Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am so glad i focus on MTB Racing and CX

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And Warren I was gong to say that you are a nancy boy roadie, the others aren't, but then the whole East Canyon thing happened, so yeah you gots you some company.

So, East Canyon race is this coming Saturday, I look forward to trying to race smart again.

There is limited parking at the venue and therefore an overall cap on riders has been set at 300, registration was set to close end of day yesterday, it closed a bit early, due to the 300 rider cap being met.

On with the breakout of wadded up panties, the UCA site and email list has been active with people pointing fingers, complaining and the like. Uh, yeah it was advertised that there was a limit. Uh, yeah this is not uncommon, uh, yeah, Boy oh boy this is some good times.

Luckily the UCA Board sent out a message of support for the race and the promoter, cause, these damn princesses are likely to demand themselves right out of a race and/or venue, Don't go peeing on someones front yard now.

And while I am at it, get rid of those damn climbs, and if it rains, I'm going home, what the race is over 25 miles, that's it, i quit.


Anonymous said...

ya, and I want my money back too!

Utah Mnt biker said...

While we are at it.. Can we get a cap placed on the field at 5-mile pass there are a lot of riders at that race every year.

Anonymous said...

3 people is a fire storm?