Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Recap

I have been remiss in posting for sometime, busy getting Team Revolution Peak Fasteners 2010 stuff in order, Helping build the MTBRacenews.com team and traveling for work. Lots of FF Miles recently.

2009 ended up being a better than expected year. The local 40+ expert group just got faster. I actually had a few wins (5-Mile, Jackson) and returned to Endurance racing again. Below is the best of list.

1. best off season trip - January in St George with Fitty Watt and Boffeli has a Posse. Didn't think I would ever see someone get cut off at Olive Garden in St. George, brilliant!!!!
2. best race trip - Laramie Enduro - Team Rev Peak Fasteners was full on in effect, plus got to see BP and actually raced with him for about 1/3 of the course.
3. The 2009 Paz Ortiz Nemesis Award goes to Sam Moore who discovered his climbing legs in 2009, this along with his madness on the downhill makes him a threat to win every race.
4. Perfect Race of 2009 - My favorite Icup venue - Jackson Hole, led from the beginning, kept it smart and easily won, very nice day on the bike, full of Zing and joy.
5. Best Race of 2009 - The Park City Point to Point. The crew did an amazing job, I only did the Duo category as my knee was acting up post Laramie and Mt. Ogden 50k
6. Best training ride of the year - the Flying dog to Deer Valley to PCMR epic done with Shannifer, Hypio, Ken, Pasternak and others.
7. Worst Training ride of the year - Meeting Bart, Alex et al and gorgoza and riding straight up for an hour 2 days after returning from Asia, ouch.
8. CX season - I fully planned NOT to race any CX, but I can't stay away, I ended up racing Single Speed of all things, had a few good results, beat Boffeli more often than not and had a blast, seems I do better at CX when I don't plan on it or train for it.
9. Most exciting part of the year - Being chosen to be on the GT Dirt Coalition, I applied at literally the last minute (a few hours to spare) was picked, got a sweet carbon Zaskar and I hope I was a good ambassador for them.

As always the best part of the season was the community, old and new friends, laughter, grumbles, suffering, smiling = FUN, looking forward to what 2010 brings.


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