Sunday, April 29, 2007

You really gotta pay attention in road races

I thought we were at the top of the first climb, i took a drink, let off a bit and saw the group go away, oops. That was 6 miles into a 60 mile race. I chased, and chased and chased, got in a group of 3, we were within like 20-30 seconds of the group and closing when the other 2 popped, I then chased and chased solo at about mile 33 of 60 I gave up, in out, and just survived to the finish. I am thinking i was the only one who listened tot eh official say that we should not latch onto to any other group. I had many many chances, I am sure i saw the 2 I was chasing with go by in the 45+ group. Then the 4's came by, me right before the climb out of Henefer, then the 5's came by on the descent to the resort.

I had a really good workout though.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To the guy's on fixies who heckled me tonight...

I said 'I like your costume to' back to you, while flipping you the bird, followed by 'Smoke up, lung boy!'

What I meant to say was;

Well nice unique anti establishment lifestyle, Riding a fixed gear bike, no helmet, shaggy hair and torn up jeans. I mean that shit is so original. It is not like I didn't dress like that in 1983 for gods sakes. I mean you are so cool calling me out for wearing my team kit. A team that has 80+ people on it, who as a result of our sponsors gets deals and enjoyment.

I mean that whole messenger thing is so original, punk rock and cool. I mean, hell if Jessica Simpson is into to it, damn it must be.

I bet you have a DK tattoo on your butt cheek, cause you're so punk rock.

I bet you and your hip buddies sit around and talk about the 'meaning' of Holiday in Cambodia. I mean it is about taking a trip and doing some hashish and heroine while seeing the ancient temples Ankor Wat.

But thanks for giving me enough impetus to pedal angry and get some good intervals in. Cause it helps me to know that what I pay into medicare will go to good use for your hospice nurse when your lungs fall completely apart from that fly ass cigarette. Cause i don't want people to suffer.

Yep that is what i meant to say.

Damn, i must of had a bad day, that shit pissed me off, but now i feel much better.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So I chose my wording incorrectly

I changed firestorm to a breakout of wadded up panties. Sorry for the previous exaggeration. :) I'll be there with bells on, or maybe a skort, haven't decided yet.

Oh yeah anon, the cycleutah site only has a few wadded up panties, the google group has more.

Tonight Ty and I held a clinic for Team Revolution Peak Fasteners, I did 8x30 second efforts up corner canyon road first. About 10 team members showed up and we did a few repetitive motion drills for cornering, started on flat pavement and then went up and did it on the Downhill Dirt road. Everyone learned something or tried something new. Nice quick focussed clinic.

Next time we will add some switchbacks and rocky descents.

I must say that I respect the road racing community, i love riding, training and racing with you, i just do not understand how a race that has clearly stated limits can be taken to task. I have seen some pretty mean things written about the promoter, Who out there is willing to step up and make it better, instead of complain, take positive action, you may actually be happier as a result.

Ed C. You spoil us, really you do.

Oh yeah, Utahmntbiker has a nice comparison, maybe a lottery next year will help people unwad said panties, oh yeah 5 mile sunday, time TBD

I am so glad i focus on MTB Racing and CX

A few related items
Here about bitching and moaning
And Here about being a victim
And Warren I was gong to say that you are a nancy boy roadie, the others aren't, but then the whole East Canyon thing happened, so yeah you gots you some company.

So, East Canyon race is this coming Saturday, I look forward to trying to race smart again.

There is limited parking at the venue and therefore an overall cap on riders has been set at 300, registration was set to close end of day yesterday, it closed a bit early, due to the 300 rider cap being met.

On with the breakout of wadded up panties, the UCA site and email list has been active with people pointing fingers, complaining and the like. Uh, yeah it was advertised that there was a limit. Uh, yeah this is not uncommon, uh, yeah, Boy oh boy this is some good times.

Luckily the UCA Board sent out a message of support for the race and the promoter, cause, these damn princesses are likely to demand themselves right out of a race and/or venue, Don't go peeing on someones front yard now.

And while I am at it, get rid of those damn climbs, and if it rains, I'm going home, what the race is over 25 miles, that's it, i quit.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

And I predicted it...

So headed up to race masters at the Tax Day Circuit race saturday am. I left the house a 7:30, hoping to make it in time to do an hour warm up. Construction, plus gas stop got me there right before 10 am for an 11 am start. Getting registered, getting dressed and hanging out worrying about the impending rain left me with a spectacular 15 minute warm up.

