Sunday, April 29, 2007

You really gotta pay attention in road races

I thought we were at the top of the first climb, i took a drink, let off a bit and saw the group go away, oops. That was 6 miles into a 60 mile race. I chased, and chased and chased, got in a group of 3, we were within like 20-30 seconds of the group and closing when the other 2 popped, I then chased and chased solo at about mile 33 of 60 I gave up, in out, and just survived to the finish. I am thinking i was the only one who listened tot eh official say that we should not latch onto to any other group. I had many many chances, I am sure i saw the 2 I was chasing with go by in the 45+ group. Then the 4's came by, me right before the climb out of Henefer, then the 5's came by on the descent to the resort.

I had a really good workout though.

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