Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nova XC

So, woke up early and hit the XC, 3 10 mile laps, power flats, a punchy climbs, no recovery. It was a good time, early season, no long climbs, took 7th. I closed a large gap on the guy in front of me on the last lap, really fast charge, about a mile or 2 out from the finish I caught him, I sat on his wheel thinking I would get him in the sprint, what am i thinking, i can't sprint, he beat me by .9 seconds.

I took 5th in the 'stage race' I should of tried harder in the super dumb, I mean stupid D, uh Super D.

Kathy got taken out by another pro on the first lap. Got a crooked handle bar and had to go to the tech area. She chased back, then on the last lap her rear brake went out. Still finished 17th after all that.

Fox took 3rd in the XC.

Good times.

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Mandy said...

nice blog, yo. keep it up! you know what i mean...