Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rambling on

So, I could talk about violence and horror, but i won't, the world is sad enough, i want to make it happier. I could talk about being a victim, but i never have been or never will be anything other than a victim of MY OWN choices, so i won't.

I will talk about things like;

Holy Crap KS is blogging a lot.

75 degrees one day, snowing the next, yep change is good!

I am so going to get my ass handed to me Saturday at the Tax Day race, at least it has hills and a hill top finish, which may be my saving grace. It will be a great workout either way.

I am in love with doing interval workouts with a powertap hub, it give you so much analysis ability. Again, may not make me faster, but gives me DATA, glorious DATA.

I can't time trial into a head wind

I think Keating will have my wheels done this year.

I think it is funny that Indohran is now rocking a Hard Tail after giving me shit about it.

I think Aliz and pals have a screw loose for doing things like this, more than once.

I am longing for more XC race profiles like this.

I am super excited about CX this year, including a chance to go home and do this weekend. In which i will no doubt get my ass handed to me by the likes of John Gallagher, A-Train and others. Hell I got a whole MTB season to go through first.

Yep life sucks doesn't it, oh wait, no it doesn't. 18 years ago, I was lucky to be alive, had a few changes of clothes, a boom box and lots of deadly habits, so uh, yeah, life is good.

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Grizzly Adam said...

Ah c'mon Bob, you would love the KTR. Hauling all that gear, filtering water out of streams, being pounded by desert heat, its FUN!