Sunday, June 17, 2007


My start this morning, I believe is a picture of the future of the NMBS, only 6 expert 35-39'ers. Sad.

I started feeling a bit under the weather Friday, tried to ignore it. Never hit race pace, but was in the front with one other guy, we had a few minutes after one lap. I tried to go to race pace the second time up little stick and my body said no, I DNF'd cause i didn't want to prolong the bug.

Came home and slept for 6 hours.

Kind of a bitch to have the form but no luck. At the cul de sac climb, the guy in my group was right in front of me, he was out of the saddle suffering and groaning, i was in the saddle, not breathing hard, thinking to myself, well a win is a win, sick trumps that though.

The Intermountaincup is much more important anywho. Just wish I would of saved the 52 bucks.


Anonymous said...

I sort of feel the same.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

me too

Forrest said...

NORBA is dead, when is the funeral? Cross is the bastard son. See how many people line up in your age group at a national.

Utah Mnt biker said...

I'm glad I spent my money on Kamas to Evanston instead of NORBA which decided not to hold one of it's most popular events this year, the marathon.

Endurance events are going to take over and leave XC high and

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should follow the Moutain States Cup. I like to be able to race diffrent types of races and make a weekend of it. I love the I-cup series, I just think a few more events should be thrown in. Not that evey venue should have every event but maybe combine the Downhill series through in some 4X and screw team big bear/blue wolf. It's also nice to intermingle/challenge yourself with the non-utahan's.