Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shredding the 'Shed

Hooked up with KDay, Skid and Kevin at the MillD lot, road up to Guardsman and Puke Hill, down the spine, desolation back to cars, we passed a lot of shuttlers, who left to go up to guardsman before we started pedaling, and even though I DH like a feather, we passed lots of guys on their big travel fun bikes, while we were on hardtails, cept for skid. Fun ride for sure. Gain over 2500 feet in 8 miles, go kind of flat with a few hundred extra feet of climbing for 3 or so miles then loose 2500 feet in 4 miles, yeah.

Tuesday night was the first Solitude weekly worlds, nice turnout and fun course. I tried for the hole shot, got most of the way there till Alex, BZ, Fox and Brandon had enough and came around me right before the singletrack, not bad for me if I say so myself. Like the roller coaster.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back to normal (if i ever could be)

So hit the big water, great western to crest back down then up to dog lake today, nice 3 hour, uncrowded cruise in the alpine. Ran into Alex Grant and his buddy Ty who just finished a too PC/ eat breakfast/ back to mill creek ride. I rode Ty's Taurine as my bike is in the shop. I liked the way it rides, but I like my terra logic lefty better, maybe his rebound is different than mine, who knows.

Yesterday was the 12 hour of the E100. Lyna's first ever attempt at an all day ride, I think I was more nervous than her, I yelled at her Friday night to tell her to sit the %&$# down and let me pack everything. I mean my intentions were good. Well we each got like 5 hours of sleep (Me cause I had work stuff going on, her due to nerves) Jerry showed up at 5:20, we put his bike on the rack and Headed up to Round Valley. The day was long, and hot and I think I am more wrecked from supporting than i would be if I raced it (on a 4 person team).

Lyna rode incredibly well. She did 8 laps, around 80 miles, she came in with time to go out for 9, but she made a decision that likely saved her a few extra weeks of recovery. I can't say how proud of her I am. She has some serious stick-to-itive-ness. Food was the big issue, nothing seemed good to her, i kept trying to force food down her, to no avail, she probably got in less than 75% of what she needed. How she made it through is a mystery to me.

Brad P. tore it up for 12 laps and the solo win, just incredible, Rich missed the start by a bit and spent 85% of the race in 2nd or 3rd. He made a wise decision and did not go out on lap 12. I think there would of been an ambulance involved if he did go out again. I think he lost close to or more than 10% of his body weight.

Carl from teh shop worked wonders on everyones bikes, Peak Fasteners owner (Scott Hoggan and wife) and their team won the coed 4 person. Fox and Zep just missed the win, but both rode super impressive. The Revolution/DNA compound had 2 podiums on the 4 man team category and 2 podiums on the coed duo category.

Days highlights
1. Lyna riding the whole race, and able to walk around afterwards.
2. Riding lap 5 or 6 with Lyna, I poached the course on Ty's bike, and helped her through, she was still ripping the DH.
3. Carl's help
4. Brad's win
5. Rich's effort
6. Zeps look after his first lap. Classic.

Just Minutes in


The Compound

11 hours later, good job baby doll

I am hoping that Rich is not thinking "Get that Bleeping Camera outa my face BoB"

Impressive (He collapsed and almost fainted about 30 seconds later)

I think the rest of Adams fluids escaped him with this expenditure of energy, cause 5 minutes after this he was laying on the ground talking to a first aide guy.(Shoulda got a photo of that :))

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I was thinking of doing the State Crit Sunday, but then...

I read this.

Nope, looks like some epic singletrack is in store.

Monday, June 18, 2007

If you see this van, call the police

Seriously, Marty is an old acquaintance, who used to ride with me and several friends.

Story Link Here

Sunday, June 17, 2007


My start this morning, I believe is a picture of the future of the NMBS, only 6 expert 35-39'ers. Sad.

I started feeling a bit under the weather Friday, tried to ignore it. Never hit race pace, but was in the front with one other guy, we had a few minutes after one lap. I tried to go to race pace the second time up little stick and my body said no, I DNF'd cause i didn't want to prolong the bug.

Came home and slept for 6 hours.

Kind of a bitch to have the form but no luck. At the cul de sac climb, the guy in my group was right in front of me, he was out of the saddle suffering and groaning, i was in the saddle, not breathing hard, thinking to myself, well a win is a win, sick trumps that though.

