Saturday, February 28, 2009

A nice day on the bikey

While the good doctor was making fun of me I was getting a good few hours in on the road. I headed up the back way to Mill Creek canyon, via poop (tanner) park. I did a few small intervals. I love doing intervals on 27th south, starting just east of 20th east. The speed bumps slow down the cars and I tend to freak them out. 

Headed up Mill Creek, made it to just past the inn, before my limited attire and wet roads had me turn around. 

As I was coming up on Wasatch I saw a few Revolution-Peak Fastener riders, then Thinner attacking them. Turns out he was putting the hurt on his dad and Dana Harrison and a few others, I rode with them over to the U and up into the avenues, where we ran into AG in his new colors.

We headed towards sugarhood, since he lives about 2 locks from me.

Good sunny ride. No photos, except of my new secret weapon soda.


Anonymous said...

does the soda have alot of caffiene?

it looks like from the pic...

drrna said...

Ahh... It's just because I love you, and that I'm jealous you've been riding in short pants. Everyone's going to need their dark glasses to ward off the reflective glare from my legs.
Matt and Art busted open the whupp-ass on me today, along with about 10 others. So yes, I was on my bike just like those I'm deriding.