Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shredding the 'Shed

Hooked up with KDay, Skid and Kevin at the MillD lot, road up to Guardsman and Puke Hill, down the spine, desolation back to cars, we passed a lot of shuttlers, who left to go up to guardsman before we started pedaling, and even though I DH like a feather, we passed lots of guys on their big travel fun bikes, while we were on hardtails, cept for skid. Fun ride for sure. Gain over 2500 feet in 8 miles, go kind of flat with a few hundred extra feet of climbing for 3 or so miles then loose 2500 feet in 4 miles, yeah.

Tuesday night was the first Solitude weekly worlds, nice turnout and fun course. I tried for the hole shot, got most of the way there till Alex, BZ, Fox and Brandon had enough and came around me right before the singletrack, not bad for me if I say so myself. Like the roller coaster.

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Anonymous said...

Guess I didn't want to know that was what the laps looked like!