There were around 17 masters 35+, Scott Allen told me they were all fast. I told him, great, it'll be a good workout. So we start and after the 1.5 mile neutral a few half hearted attacks go no where. A bit before the turn off to the circuit, I, like an inpatient mtb'er, go to the front, went to the left, no one comes around, went to the right, no one comes around. Finally, a bit into the circuit, everyone blows by me, there goes my race, I dangle 3 seconds off the back all the way up the climb and lose them a bit more on the descent and really lose them on the flats, was only 30 seconds behind for 2/3rds of the race, but on the last lap they ramped it up. I picked off 3 or 4 guys by the finish and ended up 11th. Scot won and told me there were 8 to 10 guys in the front group. I should stayed away from the front at the start and may had a bit higher finish.

It was a great work out none the less, Ty took 3rd in the 4's. Thin and Thinner were looking strong in the pack of 3's with one lone guy a minute up on them. I was sure the 6 in the break away would stay away, but alas, they did not.

Was going to hit the hot pots at Lava Hot Springs with Ty and Meg post race, but decided to drive home, wouldn't of made it home otherwise.

Lessons learned every 2 years when I do a road race, don't go to the front Bob, sit back and relax. Follow those you know are in for the win.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rambling on

So, I could talk about violence and horror, but i won't, the world is sad enough, i want to make it happier. I could talk about being a victim, but i never have been or never will be anything other than a victim of MY OWN choices, so i won't.

I will talk about things like;

Holy Crap KS is blogging a lot.

75 degrees one day, snowing the next, yep change is good!

I am so going to get my ass handed to me Saturday at the Tax Day race, at least it has hills and a hill top finish, which may be my saving grace. It will be a great workout either way.

I am in love with doing interval workouts with a powertap hub, it give you so much analysis ability. Again, may not make me faster, but gives me DATA, glorious DATA.

I can't time trial into a head wind

I think Keating will have my wheels done this year.

I think it is funny that Indohran is now rocking a Hard Tail after giving me shit about it.

I think Aliz and pals have a screw loose for doing things like this, more than once.

I am longing for more XC race profiles like this.

I am super excited about CX this year, including a chance to go home and do this weekend. In which i will no doubt get my ass handed to me by the likes of John Gallagher, A-Train and others. Hell I got a whole MTB season to go through first.

Yep life sucks doesn't it, oh wait, no it doesn't. 18 years ago, I was lucky to be alive, had a few changes of clothes, a boom box and lots of deadly habits, so uh, yeah, life is good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No one wants to challenge BEANO

So the happenings on the Shoreline were related to this and this.

So BEANO if you hit the Podium at Santa Ynez or Fontucky, you will get a prize upon your return to Utard.

And remember, when you feel the burn, when you feel the bonk, when some self important competitor decides to take you out, when paint ball pellets are hitting you in the booty, when the jackass orders merlot remember the immortal words of Brad Pilling


Sunday, April 15, 2007

You never know what you will see

There are 2 answers relevant, that need to be answered, heck get one right and I will be impressed.

And Beano quietly figures out #1, it was easy for her, cause at big bear I yelled that to her during her XC race.

HINT NUMBER 1: "I like mayonnaise"

HINT NUMBER 2: Related to a BC company

So Friday after work I went for a short ride up to the zoo and over on the shoreline trail. Coming across the trail above the U i run into something that I can not explain.

If you can give any explanation of the pictures and video, I will give you a prize. I will have a full story about it after someone figures it out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I bought a crit plate and did the Salt Air TT

Yep, 50 bucks, just so I can see my horrible time. I needed to do two 15 minute efforts last night, so figured i go out and race against the clock to do it.

I was surprised to see how many people had bikes that looked like this. I am quite sure my 6 year old franken-trek 5200 was all i needed to get my effort in. Not what is needed to go really fast. I think i was the only person out there of around 30 that did not have a TT bike or clip on aero bars. I ran into to Hardwood, he likely thought I was BP at first, he is all TT'd out, TT bike, disc wheel, tt helmet. Get a bit more of a warm up in and line up for my turn. Having only done one other road TT before, i was worried i was going to fall over when Bywater let go, but i didn't. The first half had a nice tail wind and I was flying, and accelerating, closer to the turnaround I slowed cause i thought i missed it, finally found it and then came the head wind, average speed went from 29mph to 18 mph, power output went up and the lack of aero became vivid. In the end i finished at like 18 minutes, got a good effort and cooled off and attempted another 15 minute effort back to the car at 7200 west exit.

