Friday, April 13, 2007

I bought a crit plate and did the Salt Air TT

Yep, 50 bucks, just so I can see my horrible time. I needed to do two 15 minute efforts last night, so figured i go out and race against the clock to do it.

I was surprised to see how many people had bikes that looked like this. I am quite sure my 6 year old franken-trek 5200 was all i needed to get my effort in. Not what is needed to go really fast. I think i was the only person out there of around 30 that did not have a TT bike or clip on aero bars. I ran into to Hardwood, he likely thought I was BP at first, he is all TT'd out, TT bike, disc wheel, tt helmet. Get a bit more of a warm up in and line up for my turn. Having only done one other road TT before, i was worried i was going to fall over when Bywater let go, but i didn't. The first half had a nice tail wind and I was flying, and accelerating, closer to the turnaround I slowed cause i thought i missed it, finally found it and then came the head wind, average speed went from 29mph to 18 mph, power output went up and the lack of aero became vivid. In the end i finished at like 18 minutes, got a good effort and cooled off and attempted another 15 minute effort back to the car at 7200 west exit.

This morning I had 2 messages from my mother, she was a bit worried. I don't get to talk to the parents much due to their early to bed in the eastern time zone. Seems she had a pretty vivid nightmare about me Wednesday night, included me dying, funeral preparations and then me returning to life. She said she ate steak that night. She was in Kroger's when i was talking to her and she shed a few tears, I have been thinking of mom and dad a lot recently, seeing them once or twice a year is not the greates way to stay in touch and remain close. 2,000 miles separating us kind of sucks.

I have a 5 hour road ride on tap for tomorrow followed by last minute tax preparation fun. I think my stans wheelset may be ready soon. Hopefully they will may me faster:)


Utah Mnt biker said...

nancy boy TT roadie....

Pink Guy researcher said...

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