The Intermountaincup is much more important anywho. Just wish I would of saved the 52 bucks.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


So up at 6 a.m., Head out the door at 6:35, Counter Clockwise Morgan loop

5:42 time
93.5 Miles
157 Average Watts
Elevation Gain @5561
6 Bottles(Gu20, PowerAde, Gatorade, Cherry Coke), 1 Ice Cream Sandwich, 2 Pop Tarts, 1 rice krispee treat

Most Exciting Part: Hitting I-84 west bound at about 38 mph, 3rd in line as we all hit the rumble-strip. I think I will need to be checking every bolt on my bike.

Check it Here

Power Agent File

Saturday, June 09, 2007


My first peak race, loss of hours during the week due to rain, maybe no such a bad thing, Nice intervals with BP on Wednesday down in Draper.

SO 30 Pro's lined up in front of me today. Including Chad who moved up, another day of depressing move ups, cause I liked trying to catch him. Nevermind, we had over 20 in 30-39 anyways including Climber Zenger, Jason Travis and Isaac Wilson. I also new Wimmer was going to be going strong.

10 seconds in, at the front, feeling ready, pop, my chain goes from the middle ring to the Bottom Bracket, I didn't shift or anything, crap. Took me a bit of time to get it on again, by the time I was back on the bike, the whole field was by the feedzone, I almost quit at this point. But i kept going pushing hard on the climbs recovering on the DH, I got around a lot of people on the rest of the first lap, still more by the end of the second lap. I then dropped a few people up little stick the 3rd time. In the end I cam in 5th 1.5 minutes off the winner (Wimmer).

Who knows what would of happened without the dropped chain, I was less than 30 seconds of 3rd and 4th, I think. I feel good as I pushed on and pretty much gave the group a 45 second head-start, had to pass a crap load of t[people on singletrack through rough stuff and still finished top 5. That is still satisfying.

Lyna had a great race for 6th only 4 minutes behind the winner, she was really, really nervous about it, DV has been unkind in the past, It was kind today.

After we stopped at SugarHouse park to watch the Pro 1/2 crit, Louder made it look easy.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Big week

13.5 hours, 3 races and some decent results.

After the Stan Crane Memorial, I was hurting 2.5 hours at effort are rough, so Wednesdays mid week race on the Icup course was brutal, not at all recovered. Took Thursday off and rode easy on Friday and still woke up nervous about the Sundance Spin. Jarom Zenger and Isaac Wilson showed up, Jarom in his first 2007 come climb out legs off appearance and WIlson probably getting ready to ride up Everest or some shit. The start saw IndOhran go off the front, he claims later it was cause he didn't want to breathe ou dust due to bronchitis, i told him to go to the doctor. SO much for my share of Fox's 100 bucks. About halfway throuh the race I was hovering near 10th place, I think, it is kind of fuzzy, then I started my charge on the last lap, I got around Fred on the last part of the climb and put quite a gap on him, he closed on the descent as he probably got some better lapper passing lanes, I fizzled about halfway up the pavement to hold on to 5th, ouch.

Saturday was Team Shannifer's celebration BBQ, good times.

Sunday was low motivation day, needed 2.75 hours on bike, didn't want to road bike it, partner bailed and then unbailed on a DV pre-ride, too late, I headed out for shoreline solo, ran into Bart who talked me into hitting millcreek with him and fox, turned around at the Dog Lake trail head, cause I had to log into work (which failed to happen) wish I could of headed up to the crest with them, in hindsight I could of. I'd be even more tired now, for some reason, except for the very top, I felt it necessary to stick with Bart, not at max, but hard enough day after race, got 6 miles of dirt in for a 40 mile ride, saw Team Rico briefly as I was entering dirt.

DV looms in the distance, I love that course, 2 weekends in a row, Yeah

Photo Stolen from here

Oh Yeah, lest I forget, she is no longer a HARLOT, now she is A LOT, that right there is some funny shit.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Wooo Hoooooo

OFFICIAL WINNERS Jennifer Hanks and her husband Shannon Boffeli are both off to compete in the Trans Alp! These US cross country pros are looking to make a big impact on the Trans Alp this year. Team Shannifer, in the tradition of Hollywood legends Bennifer and Brangelina, want to race the Trans Alp calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity. Both riders have a string of top finishes in their race history and are committed to putting Race Face onto the podium. Tenacious and determined, Shannifer will succeed where Hollywood has failed – to make Lycra cool again!