This morning I had 2 messages from my mother, she was a bit worried. I don't get to talk to the parents much due to their early to bed in the eastern time zone. Seems she had a pretty vivid nightmare about me Wednesday night, included me dying, funeral preparations and then me returning to life. She said she ate steak that night. She was in Kroger's when i was talking to her and she shed a few tears, I have been thinking of mom and dad a lot recently, seeing them once or twice a year is not the greates way to stay in touch and remain close. 2,000 miles separating us kind of sucks.

I have a 5 hour road ride on tap for tomorrow followed by last minute tax preparation fun. I think my stans wheelset may be ready soon. Hopefully they will may me faster:)

Monday, April 09, 2007


But before that, Lisonbeayyttcchh, i didn't see you there? UT MNT Biker, last i checked,, you became a Nancy boy roadie.

Home Base for Revolution Peak Fasteners

Some one make them piss in a cup

"You know Greg, back when I raced, we had to go up hill the whole race, through boulders, ice and sand dunes, and we didn't complain about it a bit." While Jody smiles and thinks to her self "Ryan is full of shit"

Ok Jerry, when I catch up to you and say go faster, I mean it, go faster, other wise I'll have to pass you, drop you and then end up pulling your competition further away, see that is the way it is done.


Went down the Hurcan for the 2nd ICUP race. Pre rode on Friday, a bit over 12 miles, sandy, dry, pea gravel washes, ooh I was hoping for a change in lap counts. Got hints that it would happen, alas it didn't.

Kim and Danny were our hosts for the weekend in Washington, Friday night their neighbor was having a huge teenage party, with band, luckily they were quiet. So we got some good dinner and sleep.

Race day was in the upper 80's still and sunny. 3 laps were in store. I had a good start, then we started passing the 19-29 experts. At which point Reed said something like go Rainbow, i am not sure what the hell that means Could be related to my leftward leanings? After that I was in a nice paceline about 4 miles in, put a gap on them and settled in, Pulled some youngster for a while and dropped him, part way into lap 2 jeppson comes around me, i catch on to him a bit later and we came through the lap together with Sam M. At this point I realized my arms were hurting bad, my legs were good, but the arms had nothing, with a course that has 3 million 1 meter rollers on it, i was dreading lap 3. I ended up losing 4 or 5 places in this lap and my lap time was over 10 minutes longer than lap 2. Got 10th in the lon run, which is far better than last years DNF. Lyna got 5th and should be 2nd overall for sport women now.

Saturday evening was a party at Kim and Danny's, Lyna and I went to bed at like 10 while the party went to 1am, we were tired. Sunday we rode from Kim and Danny's to church rocks and back, nice easy ride.

I will uploaded a but load of photos tonight.

Here is my HR vs elevation chart for Cholla

Notice the slight HR drop at around mile 25, followed by a larger drop at 28-29. This is the 3rd lap. and soon after 2 hours clicked by. Now compare this to the HR on the Nova XC graph from a week before, where i had fuel left in the tank and ramped it up at the end.

Pacing, all about pacing. Cholla, i let it hang out, took some opportunities and suffered at the end. NOVA, I paced and had a lot left at the end, I need to err on the side of Nova, but make sure I get around people and keep pushing when i have something left. At nova i lost an XC placing and 1 or 2 spots in the overall as a result.

Cholla does not disapoint me, cause i was able to hang longer, this bodes well for my races, later in the year.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nova XC

So, woke up early and hit the XC, 3 10 mile laps, power flats, a punchy climbs, no recovery. It was a good time, early season, no long climbs, took 7th. I closed a large gap on the guy in front of me on the last lap, really fast charge, about a mile or 2 out from the finish I caught him, I sat on his wheel thinking I would get him in the sprint, what am i thinking, i can't sprint, he beat me by .9 seconds.

I took 5th in the 'stage race' I should of tried harder in the super dumb, I mean stupid D, uh Super D.

Kathy got taken out by another pro on the first lap. Got a crooked handle bar and had to go to the tech area. She chased back, then on the last lap her rear brake went out. Still finished 17th after all that.

Fox took 3rd in the XC.

Good times.

The Night Time is the right time

So up early getting ready for the XC. Last night was a blast watching the STXC under the lights.

1st off, big ups to SlurrRibPrimeHusla for is off the gun attack, recover attack Semi Pro win.

And for the big news, Kathy got the right wheel at the start, let the Luna chain do some work a the right time and ripped it up for her first NMBS podium. It was exciting, I probably used up some much needed energy yelling at her and running around, but it was fun. Here I am with the Podium finishers sunglasses while she was warming up. More pictures when i get home tomorrow.