 1st place Duo male 1,00 bucks. 1st place Duo female 1,000 bucks. 1st place Coed 4 person - Uh, yeah, tickets to 2008 bluegrass festival, which we declined. They also raffled of a Giant trance frame, Cloudveil clothing and other stuff. It was fun for sure, would do it again in a heartbeat.

Friday night at 11:01 pm registration for CX nationals opened, start position is determined by registration time (or by being a celebrity) so I needed to get it on. There was supposed to be free wireless in the hotel, but it was down, luckily the lobby had a computer, so i went and got ready to register, I ended up being the 34th person out of 120 or so to register, so looks like I will be on the 4th row for the start, not too bad. The computer was slow and I did not get registered till about 5 minutes in, oh well.

Speaking of cross, Thursday night was DR X's first practice at the park, over 40 showed up, awesome. My legs were sore after that damned run up.

USGP registration is open, if they base it off of that, I would be on row 1 or 2, alas I believe that they are assigning random start spots.

Here is a map for Out Of Retirement sage of life's mysteries

Monday, September 10, 2007

Maps For Sly

The first one I call - GOATHEAD Ride
Check It here

Next is a slightly different version of my nice Shoreline Loopy

1st 24 hour race in many years this weekend, I like the fact that we get Hotel rooms to stay in, Campin and Racin don't mix.

Have a good day.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Best Laid Plans..

Set out for a 4-5 hour epic today, met Alex, Rolf and Justin at Mill D at 7:30 am. Headed up the road and up and over Guardsman, down a trail I have never been on and eventually onto Apex in PC, we were planning on Mid Mountain to the canyons yet a running race changed our plans. We picked our way around 10-20 sometimes upsets racers and decided to head up the powerline to Jupiter lake and up to the Crest. Justin bailed before puke hill, The rest of us headed up Puke and down Mill D back to the cars, made for a 3 hour ride. It was fun, my back is a bit shocked from the gym earlier this week. Tonight I was planning on a night ride for an hour, we will see how I feel.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Today i went to Solitude for the memorial service for Krash. I knew him through mutual friends and mostly saw him when I was on a bike or on a snowboard, I had dinner with him a few times and hung out a few more.

I was drawn to the service for some reason, I knew some friends were hurting and I knew I needed to see the love others had for some one who had suffered. The service was very nice, lots of laughter and tears, some nice memories brought out by family and friends. Krash touched an amazing amount of people. I was truly touched by the poem read by his brother which was written in the early 90's by a friend of Krash's about Krash. It was eerie, cause the poem described the disease.

Why do some make it, while others don't, why do some easily 'get' it, while others struggle through? It makes no sense at all, it just is.

Today I try to remember the way I lived and what could of been if I made a few different turns in my life. I am not talking about 'maybe my life could of been better' not by any means. I never thought I would see 30, let alone 40, Just the same, I would not change who I was or could of been, even if that were a choice. I am who I am today because of all the things I did and who I was yesterday. Looking back is sometimes painful, hurt people, lost friends, and disappointed family.

I have to pull myself out of that because doing that does not give enough attention to today and the family and friends I have now. The dearest thing in my life, Lyna, was on her way to San Diego while I was on the mountain today, yet she was there to.

18 years ago I was the farthest from healthy a person could be, my possessions consisted of a boom box and a change of clothes. Today, I am dangerously healthy and surrounded by life and joy. Today I try and do the right thing in every situation, do I succeed? Not always. Am I perfect? Far from it. Am I obsessive-compulsive? Yes, at times. Am I grateful for who I am, where I've been and what I have in my life? Without a doubt.

Today I play, today I enjoy life, today I push to see what heights I can reach, today I try to bring others into the joy I see, even if I can't explain why. I can't help myself. It is who I am. I am lucky, I am here, I am willing to try.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Scalpel 2000 FOR SALE

First Chance for loyal Stupidbike readers, all 3 of you.

2005 Scalpel 2000

GREAT CONDITION, only a few cosmetic scratches, priced to sell, leave comment if interested.

More photos available