Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All Time Winnings

In the last week i have more than doubled my all time Bike Racing winnings. I feel like a real professional now.

Saturday I got 20 bucks for second place. Last night I got 150 for 3rd overall for the solitude series. That brings the all time winnings to 320 bucks, I should quit my job, buy a van and go pro, or not.

The Solitude series was awesome. The overall winner in expert took home 375 BUCKS, male and female.

I got a sweet pair of sandals a few other nice raffle prizes earlier in the year and Lyna won 100 bucks for third place overall sport (she only did 3 of the 6 races)

Next year they are looking to have more races, same deal, sponsor cash starts the pot, then it is 100% of entry fees into the pot for payout for expert and sport. Great raffle prizes and fun course.

Thanks Jay and Scott.

I wonder if the IRS knows about my winnings?


Anonymous said...

They didn't until I sent them a link to your site!

UtRider said...

Now that you've tasted the glory of cash payouts how can you resist racing PRO next year? You could take home a check after every ICUP race... :)

Anonymous said...

Racing PRO is like the job everyone wishes they had. There's lots of cash to be made.

Nice work Bob. your a great american